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    Thank for your pre­cious per­for­mans I hope we’ll see you soon again .

    God bless you :)

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  85. Please please please come to Leipzig!!!!!!!!

  86. Please please do come to Chicago again!!!! I missed your last performance…It is a big mis­take for me.…
    Please come again!! I will definitly go!!!
    Maybe next year before August…

    Love you guys~ Love the music~~

  87. Bernardo Santos


    Any plans for a future con­cert in Por­tu­gal? I missed the last one in Espinho (when I got to know of your con­cert, all tick­ets were sold). I read that you’re crav­ing for Pastéis de Belém. If those aren’t enough to con­vince you, there’s always other Pastéis and the music genre Fado!

  88. Do you have plans to come to play in Ser­bia some­times?
    Thank you

  89. hi:
    i am from iran and when i saw your show“a lit­tle NIGHTMARE music” i just loved it. as you know bet­ter than me us ira­ni­ans can not see or buy your shows.and its not fair! me an my friends are just love music.specially your kind of music.well my ques­tion is do you have any plans to come here,in my country?or can we down­load or buy your dvds? please just let me know if theres any way that we can reach to you.



    ps:we are not ter­ror­ist. so dont be afraid :D

  90. Alex Resek

    Hey guys!

    I’m an ama­teur cel­list and despite your ‘Guide to Prac­tice’ I’ve been doing it any­way. I recently watched the ‘I Will Sur­vive’ sketch that you guys did in Antwerp and fell in love with the melody that the Cello sec­tion started play­ing at about half way. It sounds very sim­i­lar to Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 but has a great Igudes­man & Joo twist. I was won­der­ing if, whilst its a bit too much to ask for the sheet music, but instead could share the notes of that tiny lit­tle por­tion of the sketch? I would love to learn it! I would be for­ever indebted to you guys and would always have my undy­ing sup­port either way!

  91. Hallo!
    Ich sehe immer wieder eure videos in Youtube und ich will euch auch mal live sehen.
    Wann kommt den ihr denn endlich nach Griechen­land?
    Wie wer­den uns seeeeeehr freuen!!!!!!!!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    We really would love to come to Greece, as we know your coun­try is going through a dif­fi­cult time, and we just LOVE Greece. In fact, we spend our hol­i­days there. We do have a new musi­cal num­ber in our new show “And Now Mozart”, very much inspired by Greece.
    It’s called “Zorba the Geek”.
    With Mous­saka,

  92. hi, guys!
    i found a man­age­ment con­tact for Indone­sia (and asia region) and i am very excited. and can i ask? is that mean that you’re going to per­form there, too? or you’re still wait­ing the demand get­ting greater in indone­sia mar­ket? because i’ll give every­thing just to see your con­cert. ^^
    thank you~

    ps: i hope the answer will be ‘yes, we will be per­form­ing in indone­sia’. hahaha

    Igudesman and Joo
  93. Doreen Munden

    Lon­don is not on your tour list…what are you think­ing? How can you not ‘do’ Lon­don boys?

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well, we did ‘do’ Lon­don last year at Cado­gan Hall.
    Joo also played in Lon­don last month, Rach­mani­nov Piano Con­certo no.2. Yes, “All by him­self”.
    We will be back in the UK, hope­fully next summer…

  94. Heard You today on Ger­man Radio “Deutsch­land­funk”, “Klas­sik, Pop etcetera”. I liked it very much. Espe­cially the song about musi­cians and prac­tice. Where can I get it or hear it again?

    Igudesman and Joo

    You can down­load it on iTunes.
    It’s called “The Way of the Igudes­man & Joo“
    3 dif­fer­ent tracks, (can be bought sep­a­rately),
    the one you liked and heard is “The Guide to Prac­tise“
    Happy down­load­ing and lis­ten­ing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

  95. Hi,
    Czech Repub­lic is still wait­ing for you. And now is the best time to come visit us in my opin­ion. Mozart liked Czech con­try so mutch that he ded­i­cated one of his opera to us. Well, now your tour calls “And now Mozart” so where else you should to per­forme than in the city that Mozart loved? You don’t need to be worry about the audi­ence, here are so many peo­ple who loves to see you that you could stay here a mounth and your show would be still sold out ;) Your music is addic­tive and we are addicted to you with no drugs sup­plies :D PLEASE SAVE US!!

    Igudesman and Joo


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  102. Pedro Castro


    Plans for con­certs in Por­tu­gal? You talked about com­ing here last year but I didn’t hear about it, I think you didn’t come… We miss you, I saw your con­cert in Espinho a few years ago.

    Best regards ;)

    Igudesman and Joo

    we are crav­ing for Pasteis de Belem…

  103. Billy's Susi

    Hallo Alek­sey + Hyung-ki,

    danke für den tollen Abend gestern, und die Auto­gramme! :-) Ich poste die Fotos noch auf Twitter.

    Hyung-ki, gibt es eigentlich dein selbst geschriebenes Stück irgendwo als Auf­nahme? MP3? CD? Video? Vinyl? Ton­band? IRGENDWAS?? Das war echt schön (und ich meine das so!)! Hast du noch mehr Stücke geschrieben? Die Noten wären natür­lich am allerbesten ;-)

    Grüßle aus Stuttgart
    Billy’s Susi (ja, genau die ;-) ) )

    P.S.: Habt ihr euer Geschenk schon ausgepackt..?

    P.P.S.: Feed­back zur Show siehe unten

  104. Billy's Susi

    ***FEEDBACK STUTTGART, 23. JUNE 2013***

    1. Hyung-ki looks very sexy in his new
    2. Besides their musi­cal skills, both Alek­sey and Hyung-ki have mod­el­ling gual­i­ties, and a good sense for pos­ing
    3. They (espe­cially Alek­sey) obvi­ously don’t like flash­lights being used dur­ing their per­for­mances
    4. In orig­i­nal, they are quite smaller than it seems on stage…
    5. Hyung-ki thinks he and Schu­mann fit together very well (musi­cally)
    6. Hyung-ki is a fit­ness freak!
    7. Aleksey’s vio­lin bow seems to suf­fer
    seri­ous alope­cia
    8. They cur­rently started their own on-stage-charity-project for coun­tries affected by the bank cri­sis
    9. I will never wash my clothes again, because Hyung-ki gave me a hug! ;-D

    GO WATCH THE SHOW, there’s many more weird things going on… Sure thing — you’ll be laugh­ing your butts off!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Joo likes Point 1.

  105. Martin URUGUAY

    Hello, before all, con­grat­u­la­tions for your hap­py­ness and exce­lent musi­cal level.
    Im from Uruguay and i heard one of your songs that say “uruguay es el mejor pais” and its totally amaz­ing. Here you are so famous in a youtube pro­gram, and i have a order for you.. Can you send a greet­ing video by “Tira­nos Tem­blad” ???
    If you can make this, i will so so so exit­ing.. Thankss very much and super good Luck!!!

  106. Katie Hawks

    HOW did you man­age to get a fly to fly across the Mozart­saal at the end of your George-and-the-fly piece?!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Fly Sticky Tape

  107. Hi there, all the time i used to check blog posts here in the
    early hours in the dawn, as i like to gain knowl­edge of more
    and more.

  108. Write more, thats all I have to say. Lit­er­ally, it
    seems as though you relied on the video to make your point.
    You clearly know what youre talk­ing about, why waste your intel­li­gence
    on just post­ing videos to your weblog when you could be giv­ing us some­thing infor­ma­tive to read?

    Igudesman and Joo

    read our newslet­ters. every issue has some­thing writ­ten by one of us. don’t know if it’s infor­ma­tive, but one of the last issues, Joo explained why a trom­bone is like a water melon. Deep.

  109. Camila Martinez

    When will you come to URUGUAY????? You know it’s the best coun­try, you wrote a song about it!!!! We have this beau­ti­ful open air amphithe­atre you would love!!! And your song is really famous here!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Com­ing Sooner than you think…

  110. You Guys made my dreams come true (not what you think… )

    When I saw you a few years ago at the night of the proms, I instantly thought that my mother (83 years) would love your kind of humor like me.

    Well, a few years later now that is proven today — thanks, that was a fan­tas­tic after­noon, my mom and me eny­oing it to the fullest, not only your humor but on top your out­stand­ing musi­cal performance.

    Hopeto see you soon n Frank­furt again.


    Igudesman and Joo

    We say that our show is for audi­ences aged 8 to 88. So your mother can come for another 5 years. Well, we do make excep­tions. :)

  111. If some one wishes to be updated with most recent tech­nolo­gies after­ward he
    must be go to see this site and be up to date every day.

  112. Damla Demirci

    OMG guys. You will com­ming To Türkiye. :D I m very very happy :D i hope i can come to see you :D Sizi çook seviy­o­rumm :D

    Damla Demirci

    And Alek­sey you can speak Turk­ish. Its so excit­ing. And Joo you say Mer­haba Ankara :D its very nice event :D

  113. So I trav­eled about 200km to attend your show at Stuttgart with my friends, only to find out that it was delayed … now I have to spend another €40 on train tick­ets to travel from Mainz to Stuttgart three months later, hop­ing that the show will not be delayed again.
    I really do love you guys but as a sim­ple stu­dent €80 is a huge sum of money to me — my monthly costs of liv­ing are even less!
    Any idea who I shall ask for compensation?

    Igudesman and Joo

    Was the Stuttgart show worth all the trou­ble?
    Next time we see each other, we will try to find a way to make it up to you.

  114. Hey Alek­sey,

    jetzt hab ich heute wieder auf Eure Home­page geschaut und gese­hen, dass das Konz­ert heute Abend ja gar nicht stat­tfindet.
    Ich wün­sche Dir auf jeden Fall alles Gute und vor allem Gute Besserung!!!
    Hof­fentlich sehe ich Euch beide dann gesund und munter im Juni!

    Viele Grüße

  115. Hey Alek­sey,

    jetzt hab ich heute wieder auf Eure Home­page geschaut und gese­hen, dass das Konz­ert heute Abend ja nicht stat­tfindet.
    Ich wün­sche Dir auf jeden Fall alles Gute und vor allem baldige Gene­sung!!!
    Hof­fentlich sehe ich Euch beide dann gesund und munter im Juni!

    Viele Grüße

  116. Hi guys! I wanted to say that my friend and I absolutely love you guys! We found out about you guys about four years ago via YouTube when we were still in col­lege. I espe­cially loved your “Piano Les­son” and the “Rach­mani­nov Had Big Hands” skits. I’m Korean and took piano lessons when I was lit­tle, so it was absolutely hilar­i­ous for me. Let’s just say I moved onto play­ing the cello after hav­ing a sim­i­lar piano les­son expe­ri­ence xD.

    For some rea­son or another, each time you guys have been in New York, my friend and I never got a chance to watch your per­for­mances. Then, we finally got tick­ets for the Tilles Cen­ter per­for­mance on Feb. 2 (which is also where we had our mid­dle school grad­u­a­tion and var­i­ous orches­tral events in. Weird, right?), but alas, it seems like it was not meant to be. But really, all that mat­ters is that Igudes­man is okay! I hope that he’s recov­er­ing (and relax­ing) and feel­ing bet­ter :)

    Even though we were really dis­ap­pointed that we couldn’t finally see you guys, we won’t stop try­ing! We’ll be wait­ing for you guys to come back to New York!!


    Igudesman and Joo

    New York City– Lin­coln Cen­ter– New Year’s Eve with the New York Phil­har­monic. Decem­ber 31, 2013.

  117. Erik Fujiyama

    I really like your style of play­ing and your sense of humour. And also would like to know, what do you think about George Gersh­win?
    Greet­ings from Brazil.

    Igudesman and Joo

    In our new show “And Now Mozart”, we fea­ture a piece by Gersh­win. He’s a genius one-of-a kind.

  118. Hi guys,

    I’m the Pro­gram Man­ager for Musi­cal Bridges Around the World — we just hosted your FANTASTIC con­cert on Jan 18th in San Anto­nio. What a phe­nom­e­nal show! Our audi­ence loved it. We were also so impressed that you took the time to talk to the audi­ence after­wards, and sign DVDs. I have a ques­tion — will you be bring­ing one of your “8 to 88 work­shops” to Texas in the future? Can we make a request to have one in San Antonio?

    Igudesman and Joo

    We love doing 8 to 88 every­where we can! San Anto­nio would be won­der­ful to be there again.
    Thanks Diana for a great time.

  119. veljko svorcan

    Hi guys.Im a big fan of yours.Im 11 years old and I play the piano and the guitar.I think the last sen­tence anwsers why im a big fan. I know that there is a con­cert at 18th of Jan­u­ary in Bel­grade but my par­ents wouldnt let me go :( .So what do you think when is the next con­cert going to be in Novi Sad.

  120. Quand est-ce que vous passez à Lyon en France ?

    Igudesman and Joo

    peut-etre l’annee prochaine

  121. I’ll right away grab your rss feed as I can’t to find
    your email sub­scrip­tion link or e-newsletter ser­vice.
    Do you have any? Please let me rec­og­nize so that I may just
    sub­scribe. Thanks.

  122. Sandra ♫

    Oh,okay then…thanks;)Well,I’m from Ser­bia and on Thurs­day you are pre­form­ing in here so,me,my sis­ter (who’s an artist too,piano player,guitar player,singer..an artist!)and my friend Sonia(the vio­lin player) are com­ing to lis­ten to your beautiful,inspiring,hilarious music ‚so,i was won­der­ing if we can,you know,take a picture,meet you,take an auto­graph and talk with you guys.I think,you are great artists,very inspi­ra­tional and you can always make me smile :D So,what do you say?♫♥♪

    Igudesman and Joo

    where’s the photo? on facebook?

  123. Well, is it too late to say “Happy New Year” now?
    Hello guys!My name is Angie and I’m a stu­dent in Tai­wan. I love your inno­v­a­tive and awe­some per­for­mances so much! It’s a lit­tle pity that you two haven’t been to Tai­wan so we couldn’t enjoy your amaz­ing live show:(
    Any­way, I just want to say thank you to you. I’m prepar­ing for my entrance exam, and when I fell anx­ious and upset, your music always cheer me up:”)

    Igudesman and Joo

    Happy New Year (for 2003)

  124. Rach­mani­nov -> Big hands

    Hyung-ki -> Small hands

    Darf ich vorstellen: DEIN NEUES KLAVIER:


    Igudesman and Joo


  125. Hey guys, will you come to Rus­sia again? Yea, I know — pre­vi­ous con­cert was not as good as it could be (you guys were bril­liant as always but orga­niz­ers did a poor job) but you will not give up vis­it­ing us because of it, do you?

    Igudesman and Joo

    Yes, Alek­sey, Alek­sey & Hyung-ki (not called Alek­sey) will be return­ing to Rus­sia in Novem­ber with our NEW SHOW “And Now Mozart“in St.Petersburg (Nov 6) and Moscow (nov 7). We might also be com­ing to Novosi­birsk and Yaroslav.
    We bever give up on vis­it­ing the Russ­ian people!

  126. Lieber Hyung-ki,
    du hast mir das schön­ste Wei­h­nachts­geschenk gemacht, das es gibt! DANKE! <3 Wenn ich kön­nte, würd ich dich umar­men… Aber vielle­icht kriegen wir das ja sogar hin, ich bin auf jeden Fall in Stuttgart! :-)
    Merry Christ­mas, a Happy New Year 2013 und viel Erfolg für Eure Pro­jekte!!

  127. Sandra ♫

    Hey… :D
    I was watch­ing some of your videos,and i am inspired by your work,i was won­der­ing if you could give me sheet :L Of “We will sur­vive”? I want to pre­form that with my friend Sonia who is play­ing violin,i’m the piano player,so..what do you say?

    Igudesman and Joo

    Dear San­dra,
    Unfor­tu­nately our sheet music is not yet
    avail­able. It is one of the things on our
    long list of todo. We still have to take
    the rub­bish out, clean the car, and write
    Thank you cards to Santa Claus. From 1997.
    We are work­ing on every­thing as fast as we can.
    Sorry to not be more help­ful. Happy New year!

  128. we wanna see u in Turkey. Isn’t there any plan to come Turkey for a tour?

    Igudesman and Joo

    Actu­ally Ali, it looks like we will be in Ankara and Istan­bul in April! sub­scribe to our newslet­ter and find out the details! http://igudesmanandjoo.us4.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=9574c72145399e2f0ed124088&id=6bf3e5bf0e

  129. Hallo Hyung-ki,
    ich spiele auch Klavier. Mir geht es beim Üben regelmäßig so, dass ich ein Stück ein­studiere (über mehrere Tage bzw. Wochen), und es nach einiger Zeit anfängt, mir auf die Ner­ven zu gehen… Das heißt, ich kann es dann zwar soweit, dass ich es spie­len kön­nte, aber eben nicht wirk­lich sicher bin. Danach fehlt mir die Moti­va­tion, weiter zu üben, bis ich es sicher und flüs­sig kann (weil ich es nicht mehr hören kann…). Im End­ef­fekt bleibe ich dadurch immer auf dem einem “halbfer­ti­gen” Stand hän­gen. Geht dir das auch so? Was macht man da? Ich schätze, ein­fach durch­hal­ten…? Oder hast du mir einen Tipp?
    Danke! :-)
    P.S.: Ich schätze, ihr habt meinen Brief an Billy nicht weit­ergegeben, oder? Ja, ich bin’s schon wieder :-D
    Wann kommt ihr mal wieder nach Stuttgart?

    Viele Grüße!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Liebe Susi,
    As for your question-I’m afraid I have no magic answer except to prac­tise with imag­i­na­tion, patience, and struc­ture. In a way, the imag­i­na­tion is the most impor­tant part, because if you are con­stantly explor­ing and dis­cov­er­ing new and dif­fer­ent ways to under­stand the music, it will NEVER get bor­ing, and in this way, you will develop a “tech­nique”. Not by count­less hours of rep­e­ti­tion and mind­less scales and stud­ies.
    Hope this helps.
    Stuttgart, we are com­ing on March 11th 2013.
    Happy New Year!

