One of the most thrilling announcements is that Igudesman & Joo will be returning to America next year, and will be making their first major New York appearance at the 92nd Street Y, Manhattan, on the 30th of March, 2011. And 5 lucky winners who bought their tickets in the first five days were picked out of a raffle winning the exclusive chance to meet Igudesman & Joo backstage before their performance.


Besides the amount of visitors to their website and viewers on their YouTube Channel, Igudesman & Joo are over the moon to see so many Facebook Pages set up in their honour.  Inspired by this, they decided to create “Igudesman & Joo- The Official pages: It’s really us!” in their wish to unite all their Facebook fans out there so that they can meet for milk and biscuits on their official page. And to make all Official Pages members feel special, the site will leak explicit photos, new video clips, astrological predictions, food charts of hamsters, and Igudesman & Joo will personally answer all comments and questions left by users on this page. So please join this page now, and if you’ve already done so, join again under a different name such as Jacques Hupoodalot:-


In September, Igudesman & Joo worked with actor and director, John Malkovich, on a project titled “The Music Critic” at Julian Rachlin and Friends Festival in Dubrovnik. As an encore, Igudesman & Joo reworked one of their sketches to involve the actor. Many in the audience thought it was improvised. And that’s just what the duo wanted the audience to think!

(with John Malkovich)


“Like being trapped in a toilet of a famous museum”

The project, “The Music Critic”, featured well-known classical masterpieces that had been demolished by the critics of that time. Igudesman & Joo included a work by Georgian composer, Giya Kanchelli, who was in the audience to hear the performance preceded by a reading from John Malkovich of a devastating review after its premiere. The scathing yet hilarious review included sentences such as, “ [it was] like being trapped in the toilet of a famous museum: lots of things to see if someone would only open the door“. Kanchelli was seen chuckling the entire time-it was after all he who personally handed in that review to be read! Kudos to Kanchelli for his humility, sportsmanship, and painfully beautiful music.

(With Giya Kanchelli )

“Viktoria’s Little Secrets”

Having written sketches for Emanuel Ax and Gidon Kremer, Igudesman & Joo have turned Viktoria Mullova into their next comic side-kick, and this summer saw the first outing of their show together, “Viktoria’s Little Secrets”. We will keep you posted as to how those secrets unravel in upcoming issues of our newsletter.

(with Viktoria Mullova)

“Sleepover Concerts and Animated Movies”

Hyung-ki Joo took part in an unusual and magical concert at Eva Stegeman’s Chamber Music Festival in The Hague, Holland. What started as a late-night concert flowed into a “Sleepover Concert”, when the audience settled themselves comfortably into their pyjamas and beds and were lulled to sleep by musicians which included the versatile violinist, Gilles Apap. Click here to witness a magical moment from the concert- sleepers included!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the globe, Aleksey Igudesman was working on more new scores with Hans Zimmer for upcoming movies.

“Summer Outdoor Screening of  “A Little Nightmare Music””

And, in August, “A Little Nightmare Music”, the one-hour live performance DVD version from their 2006 performance in Vienna’s Musikverein, was screened as part of Vienna’s Summer Film Festival at Rathausplatz to crowds of over 6,000 people. Igudesman & Joo showed up to celebrate the occasion with friends and fans.

(with themselves)

For those who missed the screenings, the DVD is available to buy from Amazon. For more Information get to our Shop!