  130. Jacopo&Cecilia

    Cari Hyung-ki & Alek­sey siamo di nuovo noi final­mente rius­ciremo a ved­ervi in con­certo dal vivo a Padova: quando i nos­tri gen­i­tori hanno trovato i bigli­etti non rius­ci­vamo a crederci.Stiamo aspet­tando con ansia il 10 dicem­bre
    A presto
    Jacopo e Cecilia

  131. Jacopo&Cecilia

    Ciao Hyung-ki & Alek­sey!
    Siamo Jacopo e Cecilia di 9 e 11 anni e vi scriv­i­amo da Padova (Italy).
    Vol­e­vamo chiedervi se, per caso, farete una tappa del vostro ultimo tour qui in Italia, per­ché avremo piacere di assis­tere ad un vostro con­certo … siamo stanchi di ved­ervi solo su You Tube.
    Per favore rispon­de­teci appena potete.
    Un saluto dai vostri fans,
    Jacopo e Cecilia

    Igudesman and Joo

    Siamo en Padova el 10. di dicem­bre, en una setima! baci

  132. Damla Demirci

    Hi guys
    I came back :) How are you? I couldnt come to watch you. Because “school”. But I want watch you very much on stage. Please The next time you play dur­ing in sum­mer :) and I love you very much :)

  133. Roxanne van Rijn

    Hello Igudes­man and Joo,
    About 2 hours ago, I clicked on your video of the Turk­ish March. It was just so bril­liant, and I started watch­ing more video’s . And now, about 2 hours later, you have got a new big fan from Hol­land! I really do hope that you’ll come to the Nether­lands in the nearby future, (maybe in het con­cert­ge­bouw?) because I think if I show one of your video’s to one of my friends, they will be great fans of you too.
    I hope to see you soon in the Nether­lands!
    Rox­anne van Rijn

    Igudesman and Joo

    I believe we might bein the con­cerge­bouw end of august… keep on watch­ing our tour­dates :) and see you soon!

  134. hey boys!
    when are you com­ing to spain again?it was really fan­tas­tic when you come to san sebas­t­ian, but you didn’t return!you’re trav­el­ling to italy, very very very veeeeeeeeeeeery near from spain, try to fly there and let us see your fan­tas­tic show again!
    king regards!

    Igudesman and Joo

    quizas vamos a regre­sar en enero… un beso

  135. Justin Ho

    you guys were amaz­ing on last Fri­day in Hong Kong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Will you visit Hong Kong again? :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    of course we will — its one of our very favorite places in the world!

  136. Sérgio Monteiro

    Do you have any idea when a tour to Portugal?!

    The last time, I didn’t man­age to get tickets…i got really frustated.

    Come to Por­tu­gal again :)


    Igudesman and Joo

    we will try sergio!

  137. Igudes­man and Joo
    ”你好!“thanks for bring­ing such great and funny music to Hong Kong cit­i­zens tonight!
    Every­one in the con­cert hall enjoy!
    Hope you two will come to Hong Kong again in the future!
    thanks a lot!

  138. 現在,莫札特. It was very amaz­ing I saw you guys in Kaoh­si­ung.
    Thanks for pro­vid­ing this won­der­ful night to my family.


    Igudesman and Joo

    xie xie!

  139. Con­grat­u­la­tions on a very suc­cess­ful per­for­mance on Fri­day!!! I man­aged to get tick­ets this time, and I thor­oughly enjoyed your per­for­mance! I was cry­ing with laugh­ter. No kid­ding! Hope you enjoyed your time in Tai­wan (maybe you had more “Chou Dou Fu” this time?), and hope you return soon!

    Your faith­ful fan,

  140. Rachael and Ruth

    Hello, we appear to have missed your UK hit this year. When (date please :) ) will you be back? Thanks

  141. I’m a new big fan! Please drop by Sin­ga­pore on your way back from HK and Tai­wan! will totally bring u out

  142. April H.

    I heard you two will visit China; why don’t you visit Korea? I remem­ber that you replied here that you have a plan to visit Korea — I mean on this mes­sage board.… :’(
    Any­way thanks for your per­for­mances! I’m watch­ing all vids of yours from last year and so on :D

    Igudesman and Joo

    We will come back to Korea, dont you worry! Work­ing on it :)

  143. So greeeeeeeeaaaaaat~~~~~
    I saw you yes­ter­day in Paris and I’m still smil­ing just by think­ing “finally, I saw them for real!!“
    The show was just great, you are both tal­en­tu­ous musi­cians, I had a great time. Oh, and W.A. Mor­ri­cone was excel­lent too (not sure about his first name, by the way, you should check.….…). I prob­a­bly will do my best to see you next time you come. Hop­ing it will be your new show…!

    And now…

    Still wait­ing for my kiss. I bought a dvd. ^_^
    And if Alek­sey need some french lessons, I’d be glad to help ;)

    Igudesman and Joo

    Amelie — first of all we love your movie! Please do come to Nice for our BIG Night­mare Music show with orches­tra, end of Novem­ber and there you may claim your kiss xxx

  144. For lat­est news you have to go to see the web and on world-wide-web I found this web site as a finest
    web site for newest updates.

  145. Love it!

  146. Wow, mar­velous blog struc­ture! How long have you been blog­ging for? you make run­ning a blog glance easy. The total glance of your web site is great, as smartly as the con­tent material!

  147. Hi guys,

    How can we arrange a mas­ter class with you in Sweden?

    Igudesman and Joo

    I guess you pray? ;)

  148. Mats Broström

    Hi guys,
    I saw you are going to Vara in Swe­den this year but what about another long beau­ti­ful, friendly and exhaust­ing tour in Swe­den — in sea­son 2013/14 or 2014/15 (I promise you less con­certs than last time).
    Any­way, it was so nice to have you here, a big suc­cess, and I am just check­ing out if you would like to do it again. Have you added any new pieces to the show ? I would love to see you in Swe­den again.

    Igudesman and Joo

    Great to hear from you Mats! Yes, we are return­ing, and of course we have A LOT of new pieces in our show. And we ALSO have a new show :)

  149. HI! Great job btw on your con­cert at the Hol­ly­wood Bowl! I just went to see it and my entire fam­ily (all pro­fes­sional musi­cians so it really was hilar­i­ous) were crack­ing up the entire time! so thanks! I was just won­der­ing, Alek­sey, what song or arrange­ment of some song was that solo piece you played in the mid­dle of the con­cert that had a sort of rock feel to it?? I would really like to know if its pos­si­ble. Thanks again!!!

  150. Czech Repub­lic still wait­ing ;D

  151. Please please please come to Sin­ga­pore! We need you here! I’m dying to see you per­form live!

  152. Come to Sin­ga­pore please pretty please with a cherry on top! I’ll take you both to the Sin­ga­pore zoo and… Ice cream! My treat! Just come here already! You’ve got fans in this tiny coun­try of ours!

  153. Flavio Augusto

    You are so amaz­ing! Very funny guys! Excel­lent! Have you ever been to Brazil? You should come here, please!! Congratulations!

  154. Becky Ellis

    We loved your per­for­mance last night at the Bre­vard Music Cen­ter. Hope you will come back again to the moun­tains of Bre­vard. What a fun, won­der­ful sum­mer evening. We left singing!

  155. Oh, God … we need you here in Brazil! Please think about it!

  156. Hi Igudes­man & Joo,
    please come here in Italy in Rome because i saw you just yes­ter­day on Youtube and your are a great duet! You make feel the music into the blood to every­one and you are very very won­der­ful!! Please let me know the date of yours exibithion!!!
    Greet­ings from Rome!!

  157. christoph

    Hi Igudes­man & Joo
    I would like to make a “Rach­mani­noff had big hands”-Equipment for a present (for a big fan of you). Is there any­where a instruc­tion how to make this stuff. I’m musi­cian, i prob­a­bly can do it with­out intruc­tion, but it would help any­way to have one.
    Thanks a lot!

  158. Hi,
    I’m a musi­cian of the con­ser­va­toire of Milan and i knew you in youtube. Here in Italy a lot of peo­ple are wait­ing to lis­ten to your con­cert.
    When there will be a con­cert here, we have a lot of con­cert hall…=)
    PS I can­not watch your video with­out dying of laugh­ter, and Alla turca is really impres­sive: i think is very hard play in another key a piece so well know. =)

  159. COME TO STOCKTON ;((((

  160. http://osijek-online.com/Kultura/Kulturne-manifestacije/FOTO-VIDEO-Igudesman-i-Joo-spektakularnim-nastupom-odusevili-osje%C4%8Dku-publiku.html

    I had a great time yes­ter­day watch­ing your show. Thank you for vist­ing my town. Hope you’ll come again. :) )

    Igudesman and Joo

    LEGA LEGA!!! We are wear­ing our Lega T-shirts with Pride. Thank you for being a great audi­ence. We would love to come back.

  161. Hi, I’m very inter­ested to know when are you going to come to Barcelona. All the best, Maria

    Igudesman and Joo

    So are we, Maria, as Barcelona is one of our favourite cities in the world. We will be in Bil­bao on August 20th per­form­ing BIG Night­mare Music. Per­haps you make a “pelerinage”?

  162. Thorsten

    Hello Hyung-Ki, hello Aleksey,

    we’ve been to the Heil­bronn con­cert. Thank you for bring­ing the Big Night­mare Music to a town near us! We had a lot of fun, and I think it was obvi­ous that the orches­tra had a lot of fun, too.

    This was our sec­ond visit of a I&J-concert, the first one being the one in Mainz two years ago, in the “Spiegelzelt”. Dur­ing both con­certs a heavy rain started to fall. Did you put some kind of Korean rain­dance into one of the pieces you played?

    Best wishes,

    PS: Yes­ter­day we watched an old episode of “Mag­num”. In the back­ground, the infa­mous piano con­certo of Rach­mani­nov was play­ing. My wife imme­di­ately said “Big Hands!”

    Igudesman and Joo

    Didn’t Tom Selleck’s character’s Boss play piano? With his dogs?

  163. cant wait 2night to see you finnaly in croa­t­i­aaaa!!! :) )) Osi­jek!!! <3

  164. How do you apply for 8 to 88 work­shop? Are you doing on in Boston (July 2012)?

    Igudesman and Joo

    No, but we will in Wash­ing­ton DC at the Kennedy Cen­ter on Nov 7th, the day after the US Election.

  165. Kingston

    Hi Igudes­man and Joo, by any chance you guys come to Eng­land? London?

  166. Sviatoslav Meow Moew

    Hello! You guys are so cool. I love your work. You are both amaz­ing and make me laugh every­time I see the videos. I have two ques­tions for you both! — Do you like cats? and, Can you please make a funny cat sketch video about cats? Thankyou very much, you are the best of the best!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Igudes­man wrote a book of duets called, “Catscratch Book”. Joo prefers dogs, (being Korean), but loves the cats of Ser­i­fos.
    Request about Cat Video noted.

  167. Thanks a lot to you and Ruben Gazarian’s orch­ester for a won­der­ful con­cert in Heilbronn.We have been charged by a good mood for at least a half a year. But I have to com­lain. You have promised to come to Dres­den since a year, but never did it! A lot of peo­ple who could not man­age to drive almost 1000 km under the ter­ri­ble rain are wait­ing for you!

  168. Hei!
    How are you? I just saw your video about your mas­ter­class and it’s fan­tas­tic! Is there any chance I could take part of it? I am an Eston­ian girl and I have played the vio­lin for 11 years now. Could you tell me when and where is the work­shop?
    Also, thank you so much for your con­cert in Tallinn last year. It was a lot of fun and really inspir­ing. :) I’m seri­ously con­sid­er­ing com­ing to Helsinki in Novem­ber just to see you again.

    Take care (:

  169. Thank you for the won­der­full evening yes­ter­day in Bratislava. I love your music and I enjoyed every minute of per­for­mance. Hope, I will be able to come to see you in Krem­nica. And this time I will buy DVD, to say you some words per­son­ally. Guys, you are just great and I am very happy, that I saw you on stage for real.
    Wish you the best:)


  170. Hello guys,

    I attended today’s per­for­mance in Bratislava and I have to say it was one of the best I have ever seen. It made me realise how beau­ti­ful clas­si­cal music is and how impor­tant humour is as well. Com­bin­ing these two ele­ments may seem impos­si­ble, not for you, though. You are really tal­ented musi­cians and your show is just amaz­ing. Thank you for a fan­tas­tic evening and I wish you all the best.

    Look­ing for­ward to see­ing you again asap! :)


  171. Hallo Ihr 2 :-)
    auch wenn das Konz­ert in Salzburg (in Mozart’s Teum oder so) schon ein paar Tage her ist, es zaubert uns immer noch ein Lächeln ins Gesicht, wenn wir daran denken.
    Unsere Tochter hütet Eure Auto­gramme (und die von Hyung-Ki gemal­ten Hasenohren bei Aleksey’s Bild) wie Ihren größten Schatz…
    Heute habe ich Euer Video gese­hen über den Work­shop 8 to 88 aber nir­gendwo weit­ere Infos dazu.… und das würde uns (speziell für unsere Tochter) sehr inter­essieren.
    Kür­zlich bei einem Klaviefes­ti­val im Stein­way­haus in München fragte eine Lehrerin, wie man Kinder zum Üben bekommt, wenn sie keine Lust haben.… meine Antwort dazu lautet: indem man sie zu Igudes­man und Joo schickt, die wie nie­mand sonst mit klas­sis­cher Musik Freude bereiten.

    mit größter Hochachtung vor Eurem Kön­nen und Eurem Tun…


  172. Me and my friend just got the two last tick­ets (or so it seems) for your show in Bratislava dur­ing the Viva Musica fes­ti­val, and it made my day, and week­end! Plus we had a good laugh show­ing your per­for­mances to my col­leagues at work this Fri­day after­noon. Thanks for com­ing and I hope you’ll enjoy the lit­tle town.

  173. I just dis­cov­ered some of your videos on youtube and i really loved it !
    So i came on your web­site and saw you are going on a tour to lots of coun­tries, and i won­dered if you’ll go to France ? I didn’t see it writ­ten on it, but i saw Ger­many and Switzer­land, which are so close to France !
    Is it because you don’t know french ? If that’s the case, does that really mat­ter ? I mean, even if i don’t under­stand chi­nese or ger­man, i could still enjoy it very much ! And i think the most impor­tant stuff you may say in eng­lish is under­stand­able for french people…

    So i really hope you’ll come to France !

    Igudesman and Joo

    Oui, Marie, on vien­dra en France. D’abord le 16 Sep­tem­bre a Paris, et puis fin Novem­bre a Nice avec orchestre. Le spec­ta­cle, quoi qu’il ya des paroles, est un spec­ta­cle “langue inter­na­tionale. De toute maniere, quand on joue en France, on dit tous nos textes en fran­cais. Joo a passe la meil­lure annee de son enfance a Rennes, et Igudes­man apprend son texte phonetiquement.

    Nous esper­ons que nous nous ren­con­tri­ons bein­tot.
    Igudes­man & Juif.

  174. Hey guys!

    Yes­ter­day I was at your con­cert at the Konz­erthaus in Vienna and it was amaz­ing! I still laugh about your humor­ous staged pieces.

    Please give my regards to Sebas­t­ian aka “Arnold, the singing music robot” and Vik­to­ria aka “The spir­i­tual violinist”.

    One last word: Magnificent!


  175. Sage Lee

    Igudes­man and Joo!!!!!!

    A few ques­tions.
    1) What is both of y’all’s favorite Korean food?
    2) How long will you stay in the USA?
    3) What’s your favorite key? (Mine’s B flat Major)
    4) When will you play in Texas?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Please answer!!!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    1) We love ALL Korean food. Per­haps Aleksey’s favourite is Sam-Ge Tang (Gin­seng Chicken Stew), and Hyung-ki’s is Galbi Tang.
    2) We are going to the USA 6 times this year. In July-Boston, August-Brevard, San Diego and oth­ers, September-Hollywood Bowl, LA, November-Kennedy Cen­ter in DC and Yale. Check the home­page for more pre­cise dates and other cities.
    3) Aleksey’s favourite key is Hyung-KEY.
    4) In Jan­u­ary 2013. Austin and other places.

  176. Hallo ihr Zwei,
    ich schreib jetzt mal auf Deutsch — ist grad leichter als Englisch, weil ich gle­ich ein­schlafe… ;-P
    Ich bin’s wieder, die mit dem Brief und Billy Joel und so. Ich wollte mal nach­fra­gen, ob ihr meine E-Mail Adresse über Face­book gekriegt habt?
    Will hier nicht zu viel plauern, aber ich denke/hoffe ihr könnt euch noch an mich erin­nern. :-) Ich denk mal ihr seid im Stress, aber eine kurze Antwort würde mich freuen!
    Viele Grüße!
    P.S.: Habt ihr mal Lust, mir und anderen eine “Synkope” zu erk­lären? Vielle­icht mit einem Video? Ich spiele Klavier ohne Lehrer und bin mir irgend­wie nicht sicher, ob ich das richtig ver­standen hab…


    Oh, und, auch wenn ich mich hier wieder­hole: Ich hätte gern Auto­gramme von euch! :-)

  177. Michael Wagner

    Hey guys,

    I was think­ing about going to your con­certo either in Bonn or in Dort­mund this year. How­ever, I am not really sure what the pro­gramm “And now Mozart” con­tains. Could you elab­o­rate? :D

    Thank you so much, and keep up the great work!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Hi “guy”!
    Bonn will be “Many Spring Sonatas” our pro­gram with the pianists Emanuel Ax and Yu Hori­uchi — com­pletely new pro­gram. And Dort­mund in Novem­ber will be our very new pro­gram, also all dif­fer­ent num­bers — “And Now Mozart”. Both will be crazy, mad and very dif­fer­ent, so why not go to both? :)

  178. nathalie dagenais

    Très chers vous deux, dear you two,
    ce fût un bijou que ce con­cert à Mon­tréal le 30 mai (it was a deli­cious gift yes­ter­day to assist to your concert).La musique et votre humour, ça fait du bien à l’âme (not only because we were in a church…)! I think that your french ‚Aleksey,is very good and I counted cer­tainly 30 words and even small sen­tences! When­ever you want some lessons in “québé­cois”, it will be free “just for you”…
    Bravo encore et merci pour cette mer­veilleuse soirée! Prenez soin de vous! Nathalie

  179. Hey guys, thank you for your incred­i­ble Mon­tréal con­cert! I’m so grate­ful to my evil twin who met you in Vienna and bought a ticket for me to see your per­for­mance in Mon­tréal. What an enjoy­able, hilar­i­ous night. Hope to see you again! And your other record-breaking stunts!

    P.S. kudos on speak­ing French!! You fit in very well in Mon­tréal :)

  180. Gabriele

    You guys came! (To Chicago, of course!)

    This was the first time we have seen you live, but I am sure that it will not be the last! You guys were sim­ply amaz­ing and I thank you so much for being who you are =)
    You guys made everyone’s (night?) brighter and there was not one per­son that did not leave smil­ing.
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Keep rockin’

    Igudesman and Joo

    Chicago was one of the best audi­ences we have ever ever had! You were ter­rific to play for and with! Thank YOU!

  181. Francesco

    When you come back in Tus­cany? :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    We should be back in Italy, not too far from you in decem­ber this year, we hope… keep on check­ing those tour dates! :)

  182. I was really look­ing for­ward to see­ing your per­for­mance tonight in Chicago… until I saw your Apple endorse­ment. What a dis­ap­point­ment, to say the least! Another sad exam­ple of co-opted idea of free, artis­tic spirit, to pro­mote cor­po­ra­tions. Once you sell your soul, what is left? Only more sell­ing, more lies, more destruc­tion, more sadness.

    Igudesman and Joo

    Dear Lazar,
    Most clothes you wear, every tooth­paste you use, every “apple” you bite into is made, pro­duced or brought by cor­per­a­tions of sorts. Each one has many hun­dreds and even thou­sands of hard work­ing hon­est, money earn­ing peo­ple work­ing there, earn­ing their liv­ing from it. Us as musi­cians and com­posers are actu­ally extremely grate­ful for apple prod­ucts, just as we are thank­ful we can brush our teeth with Coll­gate, which is another “cor­per­a­tion”.
    And by the way, in the words of Bono from U2: “Apple has given tens of mil­lions of dol­lars that have trans­formed the lives of more than two mil­lion Africans through H.I.V. test­ing, treat­ment and coun­sel­ing. This is seri­ous and sig­nif­i­cant. And Apple’s involve­ment has encour­aged other com­pa­nies to step up.“
    So we gather, maybe play­ing for 20 min­utes in an apple store is not so bad after all…;)

  183. Hallo Alek­sey,
    I dream to see your pro­gram.
    When do you plan to orga­nize a con­cert in Moscow?
    Thank you for your answer.

    Igudesman and Joo

    Dear Tatiana,
    We played in Moscow just last month — I do not know when we will be back again, but soon we hope… we have to admit we are addicted to Pel­meni!
    priv­etik — oba zeluiem x

  184. I run a fes­ti­val in Spain and love to invite you!! what do I have to do? Saludos!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well Conchi, you have to stand on one leg, sing the Zim­bab­wian national anthem, then run around your bed 17 times, whis­per­ing the name of your favorite pasta dish. Or alter­na­tively you could go on the “con­tact and book­ing” page of this web­site and write to our office: [email protected]
    In fact, thats prob­a­bly the best way to go about it! ;)

  185. Margarita

    Thank you for your show!
    Please come to Ukraine, Kyiv. We will wait­ing for you very much!

    Igudesman and Joo

    We were in Odessa last year and loved it! Maybe Kiev some other time…

  186. Please come to Peru!! we (me and some friends) want to see you live!! your pre­sen­ta­tion will atract young peo­ple like me! (i’ve 16) So please come one day to Peru, you’re expectacular!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Peru seria genial! Quizas algun dia…

  187. Please come to New York ‚we need to see you

    Igudesman and Joo

    Just been there last April in Carnegie Hall — check our U.S. dates and see us near by in the sum­mer per­haps? How about Boston end of July?

  188. i m play­ing vio­lin and ı want to watch your con­cert please come to turkeyyyy please if you came turkey ı want a sign

    Igudesman and Joo

    Hi Birkan! We come to Turkey sev­eral times a year — we were in Izmir begin­ning of April and Antalya end of last year — where were you ;) ?

  189. Pedro Castro


    So, you’re com­ing to Spain later in May, but still no Por­tu­gal dates :( Have you been think­ing of com­ing back? Any news?

    Igudesman and Joo

    Pedro, per­haps begin­ning of octo­ber — keep on check­ing our tour­dates :)

  190. First of all, I want to say we (me and my friends) love you! We live in Istan­bul and we’re look­ing for­ward to see you in Istan­bul again! I know you were in Istan­bul two years ago but we met you last year :) Any­way, now I want to play Rach­mani­noff but my hands are not big enough to play, and your idea is great :D I’ll talk with a car­pen­ter to cut some wood lath to me :D Thank you for your music, for everything!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Oooh, we love Istan­bul too, as you know! Have you seen our Istan­bul video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUfoYbtt9hw
    Any­how, we really hope to come back soon — we were just in Izmir which was beau­ti­ful also.
    And we adore Turk­ish food — it makes us hun­gry, just to think of it: midem sir­tima yapisti!

  191. Had the plea­sure of expe­ri­enc­ing your show at Carnegie Hall last night — what an unfor­get­tably great time! We were all on our feet, every­one was laughing/smiling. Thank you!

    Not to give too much of the show away, Mr. Joo, would you be able to tell us what the name of the piece was that you played, quite lit­er­ally, single-handedly?


    Igudesman and Joo

    Scri­abin Noc­turne for Left Hand op.9/2

  192. Hey you two!
    You might remem­ber me, I’m the one who gave a let­ter to Mrs Käch in Stuttgart, includ­ing a let­ter to Billy Joel. Now I’ve writ­ten her an e-mail and she said she’s given it to you.
    Since Billy Joel was your spe­cial guest yes­ter­day at Carnegie Hall (I couldn’t be there :-( (), I just wanted to know if you gave HIM my let­ter?? That would be a life­time dream!!!
    In case you can’t answer me here in pub­lic, please just write me a short e-mail — I’d LOVE to know!
    Thank You and Keep going!


    P.S.: I still need YOUR auto­graphs! :D

    Igudesman and Joo

    What’s your email address? (you can send it to us as a pri­vate mes­sage to our FB Offi­cial Pages)

  193. Good luck for tomor­row and have and make so much fun! Wish I could be there but USA is a lit­tle far :-)
    See you soon some­where a bit nearer.
    P.S. Yip­pi­i­i­ieeeeh! CARNEGIE HALL!!!!!!!! :-D

    Igudesman and Joo

    It was rather awe­some, you wishes helped Wiebke!

  194. Sertac Seckiner

    There is noth­ing more than they say above to appre­ci­ate your tal­ent. Please come again to Turkey soon.

    Igudesman and Joo

    Teşekkür ederim!

  195. I saw you two on youtube and I’m speech­less.
    you two are tal­ented and funny.
    I have to see you Live. pleaze come to israel.

    Igudesman and Joo

    We hope to return soon…

  196. Oh, I just saw you two on YouTube, and you are brilliant!!

    You should come to Lon­don and play for us, pleeeeeease!!


    Igudesman and Joo

    We just played in Lon­don last month at Cado­gan Hall. But we will return one day. Fish and Chips beckons.

  197. Hi!
    You were bril­liant yes­ter­day (İzmir). My 10 years old girl, my wife and I enjoyed your show too much. Did you release any DVD, CD, album ore some­thing like that ?

    Igudesman and Joo

    You can find our DVD on sale at Ama­zon. Also, you can buy our Audio Skits, “Igudes­man & Joo Guides” on iTunes.

  198. Hey you two!
    I’ve been to your show in Stuttgart yes­ter­day and couldn’t stop laugh­ing! Almost col­lapsed on my chair… THANK YOU!!! I aven’t had SO much fun in a long time!
    By the way: DID YOU GET MY LETTER?? (Yep, I’m Susi ;-) )
    I gave one to some guy who had to do with the stage, and one to your Man­ager, (that’s who she said she was, a black dressed woman), hap­pened to sit right next to her! She promised me she would pass it on to you. So, did she??
    Some­times, strange things DO hap­pen…
    All the best!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    yup, and we gave it to Billy’s office :)

  199. Could you please tell me where I can buy the notes of “mozart bond”?
    I’m a big fan of you!
    Best wishes from Germany!

    Igudesman and Joo

    This sheet music is not yet avail­able to buy. But we are work­ing on some sheet music books. Hope­fully they will be avail­able soon.

  200. Hi Igudes­man and Joo!
    I just went to your con­cert in Stuttgart.
    Since now i’ve been watch­ing you on the inter­net, but today i finally was able to see you live!
    You two are hilarious!

    I’ll definitly see you in Heil­bronn! ;)

    Igudesman and Joo

    So see you soon in Heilbronn!

  201. Hi you two!
    I was in your con­cert tonight, I have to say I really loved it! I’ve been wait­ing for you to come to Stuttgart sooo long. Thx very much.
    But hon­estly Igudes­man, how often do you need to restring your bow? I had to rea­sure my friend, that you can still use it even if there are 4 hairs miss­ing ;)
    When you get your new show fin­ished you have to come to stuttgart again!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Alek­sey has to “reheair” his bow about every 6 weeks or so, depend­ing on how many con­cert he plays… expen­sive, but would he play less wildly to save money? No way, Jose (or Josi in your case)

  202. Cäcilia

    I can’t wait any longer to see you on Wednes­day in Stuttgart although I have to go to school on Thursday.Would you mind someone’s com­ing a lit­tle bit too late?
    By th way thanks for com­ing!
    Best wishes, Cäcilia

  203. please, please, please.….….……When in Italy?

    Igudesman and Joo

    For Italy dates, please check our TOURDATES.


    I loooove what you do together. Thank you for the smile and the plea­sure you give us with music. (My eng­lish is not very good, i’m sorry).

    Keep on rock­ing ! (Yes, even in clas­si­cal music, you rock so much !)

    A lot of love,

    A big fan.

    Igudesman and Joo

    Your eng­lish is pretty clear to us! We will be in Paris on Sep­tem­ber 16th, 2012. So a bientot.

  205. Aleksandra

    Oh no! Why are the con­certs in Poland can­celed? I was hop­ing to see and hear you live…
    Are you plan­ning any more con­certs in Poland?

    Igudesman and Joo

    The pro­mot­ers can­celed them, we were really, really sorry too… :(

  206. Valeriya

    Hi! Saw video of your show “A lit­tle night­mare”. like it a lot, espe­cially “Ticket to ride”:D But I want to know, what was the music when Hyung-ki lie on the floor, yawn and chew some­thing:) Thanks for the answer! (sorry for my english)

    Igudesman and Joo

    The music when Hyung-ki is lying on the floor play­ing is: Satie: Gymno­pe­die no.1.

  207. Sofia Zheng

    Will you be com­ing to Florida soon? More specif­i­caly Clearwater’s Ruth Eck­erd Hall???

    Igudesman and Joo

    Florida next year in Jan­u­ary, it looks like!

  208. Sofia Zheng

    Will you ever come to Clear­wa­ter, Florida, USA?

    Igudesman and Joo

    We will be in Stu­art, Gainesville, and Day­tona Beach in Jan­u­ary 2013. Is that near Clear­wa­ter at all? More impor­tantly, is the water clear there?

  209. saw you guys on the bbc break­fast show last week and loved the per­foram­nce. ~50% of vot­ers on this site say do more shows in europe, plz dont dis­ap­point. august in edinburgh !

  210. Ian Waring Green

    Thank you, thank you, thank you — for last night in Lon­don. It was even bet­ter than I expected.Not only was the humour absolutely BRILLIANT, but the musi­cian­ship you both dis­play is stun­ning! What, please was that piano piece for the left hand alone?

    Igudesman and Joo

    Thank You, Mr. Green! The left hand piece was: Scri­abin: Noc­turne in D flat, op. 9–2.

  211. From Seville to Cado­gan Hall only to lis­ten to your music and enjoy the show. Now I’m back in Seville still hav­ing in mind all the moments of the show. Hav­ing lost your show in Bari (that is 80km far away from my town), I could not miss the oppor­tu­nity to see you this time!

    You are sim­ply great!!

    And noooow, Mooooza­aaaaart!” :-D

    All the best! Ciao!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Wow, thats impres­sive Angelo!

  212. Sungyeop

    have any plan for Toronto? I am so will­ing to watch and lis­ten your great show and music :D

  213. I finally get to see you guys on May 26th in Chicago!!! I thought you guys were avoid­ing mid­west for some rea­sons. I told my hus­band that I’m buy­ing tick­ets as an early birth­day gift for myself (my birth­day isn’t till August). I CAN’T WAIT!!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well, isnt that fab­u­lous? We cant wait to per­form in Chicago soon also Naomi!!!


    Where have you been all my life? Enter­tain­ers extra­or­di­naire; supreme musi­cians; wit, intel­li­gence and attrac­tive. I’m not into toy-boys but can I adopt you? XXXXXXXX

    Igudesman and Joo

    Yes you can.

  215. Clare Blackman

    Please,please,please do some more dates in Eng­land.
    I absolutely love your music!!
    I would love to take my whole fam­ily to see you!
    Oh and if you are around on the 18th Octo­ber 2012 pop into my wed­ding and do a few tunes!! Ret­ford is near to Nor­wich and a good chance to catch up with your fam­ily Hyung-Ki. Well it was worth the ask!!!
    Lov­ing you both,
    Clare xx

    Igudesman and Joo

    Per­haps a lit­tle more info about where in Ret­ford? You never know…

  216. Just saw you on UK break­fast telly and am com­pletely hooked. I Tunes down­load stream­ing now! Any chance of a Scot­tish date (We have some awe­some venues) next time you go on the road? “Thank you for the Music, for bring­ing it to me.”

    Igudesman and Joo

    What are you stream­ing from iTunes? Is it our “Way of the Igudes­man and Joo” Audio Skits?

  217. Hello, I saw you in Bari (Italy) on March 6, unfor­tu­nately at the Sher­a­ton Hotel, instead of the beau­ti­ful the­ater Petruzzelli who would be the best set­ting for your won­der­ful per­for­mance; you were great as I expected, a treat for music lovers of all kinds, a great incen­tive for kids in par­tic­u­lar. Best wishes and … com­pli­ments for the Italian.

  218. Hello,

    Can you please tell me the Bach piece at ‘Bach ver­sus Vanessa Mae’ video?

    Thanks a lot.

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well, its not actu­ally a Bach piece — its an orig­i­nal com­po­si­tion by Alek­sey Igudes­man called “Per­petuum Mobile” — its not pub­lished yet, but check out Alek­seys other music here:

  219. Hello!
    I’ve watched your video called river dance. I really love it! Could you tell me what is the name of that song? I really want to learn it~~^^

    Igudesman and Joo

    Actu­ally the name is of the piece we play in “River­danc­ing Vio­lin­ists” is “Mor­risons Jig” and you can buy it in an arrange­ment for 2 vio­lins by Alek­sey on Uni­ver­sal Edi­tion as a part of a book called “Celtic & More”. Here is a link:

  220. Volga t.

    Hi Guys,

    Yeah i saw the date how­ever there is no ticket for sale. I can’t wait to buy it.

    By the way I love you both :)

  221. volga t.

    When will you be com­ing to Turkey?

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well Volga, if you care­fully read below, or check our tour dates, you will indeed find out that we will be in Izmir on the 1st of April — and that is NOT a joke! See you there, we hope.

  222. Ozgur V.

    Hi There,

    I ve got to admit, I admire you guys.Fantastic com­bi­na­tion of humor w/ clas­si­cal music.

    It seems that there will be a show in izmir this April.

    I look for­ward to get tick­ets for every­one i love to watch your performance.

    Take care.. :>

    Igudesman and Joo

    See you in Izmir Ozgur!

  223. Nick Sakov

    Hi guys,

    I remem­ber you guys promis­ing in 2010 to play in Aus­tralia this year (yes, I still remem­ber). You must deliver. Every­one here knows about you (espe­cially in Hobart, Tas­ma­nia), and we are all very unhappy that you haven’t vis­ited Aus­tralia at all yet! But if you do, please come to the cor­ner of the world (Tasmania)!

    Nick and 22 mil­lion other people.

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well Nick and 22 mil­lion oth­ers — if it was up to you guys and up to us, we would clearly have played in Aus­tralia this year — the prob­lem is that its a lit­tle more com­pli­cated than that. One needs pro­mot­ers and pre­sen­ters and con­cert halls and all that jazz, to hire us and put together the tick­ets for flights and hotels and, well, basi­cally us. But the best way to try and get us over is to bom­bard your local thaters, per­for­mance halls or pro­mot­ers with emails demand­ing that we come — they do lis­ten to their pub­lic (some­times) and if enough peo­ple express that wish, they are bound to make the effort! From our side there is noth­ing to stop us to come and per­form in won­der­ful Aus­tralia — in fact the Tas­man­ian Devil is an old per­sonal friend of ours…

  224. Hey you two, I really love what you are doing and it was great to wit­ness your lit­tle night­mare music last year in Itze­hoe. Even though the audi­ence wasn’t that sat­is­fy­ing, I think. Well, just keep on being awe­some and please visit Ham­burg some­day.
    P.S: One ques­tion to Igudes­man: Where you again work­ing with Hans Zim­mer in Sher­lock Holmes 2?

    Igudesman and Joo

    Yes, Alek­sey WAS involved in Sher­lock Holmes 2 — in fact he was record­ing with and partly some­times even con­duct­ing some of the won­der­ful Roma musi­cians fea­tured on part 2 — also Alek­sey arranged that crazy Waltz at the end of the movie, dur­ing the ball scene. We will return to Stuttgart soon — end of this month — come see us again!

  225. Hey guys,
    Any chance to come in Romania?That‘ll be really awsome.

    Igudesman and Joo

    It WOULD be awe­some to return to Roma­nia… lets hope we get some offers soon, Mihai :)

  226. Terrence Cresswell

    Hi Guys,

    Love your work! Any chance you might get to Aus­tralia some­time? More specif­i­cally SYDNEY!!



    Igudesman and Joo

    We were once in Mudgee. Do you know where that is?
    We had one of the best times in Aus­tralia back then, and we do hope to return one day. We can already play some things upside down.

  227. Wilson Melo

    Dear friends,
    I’ve just got a note from YouTube say­ing you’ve asked them to remove a video show­ing one of your per­for­mances I’ve posted there. I am really very sorry about that and I want you to know it was never my inten­tion to cause you any harm. Since there are plenty of video from you at the YouTube I thought there was no prob­lem at all post­ing another one. My mistake.Once again, please do apolo­gies for any incon­ve­nience. I really admire both of you a lot.
    All the best
    Wil­son Melo

    Igudesman and Joo

    Dear Wil­son,
    No apolo­gies nec­es­sary. We love the fact that you are a fan and wish to share our clips with oth­ers. There are other forces here that we have to com­ply with, so please don’t take it per­son­ally. Thank You for being sup­port­ive.
    Best, I&J

  228. Very good show! When are you com­ing to Chile?

    Igudesman and Joo

    When it’s not so chilly. OK– that’s not funny, we know. One of Joo’s early poem goes: Ah!-Vina del Mar, as the mer­maid took off her bra, what gusts of wind in the Andes, as she then took off her panties.


    Igudesman and Joo

    How about the 7–11 next to the mall in Florida. we will be sip­ping Orange Juice, dressed as astronomers and singing, “When you wish upon a star”. Isn’t Carnegie Hall near Florida? If so, we will be in Florida on April 17th.

  230. Hi Ig and Joo, My mother heard your “end­ing” piece on NPR and has been try­ing to tell me about it since. Where can I find or pur­chase that piece of music?



    Igudesman and Joo

    It’s Mr. Ig to you. Just kid­ding. Has your mother been try­ing to tell you about it but just can’t find the end­ing? You can find it all over the place, Beethoven Sym­phonies, Tchaikovsky Sym­phonies, Piano Con­cer­tos, etc. The ver­sion that we play is actu­ally a hom­mage to the great Dud­ley Moore, who is our father from another mother. It is highly pos­si­ble that Beethoven him­self in the 5th and 8th Sym­phonies was mock­ing him­self and the whole musi­cal idea of Codas (Finales) in pieces, and it’s meant to be pro­voke a laugh or two, and we think that Dud­ley Moore’s trib­ute is essen­tially a hom­mage to Beethoven. Our ver­sion of Moore’s end­ing comes at the end of our show, after a long montage-collage-medley of high­lights from our show, and since we were stuck with how to end the show, what bet­ter way to end than with a Nght­mare Finale. Check out also Hoff­nung, and PDQ Bach, our sis­ters from a dif­fer­ent marriage.

  231. Hello^^
    Yes­ter­day we were at your show in Liestal and I can say,it was really amazing..how was the room num­ber? 306?^^ (thanks for the “Valentin”-Kisses^^)
    all the best

    Igudesman and Joo

    No, you have to turn around, it’s 360.

  232. Simon Burkhalter

    Hi Guys
    I saw you tonight in Liestal (rock on! hehe). It was a fan­tas­tic show/concert, very funny and won­der­ful music. I really liked the part with the inter­pre­ta­tion of the Tetris sound­track! :)
    And thanks for sign­ing the DVD and pho­to­shoot­ing. I was the one in the elec­tric wheel­chair. I’m look­ing for­ward to see­ing you again.

    Best wishes,


    Igudesman and Joo

    Thank You for com­ing. Are you a Tetris fan? It’s actu­ally a game that was invented by Alek­sey.
    No– Not Alek­sey Igudes­man, but Alek­sey Pas­chit­now.
    we hope to come back near you, and per­haps with our new upcom­ing show, “AND NOW MOZART”.

  233. Jodi Jones

    I live in Nashville TN and do you have any plans of com­ing here and pay­ing with the Nashville Sym­phony?
    I lis­tened your inter­view with NPR last night dri­ving home after hav­ing a really bad day and it bought a smile to my face and really made me laugh. I would love to see and lis­ten to your per­for­mance.
    Any plans for an album?

    Igudesman and Joo

    Dear Jodi,
    We would love to play with the Nashville Sym­phony. We play both kinds of music, Coun­try & West­ern. We have a DVD that is avail­able to buy on Ama­zon, and we have a series of Audio Skits, avail­able on iTunes: “The Way of the Igudes­man & Joo”.

  234. Thank you for your per­for­mance on NPR today. Your lovely ‘end­ing’ trans­ported me to my child­hood spent in my back yard bel­low­ing my very own “sym­phonies” as I rode the swings under the warm sun. My favorite part of my com­po­si­tions were the grand end­ings (which were some­times half an hour long). Truly, the end­ings are the BEST! I look for­ward to see­ing a per­for­mance :)

    Warm regards,
    Betty Brant

  235. As I was called years ago, im Land, Quatschkopf!
    your NPR fin­ish was MUCH too abrupt, could you not please extend it and play the entire end­ing?
    Ich bitte, please come to Atlanta — I love PDQ (that poser), Herr von und zu Borge, and now crazy Russ­ian and JOO.
    Many thanks to you two.
    I am and will remain, yours truly in three quar­ter time,

  236. Hi There,

    I heard your inter­view on NPR today and it truly brighten this mid-winter Mon­day for me! I espe­cially loved your “end­ing” piece that I can still hear and trust me when I say I will never hear the end of a piece of music the same way again!! I have always loved clas­si­cal music, even as a child, and wanted to play the Vio­lin des­per­ately for that rea­son. My mother would not let me because she put her mother through the ter­rors of lis­ten­ing to a new vio­lin­ist and was not going to go through that her­self as a mother ~ so I learned Oboe instead ;o)

    Any­way, I don’t live close to any of the cities you are play­ing in, but that is not going to stop me from find­ing my way to one of your live per­for­mances. I can­not wait to see you in per­son and get caught into your con­ta­gious enjoy­ment of music and all things sur­round­ing it. Please con­tinue to enjoy your tal­ents and I look for­ward to see­ing you in a cou­ple of months!!!

  237. I heard your inter­view on NPR today. Great fun! I’m excited you are in the US, but sad that I don’t live in the cities you are vis­it­ing. I hope that you will some­day play in Philadel­phia! We have a great orches­tra & hall. And the new con­duc­tor Yan­nick seems like he has a great sense of humor — I’m sure you’d get along :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    New York City is not so far from Philadel­phia. April 17th, Carnegie Hall. How do you get there? Take the train. And then either a sub­way, a cab, or walk. Unless you have one of those cool Michael J. Foz Hover boards from Back to the Future 2.

  238. Alek­sey, I am very dis­ap­pointed. I am from Chicago, I have been fol­low­ing you on the web for years now and love your tal­ent and your per­for­mances. I have been wait­ing to see you in Chicago. How­ever, the only day of your per­for­mance in Chicago coin­cides with the beg­gin­ing of the Jew­ish Hol­i­day Shavuot.
    Alek­sey, your last name tells me you are Jew­ish. I under­stand that you have man­agers and they decide many things in sched­ul­ing the tour, but you do not have any con­certs on Christ­mas day for exam­ple.
    Very dis­ap­pointed that I will not be attend­ing this time. I hope I can see you in the near future.
    Good Luck! Thank you.

    Igudesman and Joo

    Dear Simon,
    We have per­formed on Christ­mans, Hanukkah, Ramadan, Asalha Puja, Shayani Ekadashi and most other reli­gious and non-religious hol­i­days — we do believe that those times are there to cel­e­brate and what bet­ter way to do that, than to see a our crazy show ? ;)
    No, seri­ously, we will most likely have a guest appear­ance the next day, the 27th of May in the “Chicago Piano Day”:


    Its an all-day event with many won­der­ful per­for­mances, start­ing at 11:00 a.m. with Emanuel Ax and David Hyde Pierce as hosts and its a free event! Not sure when exactly dur­ing it we will per­form, but do come along.

  239. Hi, I am the Founder of a char­ity that helps chil­dren liv­ing on the streets of Cal­cutta out of poverty. Would you like to give a ben­e­fit con­cert in Lon­don to raise much needed funds for these children?

    Igudesman and Joo

    We play for char­ity foun­da­tions when­ever our sched­ule allows. Under-privileged chil­dren are among our con­cerns and we have worked on sev­eral occa­sions for UNICEF. Please get in touch with our office for more details.
    Wish­ing you all the best with the work ahead of you,
    Igudes­man & Joo

  240. Seri­ously? The night­mare show in the Wiener Konz­erthaus on 30/3 is sold out already??? Naaah, can’t be it would’ve been a birth­day present for an Amer­i­can friend… :(
    Any chances to still get tick­ets? Guess not… Awww, what a bum­mer! Dying to see u guys live!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Sorry to spoil your birth­day present. Who knows, per­haps there’s some last minute can­cel­la­tions on the day?
    How about a week­end get­away to Lon­don for our UK debut on March 9th? Fish and Chips, not included.

  241. Hello i’m Ryan!
    I’m from Sin­ga­pore and its a joy to see you both play. I’ve only been watch­ing you through youtube but i’ve told alot of my friends about you guys and we’ll love to see you here! You’ve made clas­si­cal music fun and excit­ing to watch.
    have a good day!

    Igudesman and Joo

    And you have a good day too, Sir!

  242. Fabienne

    I read a few mes­sages. If I under­stand well, you do not come in France, because nobody wants to pay enough for your con­certs, is that cor­rect ? I some­times hate to be French ! I really hope one day, it will be pos­si­ble. Know­ing French peo­ple, they would love you !!

    Igudesman and Joo

    We love France! Hyung-ki grew up in France and speaks French flu­ently. Alek­sey loves Chateau Lafite, which is made in France. When he drinks 4 bot­tles of that, he also speaks French flu­ently. (or he thinks he does– hic!)
    We love Asterix, Godard, Bar­dot, Gains­bourg, Piaf, Goldo­rak (even though he’s Japan­ese), Debussy, Crois­sants, Rebu­chon, Voltaire, Camus, Camions, Bourvil, Jacques-Henri Lar­tigue, Escar­gots, Frog’s Legs, Rambo, sorry Rim­baud, Racine, Zidane, Leconte, Renoir, Jean Renoir, Jean Reno, Jean Renault, Cit­roen, Cit­rouille, Juli­ette Greco, Jean Vigo, Rodin, Emanuelle Beart, Satie, Ger­ard Depar­dieu, Luc Besson, Sempe-Goscinny, Saint-Exupery, Mes­si­aen, Ravel, Poulenc, Didier Lock­wood, Stephane Grapelli, Jaques Thibaud, Alfred Cor­tot, Fran­cis Veber, Eric Rochant, Yves Attal, and Babar.

    We can not wait to come!

  243. Fabienne

    Please you two, do not for­get France ! I would be so happy to see you in con­cert ! why don’t you come ? I have shown your videos to all my friends, we love you so much. Pleeeeaaaase do come ! You would be very well wel­comed in France !

    Igudesman and Joo

    Our man­age­ment, agents and secret agents are work­ing on get­ting us back to France — and we do the whole show in French when we come to you, of course! Its not a ques­tion of us want­ing to come to France — we do, we do — but the con­cert halls, the­aters and per­for­mance spaces have to want to book us, you see :)
    Hope to see you soon…

  244. Laura Devitt

    Just wanted to let you know how bril­liant you to are. Both together and solo. You are like choco­late and mint. Amaz­ing and won­der­ful.
    I had tick­ets to your show in New Mex­ico the other night and was plan­ning on tak­ing my mother for her birth­day because she loves you two as much as I do, but plans fell apart.
    I just hope that I will be able to see you live some day.

    Igudesman and Joo

    Our tooth­paste flavour is Choco­late and MInt. But we only brush our teeth After Eight, or after we ate. Next mum’s birthday?

  245. Hallo guys,
    You should cme to hol­land, we have legal wheed you know..
    You rock!

  246. Miriam Briggs

    Hi! I see that you are in Lon­don in March which I’m really look­ing for­wards to! Also, you will prob­a­bly be too busy but I am a 14 year old vio­lin­ist and I would really like to meet you because I think that what you do is just amaz­ing! Look­ing for­wards to your reply! Miriam

  247. I was at your per­for­mance in Galve­ston and thor­oughly enjoyed it. We clas­si­cal per­form­ers some­times take our­selves too seri­ously and it’s good to poke fun at our­selves; laugh­ter is good med­i­cine. I also appre­ci­ate your tal­ent and skills as musi­cians and I admire you for keep­ing the per­for­mances fresh with each audi­ence. Thank you for mak­ing me feel so good. I hope you come back to Galvestion/Houston area soon. Janis

  248. Justin Weikel

    My name is Justin. Isaw your show last night in Galve­ston, Tx. You guys were amaz­ing. I found you ran­domly on youtube a week ago and imme­di­atly bought tick­ets. You did not dis­ap­point. I wanted to stay and get your DVD but I was already going to b late for work. Please come back to Texas soon. Next time you do I will get the DVD and love the chance to meet you. Thanks for a won­der­ful evening.

  249. hi my name is Lucas, I’d like that you of this me an advice, because I play piano and I would like to play like Hyung-ki Joo and per­haps become a great pianist like him too, and also would love that you come to Brazil! hugs!

    Igudesman and Joo

    The impor­tant thing is to do what­ever you do with pas­sion. Rel­ish every note you play. As some­one wise once said: “Suc­cess is not the key to hap­pi­ness. Hap­pi­ness is the key to suc­cess. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”

  250. Paul d'Entremont

    My wife and I thor­oughly enjoyed your con­cert in Aiken, SC last night — beau­ti­ful music and mar­velous com­edy. Oddly enough the cou­ple next to us walked out at inter­mis­sion. They had been an expect­ing a clas­si­cal music con­cert and were dis­ap­pointed. Oh well — they missed the sec­ond half of the con­cert and missed the oppor­tu­nity to hear you play a clas­si­cal piece all the way through — what a treat.

    Thanks so much

    Igudesman and Joo

    Thank you for your nice com­ment Paul! We had a lovely time in South Car­olina and are now, in fact, on an air­plane on our way to Galve­ston, Texas — yes there is inter­net on the plane :)
    Any­how, if some­one comes to our per­for­mance and expects straight clas­si­cal music only, I guess they might find a lit­tle more than what they bar­gained for… but to quote Hyung-ki: “Not every­one likes choco­late.“
    Peace on earth and piece of cake.

  251. Ana Maria

    My name is Ana Maria, and I watched your shows at youtube. Sorry for the bad Eng­lish, I’m Brazil­ian. And I just want to say that when you come to north america’s do a show, think about Brazil! it’s not far away and we’d love your pres­ence here!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Thank you Ana Maria, we would very much love to come to Brazil, although it is a lit­tle fur­ther away than you make it seem! Lets hope we can come soon…

  252. Luiz Gustavo

    Parabéns pelo tra­balho de vocês!!
    Não tive a opor­tu­nidade de velos ao vivo,aqui no Brasil.
    mas assisti seus videos no youtube e me impressionei!

    Luiz Gustavo


  253. Hey guys,

    ever since „Was Sie schon immer über Klas­sik wis­sen woll­ten“ I haven’t rec­og­nized any­body sim­i­lar. Not men­tion­ing that you are quite unique, well I know that, you know that, we all know that.
    As it hap­pens my home­town Hof in Bavaria has a brand-new con­cert hall.
    It will offi­cially open this autumn. Besides sev­eral indus­try fairs the cal­en­dar of events is slowly drown­ing in the Schlager and Ger­man folk music swamp.
    So I’m send­ing out an SOS on behalf of every inhab­i­tant of Hof.
    I know Hof isn’t a huge town or the cap­i­tal of some­thing (except being the cap­i­tal of Crystal-Meth con­t­a­m­i­nated Upper Fran­co­nia) but I promise I would buy a ticket even if I will have to travel from behind the moon or have to rise from the dead (that would be quite a night­mare music).

    Rock on,

    ps.:If it’s required our Sym­phonic Orches­tra could back you for a Big Night­mare Music.

    Igudesman and Joo

    Hi! Well, some­thing that we keep on say­ing is — the best way to try to get us to your local place is to bom­bard the con­cert venues with emails, demand­ing to have us! The more peo­ple do that, the more likely are they going to have to lis­ten to you — peer pres­sure, you see? We really hop to visit Hof in Bavaria some time and act as “Schlager” exter­mi­na­tors — unless Heino shows up with his cool sun­glasses (did he copy that from us?;))

  254. Yes please come to Swe­den in July!

  255. Really awe­some to see that you’re com­ing to the Uk, maybe you could con­sider play­ing in Birm­ing­ham next time you come to Eng­land, Lon­don is a lit­tle far for some peo­ple and I’m sure many peo­ple all over the Uk would like to see one of your performances.

    Igudesman and Joo

    Sure, but how about a road trip to Lon­don Cado­gan hall on the 9th of march? :)

  256. Nicolas Pineau

    beyond the clown­ish style, I take my hat off to the artists.“
    That’s a com­ment left on FB with a video by a friend thanks to which I have dis­cov­ered you (prob­a­bly badly trans­lated but i’ts Google fault). Who told social net­works are useless ?

    OK, as most of the mes­sages here it is my turn to ask : will you come in France in the com­ing months ? I thought I could stop to breathe untill you come but it might be a bit risky…

    Kind regards

    PS: thanks to take the time to answer each mes­sage. Even this page is a plea­sure — My favourite is this one :

    Dag­mar Dekanovsky
    I love you two!

    Igudes­man and Joo
    And we love all ten of you Novskys.

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well I am gla oyu appre­ci­ate the sub­telty in that com­ment — okay slightly int­elec­tual per­haps, but hey ho, such is life. Con­cern­ing France, we would so love to come, but its not an easy place to per­form, unfor­tu­nately, peo­ple have to hire us you see. We do our entire show in French, by the way and have done so a few times! In the next months it does not look good for France, so pretty please with sugar on top do NOT hold your breath, but we will promise that we will make it hap­pen as soon as pos­si­ble :)

  257. Danielle Medeiros

    You are awe­some! Come to Brazil!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Brazi­i­i­iil! We would so love to Danielle, you have no idea…

  258. Christian


    I would love to see both of you come to North­ern Germany!

    Fid­dling” greet­ings from Hanover,


    Igudesman and Joo

    Ahhh, yes, but how about a road trip to Stuttgart on the 28. of march? ;) Komm uns doch besuchen…

  259. Hello!!!
    Con­grat­u­la­tions for the record!! You’re fan­tas­tic and so funny. Please come to France!!


    Igudesman and Joo

    We hope, we hope for France soon… and thanks!

  260. Con­grat­u­la­tion from Athens!!!
    Lots of your funs wants to enjoy you live so please don’t for­get us.
    We ‘re wait­ing for you in Athens!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Oh we absolutely love to have fun and love to have funs, espe­cially in Athens — we hope to come some­time soon.

  261. Hello!!

    Plan­ning on see­ing you this Sat­ur­day in Dallas.

    Im a fel­low clas­si­cal soprano with com­edy show Lamaze School of Singing Presents How To Birth A Song.

    Have per­formed it in Edin­burg Fringe and across US.

    I barely heard your radio announc­ment doing I Will Sur­vive and I knew I couldnt miss it.
    Would love to meet you back stage if you are not too tired.
    Colleena Div­ina
    High C Diva

    Would you like us to bring you star­bucks back stage :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well, we are doimng DVD sign­ing after the show, so come and say hi! See ya soon…

  262. April(Sang-hee H.)

    Why don’t you come to Korea this year?
    My friends and my fam­ily really want to see you two’s con­cert.
    I think you both are the great per­son who are mak­ing clas­si­cal music world nearer to the nor­mal peo­ple. I am very thank­ful to the fact that peo­ple like you guys exist in this world!! :D
    Well, my fam­ily loves music and your per­for­mance — I show your Youtube videos and just laughed out loud, too much, finally my father was addicted to your performance(huh?).
    My friends and I are in musi­cal high school(actually arts high school), and watched your videos together after test. All stress of school test were gone in a few sec­ond!!!
    Every­thing are just so great and many peo­ple are wait­ing for you. I’d be so grate­ful if you really come and let us see you both.
    Happy New Year!(counted with lunar cal­en­dar)
    P.S. Thanks for your read­ing of all those long sen­tences. Every­thing is so good in this site, but only one — it is quite hard to write mes­sage here, because error occurs often in this page…the page is too long. If we can turn these com­ments as the page of a book, this long, long page(it’s actu­ally very annoy­ing to scroll the page on cell­phones, so I am finally using the inter­net…) won’t have prob­lems any­more. Thanks.

    Igudesman and Joo

    Happy New Year do you too! We would absolutely love to return to Korea — we are both crazy about Kim­chi, Bol­gogi and Alek­sey him­self cooks a great “Russ­ian” ver­sion of Dak­dori Tang.
    Soon we hope…

  263. :) Zno­jmo? Yes, beau­ti­ful vil­lage… and then Vienna… for­get it! Do not nego­ti­ate with me!!

  264. Hello, we drove 188km from Verona to go to Orti­sei to the con­cert on the 19th. It was worth every minute and we love you and your show. We drove back home the same night another 188 km. We were HAPPY! thanks! please come to Verona Italy. we were on the front row, and were the ones who asked you to talk in English!!!!

  265. I’m dis­in­clined to accept Brno, dirty slaves… :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    How about Znojmo?

  266. Hi :)
    Ich liebe euren Humor ein­fach!! Es wäre sooo toll, wenn ihr auch mal nach Osnabrück kom­men kön­ntet (oder wenig­stens in die Nähe ;) )
    Ich würde euch wirk­lich sehr, sehr gerne mal live sehen!!
    Aller lieb­ste Grüße,

  267. Is there any pos­si­bil­ity that you can come and per­form in Swe­den 2012. We would love if you could come so we finally could expe­ri­ence your extreme tal­ents both as clas­si­cal musi­cians and com­edy acts. I love watch­ing your videos ubt please come so me and my friends can see live!

    Igudesman and Joo

    OK– how is July for you?

  268. Someone from Turkey

    WE WANT YOU ! In Turkey.

    Igudesman and Joo

    for Xmas turkey?

  269. Núria Sogas

    Con­grat­u­la­tions for the great Unicef world record in Viena!! spectacular!!!

    I know every­one want you to come, but please, COME TO BARCELONA!!!!!!

    I’ve seen you’re vis­it­ing Italy soon. Spain isn’t so far, isn’t it?

    I hope to see you soon!!!!

  270. Guillaume

    I hope that you will con­tinue to sur­vive in Paris ! Can you come here ? That could be amaz­ing !
    Don’t for­get your pants for this time sir Aleksey !

    Have a nice day ! ;)

  271. I’m never able to finally come to your con­cert, because you always kinda play in the sur­round­ing states, except in Bosnia. Well, it is a small coun­try, but a lot of peo­ple are dying to hear you pre­form­ing live, espe­cially us vio­lin­ists :D

  272. Could you please come to Bosnia (Banja Luka). My friends and I really love you, and I hope to see you live.
    Love, Tamara :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    We will do our best Tamara, but how about a road trip, since we play in your area quite often? Info about more per­for­mances com­ing sonn!

  273. My friends and I LOVE watch­ing your video clips!
    Please con­sider com­ing to Canada espe­cially Toronto. :D

    Igudesman and Joo

    We will indeed be in Canada later on this year, so keep on check­ing those tourdates! …

  274. Gabriele

    Hey Guys,

    I think you are awe­some, any pos­si­bil­i­ties that you will ever play in the “Windy City” of Chicago?
    Would be great to see you here, some­time! :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    We will be in Chicago in May this year! More info soon.

  275. Isabelle

    Please come to Mon­treal, Canada! Surely your biog­ra­phy was influ­enced by the one of P.D.Q. Bach, which is also hilarious…

    Igudesman and Joo

    We will come to Mon­treal later this year. Stay tuned to our Home­page for Tourdates.

  276. Danijela

    Hey guys,
    Zagreb,Croatia is call­ing You again!!! We need you…You two are leg­ends! :D

  277. I still don’t see any Prague in Tour­dates. I’m very unsat­is­fied… Pun­ish your­selves each other for that!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Is Brno more sat­is­fac­tory to you? Whip­ping and Flog­ging our­selves as we AAAAAGHHH write. AAAAGH$££&^%&%$&%^%^%£(*&(*&%&%!@@@@%$£

  278. Fri­day counts, I will come, if I can. I’d do any­thing for that. How many kilos of hand­ker­chiefs should I bring? Just want to be pre­pared you know… Face you? Oh, I can’t. I’d feel the urge to hug you — which would mean I’d ruin your suits with all these salty waters com­ing out of my eyes. Fur­ther­more, I have back­stage fright, I can’t come to face you… Maybe see you out­side (or let me come to play with you ;-) …right, joke :-( ( I’m already prac­tic­ing to get good enough and to know Alek­seys pieces by heart )dreams ;-) …) Hop­ing to see you soon(er or later),

  279. Please come to Verona Italy.
    Pretty please.
    Happy New Year!

    Igudesman and Joo

    With Sugar on top! We LOOOOOOVE Verona. we think Verona has some of the best Ital­ian restau­rants we’ve ever been to. But kind of a sui­ci­dal town, no?

  280. Happy New Year!!
    Canada is call­ing your names– “III­I­I­Igu­u­u­udes­man, Jooooooooooo!“

    come to Canada, or Canada will come to you. um…
    in other words, many loyal fans await you here.

    I love and respect your work, and thankyou for mak­ing me laugh hard when I’m down

    Igudesman and Joo

    We will come to Canada later this year– and more in 2013. Doris Day.
    Sorry, just felt like writ­ing her name. No rea­son. Pythonesque really…And now,

  281. I blogged about I and Joo.. today.. but it was fol­low­ing a seg­ment on Zeidwig..

    Was sur­prised to dis­cover Joo in Rach­lin Group,(Carnival of the Ani­mals) and then pop­ping up in the com­edy duo. Bravos to both of you.


    Igudesman and Joo

    Zei­d­wig is fan­tas­tic! A kin­dred spirit. Thanks for your kind blog. Happy Ne Year

  282. Hey you two!
    The New Year’s slide was amaz­ing! Best one ever! I can’t say it enough: you guys are awe­some, awe­some, great, mar­vel­lous! Wait, I for­got some­thing: You’re bril­liant. Peo­ple tell me they cry tears of laugh­ter when they hear and see you — I never cried before, you were the first to make me cry — of laugh­ter and joy (which made me cry of anger and sad­ness because I couldn’t see you any­more ;-) )But that one evening that didn’t mat­ter because obvi­ously we were only watch­ing you from behind so we missed your faces, so we could cry as much as we wanted, but danc­ing was so much fun! When I was on my way home I thought the train was going to Vienna — what a dis­ap­point­ment to find it going the other way! But isn’ it an old say­ing that every road leads to Vienna? Vienna, right ?!!
    There’s just one thing to crit­i­cise: Why are you always per­form­ing in the mid­dle of the week so nobody can come and see you!!! Only once choose a week­end, PLEASE!!!!!!
    See you soon, hope­fully,

    Igudesman and Joo

    Does Fri­day evening count as a week­end day?
    Thank YOU for danc­ing and play­ing your heart out with us. And also for cre­at­ing such a fan­tas­tic atmos­phere with every­one. We hope you were able to make new friends and meet kin­dred spir­its. our only regret is that we couldn’t party more with all of you. Per­haps come see us in Dus­sel­dorf in June, and we will make you cry then, while fac­ing us?

  283. Joyce Wong

    Igudes­man and Joo,

    I live in Hong Kong and watched you videos on youtube, you guys are amaz­ing! Hope to attend you per­for­mance soon!!! And please visit Hong Kong again!!


    Igudesman and Joo

    We are com­ing to Hong Kong later this year. HONG KONG PHOOEY!!!

  284. Verena Löhnert

    Hi Alek­sey und Hyung-Ki!

    Sil­vester war der Ham­mer! Noch nie hatte ich so viel Spaß zu Jahreswech­sel. Es ist ein Genuss euch zuzuse­hen. Der Wel­trekord war so cool. Sogar bei der Probe hab ich es noch nicht hin­bekom­men richtig zu spie­len (Ich spiele erst seit 2 Jahren Geige!), doch bei der Show mit der Stim­mung ist alles bestens gelaufen. Lei­der war es viel zu schnell wieder vor­bei!
    Würde mich freuen wenn es wieder ein­mal so eine Chance gäbe!
    Ich noch immer total begeis­tert von der ver­gan­genen Nacht!

    Liebe Grüße aus Wien!

    Igudesman and Joo

    So super das du mit­gemacht hast Ver­ena! You are a star!!!

  285. Doğukan Sarı

    hi! ıgudes­man and joo ı love you and ı love your comics. I’m in antalya and you’re com­ing for AKM ı buy a ticket for youu! ok see you later :) :)

  286. QuimZeMeira

    Come to Por­tu­gal please!!!!!!! We need you. you are the best

    Igudesman and Joo

    Do you know Marta?

  287. Dear Igudes­man and Joo,
    I recently dis­cov­ered you on youtube and thought that some­one should had told me about your show before! So, I hope you could come to Por­tu­gal again! And that’s why I wrote this. By the way, Oporto is a beau­ti­ful city for clas­sic music!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Do you know QuimZeMeira?

  288. Dear Igudes­man and Joo,

    First off, I’d like to thank you both from the bot­tom of my heart for what you do. I love your idea of bring­ing clas­si­cal music to a new and younger audi­ence, but with irre­sistible humor. That is what clas­si­cal music needs, because more peo­ple need to under­stand that clas­si­cal music doesn’t have to be so stuffy as its cracked up to be– it’s music!!! And Im a prime exam­ple of your suc­cess– Im not an old lady (not that there’s any­thing wrong with old ladies), im a teenager who stum­bled upon you guys online and sim­ply cant get enough! oh and stop being so funny, ur gonna kill me from laugh­ing so hard haha… but seri­ously. Best of luck with the world record in Vienna. Keep up the great work guys!

  289. Ma quando a milano o roma? Intanto buon natale

    Igudesman and Joo

    Thanks for your big sup­port Lin­day and rock on! (aehm, well “clas­si­cal on” more like…)

  290. Ian Waring Green

    Lon­don awaits you with bated breath!!! 9th March — FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!
    I have put it in my diary and have ordered another saw. Are you doing a Rach­mani­nov work­shop at the same time??

    I am so excited!!!

    Chang­ing my name to Pink

  291. Hei!
    I was at your con­cert last night in Tallinn and I wanted to thank you for that — I had a won­der­ful time!
    I play the vio­lin myself, I have stud­ied for ten years now. One night after a les­son about string instru­ments’ his­tory, i searched ‘vio­lin­ist’ in Youtube and your ‘River­danc­ing vio­lin­ist’ came up. I laughed so hard! I spent the whole night watch­ing the videos and laugh­ing and enjoy­ing the music, and when I found out that you are actu­ally going to come to Esto­nia (and I haven’t missed it) I couldn’t believe it.
    The con­cert was great! I can’t remm­ber the last time I laughed so much. You’re both so funny and hilar­i­ous and bril­liant musi­cians. I really loved the cow-song — Lehm on sur­nud! But of course every­thing else too. :)
    Thank you so much and all the best!
    Häid jõule! :)

  292. Warum, warum nur kommt ihr nicht nach Berlin? Berlin ist so schön, und ALLE wollen euch sehen. In echt. Meine Schüler lieben eure Dvd, aber so langsam glauben sie mir nicht mehr, dass es euch WIRKLICH gibt. Alles nur Film­com­put­eran­i­ma­tios­mu­taten. Alles nur Lehrerticks von mir, damit sie lang­weiliges Zeug üben. Die wollen Beweise. Also: Berlin, Berlin, BERLIN ;)

    Igudesman and Joo

    Dear Anni,
    we WILL come to Berlin some­day. After all, as J.F. Nigel Kennedy once said “Wir sind Berlin­ers, yeah right.“
    Happy New Year to you!

  293. About a month ago i was walk­ing around in town with my friends. Sud­denly i started to sceam and believe me, my friend thought that i went totally crazy. The rea­son was your con­cert poster.
    So…yesterday you gave a con­cert in Esto­nia, Tallinn. I had a fear that i might find it not that inter­est­ing ´cause i have seen all your Youtube videos (at least 100 of times :) ). But i wor­ried for noth­ing :) It was BRILLIANT! Can´t com­pare noth­ing with a live show. Your made me love music even more.

    Aleksey…your Eston­ian was so good. Suprised every­body ;)
    And Hyung-ki…sorry for laugh­ing. I don´t know why but it was so funny for me that a piano player comes on stage with a vio­lin :D

    You defe­nately have to come back someday!

    I wish you a nice hol­i­day and for the future, fun con­certs with won­der­ful audience.

    Igudesman and Joo

    Your com­ment is one of the nicest we’ve received, and we love that you went totally crazy. No need to apol­o­gise for laugh­ing, Maret, that’s kind of what we hope peo­ple would do (at the right times, of course), and you did just that, so not to worry. Glad you were embar­rassed though. (Triin knows what we’re talk­ing about). Have a great hol­i­day, and a Happy New Year!!!!


  294. Dear Alek­sey and Hyung-Ki,

    It’s me again. Any­ways, I really want to be apart of the danc­ing vio­lin­ists thing, since I’m on win­ter break, and play the vio­lin, and go to a fine arts school(Davidson Fine Arts). But sadly, I can­not afford to buy a two-way ticket and get a hotel room in Vienna. T-T So I wish you two the best of luck in find­ing par­tic­i­pants in such a won­der­ful event.

    Igudesman and Joo

    Dance and play with us any­way at mid­night Dec.31, and post it on our FB page. Happy Holidays!

  295. I look for­ward to see one of your shows. I hope you two come Turkey soon. Have a good day :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    Er—- Murat, we just did two shows in Antalya begin­ning of Decem­ber.
    We dream of play­ing in Batman!

  296. Kateri Nguyen

    Hi! I am in love with your guys music and sense of humor. I would give any­thing to come watch your show! Is it pos­si­ble you guys are doing a show in Cal­i­for­nia, but in San Fran­cisco? I have so many ques­tions for you like how much are tick­ets, and every­thing!!!!!! I WANT YOU TO SIGN AND AUTOGRAPH EVERYTHING I OWN!!! You guys are amaz­ing!!!! Please respond soon! Youre the rea­son so many peo­ple look at clas­si­cal music in a whole dif­fer­ent per­spec­tive. Your style and what you bring to the clas­si­cal world is refresh­ing, and I can’t wait to see you guys in con­cert if it’s the last thing I do!!!!!!!!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    We did our “8 To 88″ work­shop at the San Fran­cisco Con­ser­va­tory of Music in Octo­ber. And then we per­formed in Cuper­tino. But we will come to San Fran­cisco. Per­haps 2013? That’s if we sur­vive 2012. We WILL Survive!

  297. Ian Waring Green

    So — I have it on good author­ity that the Pope isn’t inter­ested in your Vat­i­can per­for­mance — there­fore, it’s GOTTA be Lon­don!!
    Or Win­ches­ter.
    Or Birm­ing­ham.
    Or Lit­tle Noseblow-on-the-Wold.

    But WHEN????

    PS — Have bought saw

    Igudesman and Joo

    Lon­don– March 9th 2012– Cado­gan Hall.

  298. Hey you two!
    You are amaz­ing!!!!
    I’ve seen your show in Antalya (03.12.2011) and loved it. Can’t wait to see you again :)
    I’ll keep an eye on your tour pro­gram.
    Lot’s of love from sunny Antalya!

    Igudesman and Joo

    We ate some Sheep Head in Antalya.
    And then watched “Silence of the Lambs” with some freshly squeezed Pome­gran­ate juice.

  299. Lexy, hope u didn’t mean to play in Zagreb with­out vis­it­ing a doc­tor :) when are u arriv­ing? write an e mail. look­ing for­ward to see/hear you!

  300. Theodore's Dad

    So sorry, we promised to see you in Novi Sad but the Ser­bia trip did not work out for us. Have a great show, we love you! Already have tix for Chicago next year, so we will see you then… cao, ciao, chow!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Chicago will be a very spe­cial show! Emanuel Ax will join us in some new sketches we wrote this year. See you then. Chow Mein.

  301. Hi there. I’ve been to your pre­for­mence in Israel two days ago. I loved it. it was a great show and I enjoyed every bit of it.

    any­ways, at one part you brought an israeli guy to read a text in swidish (revenge dog??) while Joo trans­lated it (with pretty good pro­noun­si­a­tion) to Hebrew.
    it was funny, but I was won­der­ing, is it part of your casual shows? do you all­ways get a local guy to read you the text in swidish, while one of you learn it in the local lan­guage? and who was the guy who read it in swidish??

    Thank you for a won­der­ful show, Ofir.

    Igudesman and Joo

    We often have sur­prises in our con­certs– very often with­out the other one know­ing. We love guests join­ing us on stage, and recently our “guest list” has included Emanuel Ax, Georg Brein­schmid, Stu­art Canin, Sebas­t­ian Cho­nion, Troy Dur­den, Mar­tin Frost, Thomas Gan­sch, Ita­mar Golan, Sebas­t­ian Gurtler, Sabina Hasanova, Yu Hori­uchi, Leon Igudes­man, Janine Jansen, Gidon Kre­mer, Mis­cha Maisky, John Malkovich, Sir Roger Moore, Vik­to­ria Mullova, Lawrence Power, Andrei Pushkarev, Julian Rach­lin, Agar Silva & Paulo Pardal (Tae-kwon Do teach­ers), Gabor Tacaks-Nagy, Stacey Wat­ton.
    The Swedish poem by Inga­band van Losterli was recited by Uri Dror, who wrote the Hebrew trans­la­tion first before writ­ing the Swedish original.

  302. Harrylerry

    I am a stu­dent in Hong Kong, I really love to watch your show, and I am glad to see you will come to HK next year
    I have a sug­ges­tion, would you like to try chi­nese music instru­ments? I know that many chi­nese music instru­ments are sim­i­lar to the west­ern ones, such as er-hu(二胡) is exteremely sim­i­lar to vio­lin, and yang –qin (楊琴) is quite sim­i­lar to piano. I think you can get more great idea form them

    look­ing for­ward to see­ing you in HK!!!!!!!!

    best wishes

    Igudesman and Joo

    Let’s go Er-hu and Yang-qin!

  303. I can’t believe it! When you finally arrive to Zagreb, I’ll be hav­ing my exam 400 kilo­me­teres away from you as my pro­fes­sors decided Thurs­day is a good day for an exam, and there is no busses or trains to get me to Zagreb before 10pm. :( (

    Igudesman and Joo

    we’re sorry you had to take an exam. If it makes you feel bet­ter this is what Oscar Wilde said: “In exam­i­na­tions, the fool­ish ask ques­tions the wise can not answer”

  304. Hello guys my name is Kos­tia and i am 24 music pro­duc­ing stu­dent from israel haifa
    i play piano and recently started to play the vio­lin after see­ing your videos
    i was at your show and really enjoyed it, i very admire all your pre­forms, seen every­thing on youtube too before i hade seen live,
    I love all kind of music espe­cially clas­si­cal, i love to dance (i am a break­dancer) and i love to laugh. So i must say you gave me a nice dose of that things that i love
    I know that it is not so easy to do what U R doing.… so keep up the GREAT WORK!!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Can you break­dance while play­ing the vio­lin? When you do, send us a clip. Todah!

  305. Thank you so much for tonight’s con­cert in Tel Aviv! Me and my hus­band enjoyed the show immensely, and now he’s inter­ested in lis­ten­ing to more clas­si­cal music:))

    Igudesman and Joo

    Clas­si­cal Music can be a very roman­tic companion…

  306. ANd joo did you know mikail he says me ı know and he’s my piano and vio­lin teacher..

  307. Bana dediler ki bun­lar birisini bulamaz.burdan onlara seslenirim bunların(joo)nun tip­ine ölürüm :D Please send mes­sage my email..

  308. Hi,my name is merve
    I live turkey in antalya.
    You are come in antalya I love you too and I love your playin piano JOOOO.My teacher ufuk say me You should go to igudes­man and joo then ı can take a ticket and watch you.Very good and ı love you.And joo are you live in lon­don or korea I dont under­stand :D ?

    Igudesman and Joo

    Joo lives in the land of the Joos. Igudes­man lives in an Igloo.

  309. E-X-T-R-A-O-R-D-I-N-A-R-Y !!!! Thank you!! An unfor­get­table show yes­ter­day night in Udine!!

    Igudesman and Joo


  310. Tatjana Pavlenko

    Скажите Алексей, верней напишите, Вы женаты, или что нибудь в этом роде???
    И вообще приезжайте в Берлин, хватит ездить по всяким деревням!
    Я имею введу не женитьса а со своей “кошмарной музыкой”, вот было бы здорово! ;)

  311. Hey guys~

    You should def­i­nitely come to Argentina!

    You’re awe­some!!! please come?? =]

    Abrazo desde Argentina!

    Igudesman and Joo

    If we do, can we have some Pure de Cal­abazas, and Freddo ice cream?

  312. Hi! First of all, I love you guys, you have seri­ously put a dent in the cla­sis­cal music genre, but a hell of a good dent!

    Sec­ond of all, I would absolutely LOVE to see you live! How­ever, I don’t think you have ever been, and I don’t see any­thing on the tour dates, but I think you really need to come to The Unites King­dom, and tour around there, because the UK is FULL of Igudes­man and Joo fans!

    All The Best,
    Aaron, Scotland!

    P.S I think you are such an inspi­ra­tion to so many peo­ple, espe­cially me, and I hope you live forever!

    Igudesman and Joo

    We’re com­ing to the UK: March 9th 2012, Cado­gan Hall.

  313. Emma Dodds

    Hi, Igudes­man and Joo! Guess what! I just played “New Cat” with my brother in a con­cert in Berlin. I really love your Catscratch book and I also like the videos of the two of you on Youtube. When is your show com­ing to Berlin?! I am 9 years old. Please write back! Sin­cerely, EMMA

  314. Vi ste najbolji!
    Pokušavam naprav­iti nešto slično poput vas na klaviru. Imali smo prvi nastup.
    Molim Vas, pos­jetite našu grupu na face­booku: The dynamic duo on the piano. Tnx!

    You’re the best!
    I’m try­ing to do some­thing sim­i­lar like you on the piano. We had a first appear­ance.
    Please visit our group on face­book: The dynamic duo on the piano. Tnx! :)

  315. Milica :)

    Hello! First of all, I just want to say that both of you are amaz­ing! Both of you are bril­liant play­ers, but it’s won­der­ful how you make fun of all of it. I am a flute player, but I would love to learn to play vio­lin, just so I could apply for 100 danc­ing vio­lin­ists and meet you in per­son. Also, I think that many of peo­ple who doesn’t lis­ten to clas­si­cal music is going to start lis­ten­ing it because of your show :) Ok, enough with the com­pli­ments, I just want to say that I’m look­ing for­ward for your con­cert in Novi Sad! :) Hope that I will get your auto­graphs :)
    P.S.Sorry for the long mes­sage :)

  316. Hello guys, i’m look­ing for­ward to see­ing you but the tick­ets for italy can be bought online or only at the the­ater? thanks a lot
    IGUDESMAN & JOO: “A Lit­tle Night­mare Music”
    St. Ullrich(Gröden),Italy

  317. Manuel from Murcia- Spain

    Come to Spain… Sun, His­tory and peo­ple with a great sense of humour … :)
    You are wel­come at Mur­cia, south-east of Spain, nice city and a mar­vel­lous The­ater !! …of course, is my Town ;)
    Thanks in advance… and await­ing for delight
    your tal­ent !!
    See­ing you ASAP.

  318. Ariadine

    Hey Guys come to Brazil =D I’m pianist and I love your show! Have a Happy Hol­i­days

  319. Why is it that most of your per­for­mances are in Europe? What about won­der­ful Asia?


    싱가포르에 와서세요!


  320. Stephanie

    Dear Mr. Igudes­man and Mr. Joo,
    I very much enjoy your Youtube videos. I had the for­tune of being informed of you guys through my piano and music the­ory teacher. I espe­cially love your Mozart Rondo alla Turca and I Will Sur­vive videos! They’re extremely hilar­i­ous!
    I wish I could play vio­lin just so I could fly all the way to Wien to par­tic­i­pate in the World Record event. Sadly, I play the flute.
    Also, are you guys plan­ning on tour­ing more in the US, par­tic­u­larly the mid­west region(Michigan, hint, hint)?
    I am so delighted to have dis­cov­ered this unique and spe­cial group! I hope you guys come out with more videos in the near future!
    Best Wishes,

  321. I really love your instruc­tional video for river­danc­ing. Can I request an Igudes­man and Joo exer­cise tape?

  322. Come to Hun­gary! If you are in Wien, don’t hes­i­tate to get on your plane (or train, it’s bet­ter for the envi­ron­ment ;) )) and give hun­gar­ian peo­ple some joy!!!!!!
    Hope to see you,
    zsuzsi from hungary

  323. Ian Waring Green

    I’m sorry — I meant Liszt’s Con­so­la­tions in a Liv­ing Room.

    I think I pre­fer the idea of Prokoviev with a Banana (he tried oranges but then romance got in the way in a weird love tri­an­gle)
    I would like to sign up for your mas­ter­class — do i bring my own saw?

    Greener & Greener

  324. Aren’t you going to play Alla Molto Turca in Antalya?

  325. WEEEEE!!!!!!! SANTA MADE SOMETHING!!!!! YOU ARE COMING IN ZAGREB!!!!! :) ))))))))))) THNX!!!!

  326. Ian Waring Green

    Lon­don in 2012?? Fan­tas­tic!!!! I look for­ward to that immensely.

    One more point — are you avail­able to do aRach­mani­nov Pre­ludes mas­ter­class?
    Also, if you var­ied the depth of the wooden blocks, could you play Sinding’s “Rus­tle of Spring” (or Liszt’s “Liv­ing Room” with a sort of rock­ing action? (not that you’d HAVE to, just — COULD you?)

    Best wishes

    Ian w&g

    This mes­sage is BY Green

    Igudesman and Joo

    Liv­ing Room”??? It’s pos­si­ble to play Liszt’s Feux Fol­lets with boards. Also, Chopin’s op.10–5 with an orange. Chico Marx played with an orange. There’s also no word in the Eng­lish lan­guage that rhymes with “orange”.
    We have a mas­ter­class work­shop called, “8 To 88″. Rach­mani­nov Pre­ludes wel­come.
    Turn­ing Green.

  327. HI!!!!! you guys are so funny and cool! i play vio­lin and piano so i really look up to you guys. please please please come to cal­i­for­nia in the U.S.!! i really want to see you guys in per­son! Bye!

    Igudesman and Joo

    How tall are you?

  328. Cäcilia

    Well, okay…
    Just one ques­tion: Do you remem­ber the com­ment of Ste­phie (2011–03-13 16:09)? We’re liv­ing in the same vil­lage, that’s why I had a prob­lem with the Tues­day! When I look out of my win­dow I see pure land­scape, I’ve no car -> mess! So please could you do a con­cert in Stuttgart (once more)/Karlsruhe (once more) or in France (Clermont-Ferrand)?
    I’m sure I would come…
    PS: I still think that you’re the great­est musi­cians th world has ever seen! :-)
    PPS: 1. I’ll cry with you.
    2. I hope I don’t break your hearts with such mes­sages :-(

    Igudesman and Joo

    How about Viersen?

  329. Hi dear guys!!
    Since every­one is request­ing here I want to beg you:
    Please, please, please come to Hol­land again??
    Its been so long :(
    Xx Eleanor Rigby

  330. I live in Istan­bul. I was like can not come to Antalya. I saw you in my dream last night. Then i bought my ticket to air and con­certs. Wait­ing eagerly.

    Igudesman and Joo

    We dreamt that we turned a cloud into a giant straw­berry which got tram­pled on by a frog which sang “I’m a lum­ber­jack but that’s OK” back­wards in the style of Mozart. Then we realised we weren’t dream­ing at all.
    See you soon.

  331. Cäcilia

    Sorry that I have to write somet­ing nga­tiv on this home­page ;-) … it’s about th con­cert in Konstanz-Why on a Thurs­day?! There are won­der­ful days like Fri­day, Sat­ur­day, Sun­day or the whole hol­i­days! On a Thurs­day peo­ple under 18/19 have school (and a very few vio­lin lessons), so they couldn’t come to your con­cert and that’s bad.
    Hope to see you soon, Cäcilia
    PS: I want to cry too!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well, Cäcilia, Mon­day was on the phone to Tues­day, and Tues­day was on the phone to us. Fri­days were taken up by TGI, Sun­days are just another lonely Sun­day and Sat­ur­days are just too sticky icky. Thurs­day is Thor’s day.
    Come cry with us and don’t break our hearts and shake our con­fi­dence daily. (Cecilia, Paul Simon)

  332. Are you going to present a new awe­some show one day? I really hope so!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well, Mazze,
    We just pre­miered our lat­est newest show 2 weeks ago, “Manny Spring Sonatas” at the VIenna Konz­erthaus, with guests Emanuel Ax and Yu Hori­uchi. We will also have a New Year’s Eve show, which will be a one-off unique event, and another unique show will be in June 2012– “Viktoria’s Lit­tle Secrets”, with guests Vik­to­ria Mullova and Sebas­t­ian Gurtler. Other than that, we have a show called “BIG Night­mare Music” with orches­tra, and we are work­ing on our new duo show, “And Now Mozart”, which will pre­miere in one year. We also wrote “Cin­ema & Com­edy” and “Being Gidon Kre­mer”, for Gidon Kre­mer and the Kre­mer­ata Baltica, and we pro­duced our own Mock­u­men­tary for TV. Is that not enough for you, Mazze?

  333. Damla Demirci

    Yessssss. Me to :D

  334. Cuneyt Yilmazer

    I would like to see you in Istan­bul very soon.

    Igudesman and Joo

    How about Antalya Decem­ber 2nd and 3rd?

  335. Ian Waring Green

    PPS: Don’t vote for any of those coun­tries — you should play in the UK next!!

  336. Ian Waring Green

    You refer to The Proms in one of your titles, but you don’t seem to play in the UK

    WHY NOT??


    PS: I am a piano teacher and I want to know where I can buy the boards for the Rach­mani­nov as most of my pupils have smaller hands than he had …

    Igudesman and Joo

    Dear Mr. Green,
    We will come to the UK next year. Lon­don, most likely. All will be revealed soon.
    The boards are very sim­ple to make. Some wood, some felt, and some nails.
    This mes­sage is in Green.

  337. Damla Demirci

    :) Unfor­tu­nately, I have to go to school. :) Maybe one day We’ll meet some­where :) hope­fully we meet in this year in İstan­bul in sum­mer I dont cry until then cry :D
    Finally I think every­one needs edu­ca­tion :) I love you <3 :)

    Damla Demirci

    Maybe we meet Sam­sun :) :)

  338. Hi can you come to the Ari­zona in the USA. I’ve been mean­ing to see you with my fam­ily for a long time but I haven’t seen any con­cert in Ari­zona. Please come if you can.

    Igudesman and Joo

    Ari­zona Dream is one of our favourite movies, so we have to come. Dreams come true. Always.

  339. Damla Demirci

    Hey Guys
    I have some bad news for you. :( I can not come to the con­cert. Because i have school. :/ :/ I want cry… :’( :’( But maybe we meet at a con­cert to another. Size iyi şanslar…!! İkinizi de çok seviy­o­rum… :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    Don’t cry, unless it’s your party, then you can cry if you want to. We meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when…Does any­body ever remem­ber Vera Lynn?…School???- We don’t need no edu­ca­tion. bababadal­gharagh­takam­mi­nar­ronnkonnbron­nton­ner

  340. WE WANT U IN ZAGREB(CRO)!!! :(

    Igudesman and Joo

    and WE WANT TO BE THERE! Who knows, maybe Santa will do some­thing about this.

  341. Hey guys :D I’m a big fan, being a pianist and comedy-enthusiast. Fancy com­ing to the tiny coun­try of North­ern Ire­land and grac­ing Belfast with your music? :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    North­ern Ire­land is no tiny coun­try to us! The only thing tiny to us is Joo’s hands. We love Ire­land– John, Jack, and Jill. Of course we will be com­ing. Are Irish jokes out of the question?

  342. Igudes­man and Joo,

    You’ve men­tioned how much you like Tai­wanese food. Do you like Tai­wanese girls?

    Love what you’re doing! When will we see your won­der­ful per­for­mance again?

    Muu­u­u­u­uaaaaaaaaaaaaaH­H­h­h­H­HHH !


    Igudesman and Joo

    We are com­ing next year! Stay tuned. B flat is the pre­ferred note.

  343. Alberto Martinez

    I have seen your dvd here in Canary Islands . It makes me grow as a per­son and human being and I believe again in human evo­lu­tion. The extra with a gorilla it´s unique in the his­tory of west­ern art.

    Igudesman and Joo

    Muchas Gra­cias Alberto! Very kind words indeed. We love goril­las, and we believe that they are a very impor­tant part of human evo­lu­tion and should be saved. We also love bananas, and we need to save the Banana from extinc­tion. Both bananas and goril­las often appear in our per­for­mances, so we have a tough task ahead.

  344. BRAVISSIMO !!!!

    Igudesman and Joo


  345. Hi :) I would like to say I love your music and per­for­mances, I watch
    them on the inter­net over and over again and I would like to ask you to, please, please, come to Por­tu­gal again :D

    Igudesman and Joo

    Obri­gado! We love Pasteis de Belem, Fado, and Gin­jha, so we are book­ing our next trip to Por­tu­gal right away.

  346. Can’t wait to see you in Novi Sad, I am com­ing all the way from Chicago! Thank you for com­ing to Ser­bia!
    Theodore… (age 9)

    P.S. May I get your autographs?

    Igudesman and Joo

    We will also play in Chicago next year, so you can go all the way there from Novi Sad. Of course, you can get our autographs!

  347. Алексей, огромное спасибо Вам и Ричарду за концерт в Москве. Уже которую неделю держится огромный запас позитива. Вы просто невероятные, у меня не хватает слов, чтобы выразить своё восхищение вашим выступлением! Приезжайте ещё!
    И напоследок вопрос. На концерте Джу достаточно много говорил по-русски. Он немножко знает язык, или это всё было заучено? В любом случае, он огромный молодец, мы без проблем понимали его!

  348. Ciao:) From the mid­dle of rehersal ville central.

    Have fun-Linda

    Igudesman and Joo

    From the mid­dle of dream­ing of elec­tric sheep.

  349. Saigou Takamori

    Please come to Sin­ga­pore to per­form. We will all love your performance!

    Igudesman and Joo

    We can’t wait to go to Sin­ga­pore. When can we come?

  350. Park Hyunseon

    I’m a Korean stu­dent in Paris.
    I’ve seen you on Youtube and I really enjoyed it!
    Please come in Paris! :D

    Igudesman and Joo

    Ahn yeong Ha se Yo– Merci– un crois­sant avec Kim­chi s’il vous plait.

  351. Hello Joo and Igudesman,

    You already know when you come to Por­tu­gal?
    I’ll love to see you in a concert.

    Igudesman and Joo

    When Teresa (above) invites us, we’re coming.

  352. Min Keun Park

    Dear Igudes­man and Joo,

    Thank you so much for a won­der­ful per­for­mance at the Flint Cen­ter. You exceeded my expec­ta­tions. It’s great to hear that Igudes­man is also a kimchi-lover :) I hope to hear you again some­time in the future!

    Min Keun

    Igudesman and Joo

    And we also love Crois­sants with Kimchi.

  353. You are absolutely fab­u­lous! For­get Boston, LA, Munich or any­where else — I live in LONDON so just base your­selves here!!!!!!!! Bravo again!

    Igudesman and Joo

    See you in Lon­don in March!

  354. Алексей, спасибо за автограф во Flint Center. Мы не просто Вас любим, а сильно!

  355. Real­ize that you are chang­ing the world through the chil­dren that watch your show! My 2 chil­dren are play­ing the piano, and thanks to your per­for­mance, they have a totally dif­fer­ent out­look on the piano & vio­lin, music gen­res (they now expect to hear other gen­res mixed in with Mozart!), and the art of per­for­mance — an enthu­si­asm I have never seen in them!

    In a town known for inno­va­tion (Cuper­tino) at a very sad time in our his­tory with the pass­ing of a great inno­va­tor, it was truly won­der­ful to wit­ness your inno­va­tion deliv­ered in a way that made us laugh. Thank you so much for that. As Steve was known to say, “Keep think­ing dif­fer­ent”. Thank you thank you!

    Igudesman and Joo

    We’re very happy to hear about your 2 chil­dren. We believe that music is for every­one, and we also believe pas­sion­ately that if music is a part of our edu­ca­tion, we will all lead richer lives. Thank YOU for being part of such a great audience.

  356. Youngjun Choi

    Do you have any plans on a tour for col­leges in the US? I’m from the Uni­ver­sity of Illi­nois at Urbana-Champaign, and we have a big per­form­ing arts cen­ter here: Kran­nert Cen­ter. I’ve known you guys since 2009 from high school music the­ory class teacher show­ing us youtube videos of you. I would really appre­ci­ate if you guys came here and per­formed; I would pay for all my friends to show how awe­some music is.

    Igudesman and Joo

    We will be doing our work­shop, “8 To 88– Musi­cal Edu­ca­tion for Chil­dren of All Ages” at many of US’s col­leges, uni­ver­si­ties and schools. Joo is par­tic­u­larly fond of Champaign-Urbana, ss he was there when he was 16 hav­ing the time of his life, meet­ing great musi­cians such as Roger Shields, Soulima Stravin­sky, and Nina Svet­lanova, who would later become his teacher. Joo still wears today, in con­cert, shoes that were bought back then from a store in Champaign-Urbana. Per­haps 99% of you stu­dents at the uni­ver­sity could get together in front of the Kran­nert Cen­ter and sing “I will Sur­vive”…
    There’s a won­der­ful vio­lin­ist called Ste­fan Milenkovich who teaches at the Uni­ver­sity of Illi­nois– check him out!

  357. Antoine PLANTIER

    PLEASE come In france for dates !!

    Igudesman and Joo

    We plan to also come for raisins and nuts. Becase we’re nuts!

  358. Man, just get­ting to the bot­tom of your fan mail takes a long time! So, let me sec­ond and third all the Boston peo­ple say­ing, Come to Boston again please!!! You two are so phe­nom­e­nal — as musi­cians, as come­di­ans, and clearly as human beings. Thanks for your amaz­ing cre­ativ­ity and skills: you are an inspi­ra­tion! My five year old son also LOVES to watch you — he could watch the youtube videos for hours on end if I let him…THANK YOU!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Boston is beau­ti­ful and we def­i­nitely will and want to come back. We are bark­ers about the Bark­ing Crab! Know­ing that there is great stuff for kids to watch out there like Pixar movies, for exam­ple, it’s one of the biggest com­pli­ments we could have to know that we have your 5-year old son addicted to US! Thank YOU. And we hope your son will be a fan with us forever.

  359. Марина

    Я надеюсь, вам можно писать по-русски?
    После вашего концерта в Москве прошло две недели, но мы с дочкой до сих пор напеваем: “She’s my favourite cow” и художественно мычим ))
    Спасибо вам за позитив и хорошее настроение!
    Надеюсь, вы еще не раз приедете в Москву, и я смогу привести на ваш концерт всех своих друзей.
    И у меня осталась фотография. Она ужасного качества, но может, вам будет интересно на нее взглянуть. http://static.diary.ru/userdir/5/1/4/1/51410/71690416.jpg

    Igudesman and Joo

    Thank you Marina! The photo is lovely and Moscow was very, very spe­cial for us — we promise we will return! obni­amyem was oba.

  360. Davor Cafuta

    Waht hap­pened with Zagreb, decem­ber is very soon, noth­ing on your page. :(

    Igudesman and Joo

    well, as soon as we have infor­ma­tion, we will put it up — patience is a virtue ;)

  361. Hello, Igudes­man and Joo!

    I was so thrilled to find out you two were to per­form in Los Ange­les. Thank you so much for com­ing here! My par­ents and I really enjoyed it, par­tic­u­larly ‘I Will Sur­vive.’ I almost thought you weren’t going to play it! My face hurt; I was smil­ing and laugh­ing for the entire show. Hope you spend some fan­tas­tic days in LA!

    With love,

    Igudesman and Joo

    thanks Jane, it was indeed a thrill to play in L.A.!

  362. Dear Igudes­man and Joo,

    I had a won­der­ful time last evening hear­ing you two live in Los Ange­les. After hav­ing pre­vi­ously seen all your YouTube videos and won­der­ing when you guys would ever come to per­form in Cal­i­for­nia, I am 110% sat­is­fied with the expe­ri­ence. So much so that I just bought a pair of tick­ets for my par­ents to come see you guys next Fri­day in Cuper­tino (which is where I am orig­i­nally from). Wish I could go back home to watch the show again, but school calls. Keep up the good work!


    Igudesman and Joo

    Well, we really look for­ward to wel­com­ing your par­ents in Cuper­tino then! And next time we will make sure you are 120% satisfied!

  363. Will you to ever come to Slovenia.

    Igudesman and Joo


  364. You should try play­ing a mix of pop songs and clas­si­cal and see the difference.…hehe.

    Igudesman and Joo

    Isnt that what we always do?

  365. Hey Igudes­man and Joo!!!

    Do you already have plans for com­ming to south­ern Ger­many? :)
    I missed your show at Karl­sruhe. I could kick my own butt for that :( (

    Igudesman and Joo

    We will be there next year — as soon as we have news, it be on our homepage!

  366. Jonathan

    Hi!!When will u guys come to Malaysia again??

    Igudesman and Joo

    Soon we hope — we loved it there! (espe­cially the fish massage)

  367. Hi guys!
    Thank you for finally com­ing to the Bay Area in Cal­i­for­nia, I am SOOOO excited to see you play! My lit­tle brother is sad that he can’t come, but we have told him that he will come in a few years. You are both my role mod­els and my heroes, because I play the piano and just LOVE Igudesman’s vio­lin play­ing! Thanks!!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well, you have good taste Leron ;) And send your lit­tle brother our greet­ings– See you soon!

  368. Vie­len Dank für das super Konz­ert in Lux­em­burg!!
    Habe es bis zur let­zten Note der Mause­falle genossen.
    Es war für mich eines der beste, wenn nicht das beste Konz­ert seit Jahren.

    Igudesman and Joo

    Danke Claude, Danke, danke. :)

  369. Hajnalka

    X-D nein, das sagt man auf keinen Fall mehr so. Wir wer­den es ver­suchen, doch im Moment dür­fen “nor­ma­los” keine tick­ets dafür kaufen. Wir bleiben dran!!!! ^_^

    Igudesman and Joo

    Für Neu­jahr kann man schon Karten kaufen, und zwar hier: http://www.viennaticketoffice.com/aleksey-igudesman-hyung-ki-joo-the-ultimate-new-year-s-slide-wiener-konzerthaus-grosser-saal-115977-en.html
    Freuen uns hof­fentlich auf euer kom­men und es wird mega bru­tal! (sagt man das eher so?)

  370. Min Keun Park

    Dear Igudes­man and Joo,

    Hi, my name is Min Keun, a kimchi-lover like Joo. I’d like to thank you guys for chang­ing the world. You are two stun­ning musi­cians who opend the uni­ver­sal­ity of music to a wider audi­ence by cap­ti­vatin ghte audi­ence with your unique sense of humor. Bring­ing msuic to a dif­fer­ent per­spec­tive, you rede­fined clas­si­cal music so that it can be FUN, with all its seri­ous­ness! You have inspired me, and I can­not wait to hear you at the Flint Cen­ter, Cupertino.

    Min Keun (Eric)

    Igudesman and Joo

    Dear Min Keun,
    First of all, Alek­sey is a big Kimchi-lover too. Sec­ond of all thank you so much for your won­der­ful com­pli­ments. And third of all, great that you are com­ing to Cuper­tino! See you soon…

  371. Hajnalka

    AUSVERKAUFT!!! wen wun­dert es?! Tja, lei­der sehen wir uns am 2.November doch nicht =°(
    Aber wir wün­schen euch einen schö­nen Abend! LG ein geknick­tes bat­girl und ein heulen­der wolfman =°(

    p.s.: =°(

    Igudesman and Joo

    Kein Ver­druss, Bat­girl und Wolf­man — wie wärs denn mit dem Sylvesterkonz­ert am 31. Dezem­ber? Da gibts noch Karten — aber rasch zuschla­gen — wird sicher super­mäs­sig ham­mergeil (sagt man doch so, oder?;))

  372. Prague! Prague! PRAGUE!!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Los Ange­les! Los Ange­les! LOS ANGELES!

  373. Ich möchte Euch danken für das grossar­tige Konz­ert in Lux­em­burg!!!!!!!! Ich habe es sehr genossen. Bitte kommt bald wieder. Vie­len Dank!!!!!!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Auch dir danke fürs kom­men :)

  374. You guys are amaz­ing! I stum­bled across you guys cause I wanted to lis­ten to a vio­lin ver­sion of turk­ish march. (I’m 15 and a vio­lin­ist, and I need to pick a solo for all state) So I found you guys! I couldn’t stop laugh­ing, video after video, hours after hours!(: you must come to North Dakota, Bis­marck to be exact… (: I’ve becomed inspired!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Sophia, keep the inspi­ra­tion going, join us in the mad­ness, come to a per­for­mance some time and above all HAVE FUN with the violin!

  375. Please come to Boston!

    Igudesman and Joo

    But we already did this year — where were you? We hope to return though!

  376. I came yes­ter­day from France to see you in Lux­em­bourg :D I brought friends with me, they had absolutely no clue about what they were going to see, I man­aged to keep total secrecy until the first notes on the stage. That was hard!
    Well, mis­sion accom­plished, you did it, we all laught our asses off :D
    I thank you, Hyung-ki, for your kind­ness and the review of my music sheet ;) I hope to play the Mozart Bond piece with my friend soon! I’ll keep you posted if you wish.
    I also thank Alek­sey for being in Ver­bier last sum­mer. That’s where it all started: that’s where I dis­cov­ered your amaz­ing work, that brings music to peo­ple who wouldn’t lis­ten to it oth­er­wise. IMHO it’s more impor­tant that just being funny, you’re build­ing bridges between worlds.
    Thank you.

    Igudesman and Joo

    So glad you enjoyed it, thanks for com­ing and you got it EXACTLY right — we want to build bridges and then hop over the bridges! See you in a con­cert again soon, we hope…

  377. hey you guys!!
    i only saw you on youtube and i almost went insane when i saw the show..so i wanted to share this with my huge patch­work fam­ily but live..so i looked up where you will be in ger­many and the answere was viersen–> ???
    thats so bad because its 5 hours away and a small town nobody knows..
    ok so here is the thing: i worked and a cul­ture house in munich and i have very good con­nec­tion to them…they have one opera (very small and very funny), and two the­ater halls one of them espe­cially for musik events…please please please come to munich!!! if you can´t find a place to play fell free to con­tact me!!! i know i´m redi­coulis if i think i could help you because you have all your big man­ager and blabla but it yould be nice :)
    much musi­clove :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    Dear Sara, thanks so much for your offer of help. We always say that the best way to try to get us to a con­cert hall near you, is to write to those tha­tres or con­cert halls and ask for us. If enough peo­ple do that, they will have no choice but to ask us… :) Hope to see you soon in Munich!

  378. Just got my tick­ets to Flint Cen­ter in Cuper­tino. Can hardly wait! You are awesome!!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well, isnt that mar­velous? We are about to head out to the states, so see you very soon!

  379. Hello dear Igudes­man & Joo! Thank you for a per­fect per­for­mance in Moscow. It was my dream for many months to see you. I’m from Siberia and have gone to Moscow just for a week. Lib­er­tango was sur­pris­ing. Yes, I know, it’s Bach:) I will sur­vive was also incred­i­ble as usual. Thanks for your work! I love you, guys! Hope I could see again!


    Igudesman and Joo

    We love you too Dim­itry. Lets spread the love, like nutella!

  380. Thanks for great show in Moscow! I think that I didn’t seen any­thing bet­ter before :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well, with a name like you have, you obvi­ously have impeca­ble taste ;)

  381. Drummado

    Dear Igudes­man and Joo,

    it’s me again!
    i am 12 years old and i study at the royal con­ser­va­tory of Den Hague, Nether­lands.
    I saw you with Janine Jansen.
    It was very funny:)!!!!
    i have a ques­tion:
    Why are you doing this and not just nor­mal clas­sic?
    But i Very love your great music.



    Igudesman and Joo

    We do what we do because we love what we do… for us, what we do is “nor­mal” too :)

  382. Hello,
    I love your music and what you do, and I have a ques­tion:
    Have you ever thought about doing a con­cert in France? :D
    Sorry for my last mes­sage, it was not fin­ished ><
    Good luck to you :D

    Igudesman and Joo

    Look below :)

  383. Have you ever thought about doing a con­cert in France? :D

    Igudesman and Joo

    Hmm, not that you men­tioned it, yes we have! Actu­ally we have played in france and in fact do our show in French! We hope to return next year…

  384. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!! TELL ME WHEN YOURE COMING TO AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES!!!!!!!!! IF YOU DON’T DO THAT SOON I JUST MIGHT GO INSANE AND CURRENTLY I DON’T THINK I’M AT MY BEST MENTAL STATE!!!!!!!!! why? because i just got through play­ing a piece writ­ten by the arro­gant choir teacher at my fine arts school(JOHN S. DAVIDSON FINE ARTS MAGNET SCHOOL) that pretty much no one in my class wanted to play. so PLEASE tell me the date of your arrival, so i can put that part of my mind at ease!!!!!!!!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Nexr year, thats all we can say for the moment Jenny! And since we cant guar­an­tee for our men­tal state either, we encour­age that on your side too ;)

  385. Drummado

    Dear igudes­man and joo,

    I am a big fan and i have a ques­tion:
    Are there sheets fom your music?

    Igudesman and Joo

    There is no sheet music of ours pub­lished yet, but we hope some­time soon there will be! Until then, hope to see you in a con­cert soon…

  386. 蔡尚文

    hi 兄弟


    Igudesman and Joo

    Hi Cai! Thank you for your nice mes­sage. We are, in fact hop­ing to return to Tai­wan mext year we love it there…some of the best food in the world and n amaz­ing audi­ence! Keep it real.

  387. Hajnalka


    My “black-metal rulez” boyfriend announced one day that he wants to see a clas­si­cal music con­cert by igudes­man and joo.
    My first reac­tion was: who are you and what did you do to my boyfriend?
    He saw an inter­view on ZDF ( a ger­man sta­tion) and was amazed by your tal­ent and really funny show. and so was i.
    Look­ing for­ward to see­ing your show in novem­ber here in Vienna.
    Greet­ings bat­girl and wolf­man ^_^

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well bat­girl, tell wolf­man that we also like black-metal, but like to mix it up with a bit of the clas­sics — kommt unbe­d­ingt zu unseren Konz­erten in Wien — nicht vergessen Sylvesterkonz­ert machen wird dort auch :)

  388. Hi from Spain!
    We would really love for you guys to per­form in Barcelona, do you have any plans to do so in the near future?
    Thanks for bring­ing a lit­tle night­mare music into our lives!
    Please know that you’re both truly and dearly appre­ci­ated! (from one who gave up music at 16 because “clas­si­cal music was too bor­ing!”, but now knows that usu­ally you have to know the rules to be able to break them!) ;)

    Igudesman and Joo

    Great words Cristina! Mira, esper­e­mos muchissimo que puedemos ir a Barcelona y España den­tro poco, quizas el prox­imo año!

  389. hello,
    I fol­low your videos and operas.I live in istan­bul and just I learn you will come to antalya.but I have a school and exams so I can’t see you.It’s too bad for me.Istanbul is the most crowed city in Turket.If you come to Istanbul,certainly I want to see you.
    please come to Istan­bul
    hope to see you

    Igudesman and Joo

    Thats funny, just below you, a su from Sin­ga­pore just wrote us a mes­sage — are you related? any­how we have been to istan­bul a few times and we LOVE your amaz­ing city! And we love your food. In fact we are pretty hun­gry right now…midem sir­tima yapisti!

  390. Dear I & J,

    My kids (4 & 5 years old) really enjoyed your per­for­mances on Youtube. So much so that they are try­ing to imi­tate Joo when they are at the piano. I’m sure if we have a vio­lin, they’ll do the same for Igudesman.

    Please do bring your per­for­mances to Singapore.

    Igudesman and Joo

    wow, thats so cute! but carefu, when they set the piano on fire, they have crossed a line. we hope to come to sin­ga­pore too, Su.

  391. Stum­bled upon you guys while look­ing for a per­for­mance of Rachmaninoff’s Pre­lude in C sharp, and had a good laugh. When you turned up again when I was look­ing for an Alla Turca per­for­mance, I dis­cov­ered your genius and your show. My kids (8 and 6) begged to go see you when we found you’d be in Long Beach, so we’ll see you there!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Now isnt that mar­velous? Look­ing for­ward to wel­com­ing you Aimee and your kids in Long Beach very soon — and dont for­get to bring rot­ten toma­toes ;)

  392. I’m com­ing from France to see you in Lux­em­bourg in two weeks :D

    I’m bring­ing a bunch of friends with me, but the thing is, they have absolutely no clue about what they are going to do or see!

    I only said:
    “Do you like suprises?
    Do you like to live excep­tional moments?
    Do you like crazy stuff?
    Give me your time and money, and trust me”.

    I’m def­i­nitely con­fi­dent about your abil­ity to keep up to these lines! I look for­ward to see you guys.

    Igudesman and Joo

    Oh we will cer­tainly sur­prise your friends and keep them enter­taint! What a mar­velous idea of your. More peo­ple should do that: just force their friends with­out even know­ing who we are to come and see us! :)

  393. Two Great Vir­tu­oso (vir­tu­osi?)~!
    I love you. I hope I can meet you some­day.
    Bless you Igu & Joo :D

    Igudesman and Joo

    We love you too Judy! Spread the word. Many bless­ings back… and in our case its “virtuoS.O.S.

  394. I stum­bled across your YouTube videos last year and instantly became a huge fan! Imag­ine my sur­prise and utter joy when I dis­cov­ered that you are com­ing to play at my col­lege in Long Beach in Octo­ber!!! I am extremely excited and can’t wait to see you pre­form live! Thank you for all of the laughs and entertainment!

    <3 Sarah

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well Sarah, such is life, full of suprises like that! Okay, the truth is, we heard youre a fan and we insisted in play­ing near you… okay, that sounds a lit­tle creepy — hmmm, okay, we can read peo­ples minds and long beach has our most devoted fans spir­i­tu­ally. Maybe.

  395. Graham Lees

    Hi Guys, Fan­tas­tic, found you by acci­dent on YouTube while look­ing for a Clint East­ward clip (fist­ful of dol­lars) for a fancy dress party. Just ordered your DVD, any chance you’ll be per­form­ing in the UK any time soon?
    Gra­ham, OXTED.

    Igudesman and Joo

    We hope to be in the U.K. next year Sir! And Clint East­wood and us is prac­ti­cally the same thing, so I think you’ll enjoy the DVD :)

  396. bachkito

    that’s me, the future vio­lin “good player” at »> 30!!! (do you remem­ber? I sent you mes­sage the 2011-09-07)
    first: thank you for your clar­i­fi­ca­tions and advises.
    con­cern­ing the progress: I sub­scribe for vio­lin courses last week; i will begin by a week­end course (so busy!!!). so wait for record!
    may be after some months i will play solo vio­lin con­cer­tos with famous orches­tras (just kid­ding)! or even with you:))) it will be a REAL night­mare music!! isn’t it?
    good luck for your shows!
    can I have the par­ti­tion of “la marche turque” turk­ish ver­sion?

    Igudesman and Joo

    Hi! Great you made the big step. Keep it real and keep us informed on your progress! Just one lit­tle tip — don’t buy your­self a Star­di­vari yet — start with a 19th cen­tu­ary French vio­lin, like a Vuil­laume ;) I am afraid we dont give out sheet music yet, but hope to do it some time soon…

  397. hanry balandi

    Hi, i want to watch your won­der­ful show in Turkey. I checked from your sched­ule and saw that at the 2nd and 3rd of Decem­ber you have your show in Antalya, Turkey. ı want to watch you both in a live show not from screen. Please tell me some­thing about deatils of your visiting.

    How­ever, 3rd of Decem­ber is my birth­day :)

    Best regards

    Hanry BALANDI

    Igudesman and Joo

    Thats so cool, lets cel­e­brate your birth­day on stage! Infor­ma­tion about the tick­ets for the Antalya con­certs will be com­ing soon.

  398. Jonathan

    Will You guys come to Aus­tralia soon. I’m 13 and it would be my dream to see you live.

    Igudesman and Joo

    By the time you are 18 Jonathan, we will cer­tainly be there! No, seri­ously, we hope to be there a lot sooner than that. Lets keep our fin­gers crossed!

  399. Come to Ser­bia! Pleeeeeeeeease!

    Igudesman and Joo

    We will, we will! I think our man­age­ment is talk­ing to Bel­grade at the moment for us to return some time… as soon as there is infor­ma­tion it will be on this web­site, so keep on check­ing it…

  400. hy guys,
    I’ve seen your tour­dates in Italy.
    Oother cities a part Rovereto and Udine.
    Will you play in Italy next year?

    Igudesman and Joo

    Of course we will play in Italy next year, but why not come and see us this year ;)

  401. Sang-hee Ha

    To Mr. Igudes­man:
    Hello, it’s very nice to write shortly here.
    Your tech­nique and funny face were impres­sive when I was watch­ing the videos in Youtube…
    It would be more nice if you play more var­i­ous com­posers’ works.
    I wish you two to play in Korea, too!:D

    To Mr. Joo:
    안녕하세요, 계원예고 작곡과 학생인데요.
    우리반 피아노과 학생들이 유투브에서 두 분 동영상 찾아서 음악이론 시간에 틀어놔서 처음 알게 되었는데요…너무 재밌게 봤어요!!^^
    한국계이신거 알고 되게 반가웠어요~ 그런데 한국어 발음이 한국인같지 않으셔서 맨처음엔 애들이다 일본인인줄 알았다네요..-_–
    한국에서도 공연해주실거죠? 직접한번 공연보고싶어요~ㅎㅎ

    I was really glad to visit this site. Thanks!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well thank you from both of us — we WILL come to Korea, hope­fully next year some time… good luck with everything!

  402. It has been a long time since you guys came to Hong Kong years ago with Kre­mer. What a pity I missed that show because of an exam.(Why exams are always held on Sat­ur­day and Sun­day night??? That really pissed me off!) Any­way, will you be com­ing to Hong Kong? I want to see you play­ing live, and I’m sure many oth­ers would like to see you guys too!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well Karen, we are sup­posed to per­form in Hong Kong mext year, so we really hope it hap­pens — we des­per­ately miss your Dim Sum!

  403. (Sigh) I can only dream to watch you guys per­form live:( You guys are sim­ply amazing:)

    Igudesman and Joo

    Why dream? Come to a performance!

  404. I love your guys’ videos on YouTube, and I’m glad to finally be able to see you per­form live, after all these years of see­ing your videos! I’m a con­ser­va­tory stu­dent at the uni­ver­sity in Long Beach, Cal­i­for­nia, and I’m excited that I’ll be able to spend my Sun­day watch­ing you two per­form, then watch my piano teacher’s fac­ulty recital pretty much next door right after. Def­i­nitely going to be a very, very great day. :D

    I hope you enjoy your Cal­i­for­nia tour!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well isnt that mar­velous when life works out like that? See you in Long Beach!

  405. Hello,

    a friend and I want to per­form the “Bas­tard Sonata for piano and vio­lin” at a music com­pe­ti­tion. We have only tried to play it together once and it was a lot of fun! Still, it’s not easy, espe­cially the end (tun­ing:( ) . Our ques­tion is now, if there is a record­ing avail­able or if you could send us one. We didn’t find any­thing in the inter­net… .
    Next time you’re in Ger­many, we will definetely come to listen!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Unfor­tu­nately there is no record­ing yet of Aleksey’s first sonata (which he wrote at the age of 14 and pre­miered with Hyung-ki) But why dont you make one and send US one — via YouTube?

  406. It was inter­est­ing piece of infor­ma­tion from Bio’s page: “Alek­sey Igudes­man was born in Leningrad at a very young age.” And its get­ting even more bet­ter:
    “Hyung-ki Joo was born.” That’s nice to know :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well, we are happy to pro­vide you with extra­or­di­nary facts.

  407. dear alek­sey igudes­man and hyung-ki joo,
    so awhile ago(2011–07-26 04:00) i asked if you two can come to geor­gia, prefer­ably augusta, next year, and you said you would love to, so any ideas when? or i’ve heard that you guys are com­ing to aiken, south car­olina next year, very close to augusta. SO WHEN?!?!?!?!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well Jenny, we are sure we will be there at some point, but why not take a lit­tle road trip to South Car­olina? The exact dates will be announced as soon as you can buy tickets…

  408. Hi guys! I watched your Pirates of Adri­atic con­cert in Dubrovnik, you were fan­tas­tic as always! I espe­cially enjoyed the remote con­trol and Romeo and Juliet bit, it really cracked me up.

    Did you by any chance filmed this con­cert? I think I saw a few cam­eras, but maybe I was wrong… Because I would surely enjoy see­ing the con­cert again.

    Any­way, keep up the good work and I hope you will come again next year on Rach­lin and Friends festival

    Igudesman and Joo

    This con­cert was only filmed for us, not for pub­lic view­ing, but you can buy our DVD on amazon.com — AND it looks like we are com­ing to Zagreb in decem­ber :)

  409. Hooray!!!

    Igudesman and Joo


  410. Hi again and thank you for “mys­tery solved” Ada­gio!
    I saw the doc­u­men­tary on sloven­ian tele­vi­sion but I’m from Zagreb, Croa­tia (we catch the tv sig­nal from Slove­nia :) ).
    Unfor­tu­nately, I couldn’t come to Dubrovnik and I see that you’re plan­ning to be back to Croa­tia in decem­ber so it would be very nice that your new con­cert des­ti­na­tion is Zagreb! :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    Yes indeed we will be in Zagreb in decem­ber — info com­ing up very soon!

  411. I can’t wait to you come to Aus­tralia! You are really enter­tain­ing and the music you play is amazing

    Igudesman and Joo

    Thank you Sarah!

  412. Hello!
    I was watch­ing your “Every­thing You Always Wanted to Know About Clas­si­cal Music” doc­u­men­tary and of course, I was dying of laugh­ter! But I also noticed a beau­ti­ful com­po­si­tion (orches­tral, vio­lins…) and would like to now the name and com­poser, so I’m ask­ing you for a lit­tle help: it was play­ing at the moment you were climb­ing up the hill with your (wrong) badges. :)
    Thanks in advance and best wishes to both of you, you’re great!!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well Maja, that part was the music was Samuel Bar­bar, Ada­gio for Strings. Its a hid­den ref­er­ence to the war movie “Pla­toon”, where there are scenes in slow motion with this very music. Glad you enjoyed it. Where did you see it, by the way?

  413. bachkito

    Ques­tion for alek­sey: I’m 30 years old. is it pos­si­ble to start learn­ing the vio­lin at this age and become good player? I like this instru­ments very much!
    good job! very intel­li­gent!

    Igudesman and Joo

    good ques­tion! its a tricky one — it depends what you call a “good player”. the vio­lin is a very, very dif­fi­cult instru­ment on many lev­els, so usu­ally the ear­lier you start the bet­ter. but dont let that dis­cour­age you. we would say, that if you aspire to play solo vio­lin con­cer­tos with famous orches­tras or even get into a good orches­tra, its pretty unlikely. but if you want to play for fun and sound pretty good or, if you want to do some “fid­dle music”, Irish music or most folk music styles, you can really become quite good even now — but all that is not pos­si­ble with­out A LOT of prac­tice. a few min­utes a day wont do. the viola, on the other hand, you can learn per­fectly on a week­end course. (just kid­ding;) we wish you a lot of luck with your new instru­ment, and if you decide to go for it, keep us up to date with your progress! (record your­self on youtube once a week — would be a cool project…)

  414. How about also go to Rome?


    Igudesman and Joo

    We have been to Rome this year AND we will return next year. How about that?

  415. What about com­ing to Brus­sels? Is it in you plans?
    We’d love to see you here soon :)
    Thank you

    Igudesman and Joo

    Oh we would love it — we hope, we hope — pomme frittes forever!

  416. Hello,

    Any chance to see you In France? Please!

    Igudesman and Joo


  417. Hello guys!
    You were amaz­ing in Dubrovnik!!! Please come to Croa­tia again, that would be just awe­some (like you)! :D

    Igudesman and Joo

    Thanks! Actu­ally we should be return­ing in decem­ber — news com­ing soon!

  418. Dear Alek­sey and Hyung-Ki,
    When are you com­ing to Spain again?You promised it will be soon two years ago!!!:_____( We miss you here!!And if it’s in Barcelona I promised a guided tour!;)

    Igudesman and Joo

    Next year, next year — so sorry for the wait!!!

  419. Başak Aytaç

    You really incred­i­ble. Began to become more inter­ested in clas­si­cal music thanks to you peo­ple of Turks.I look for­ward to your arrival to Turkey.I love you I wish you success

    Igudesman and Joo

    Great, keep the inter­est going Başak! Maybe see you in Antalya in december?

  420. Jonathan

    Any chance of you guys doing an Aus­tralian tour?

    Igudesman and Joo

    Yes, a big chance. When? We dont know yet — soon we hope!

  421. You soooo have to come to munich, we’re des­per­ately wait­ing for you!!…maybe we can­not wait any longer and will make it to the new years event in vienna…we’ll see ;)
    Keep on doing your great work, your tal­ent is awsome!

    greet­ings :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    Come to Vienna, come to Vienna!

  422. Can‘t wait to see you in Dubrovnik! I seri­ously expect to piss my self laugh­ing. And I would be nice to get auto­graphs and a pic­ture with you guys! You‘re abso­lutly amaz­ing. Even peo­ple who‘ve never lis­tened to clas­si­cal music die laugh­ing watch­ing your vids!

    Igudesman and Joo

    So, did you bring the dipers?

  423. A. Yasser

    hi joo and igudes­man!
    I’m yasser,09 years old,from Morocco.
    We spent the evening watch­ing every video we could find on youtube and I like very very much what you do.very amaz­ing §§§
    you’re very intel­li­gent men.
    I hope that you can come to morocco. please as
    soon as pos­si­ble. you’re wel­com!
    you’re great!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Hi Yasser! We would love to come to Marocco oine day to play. We both LOVE couscous!

  424. My God! You are going to Moscow! I can not believe my eyes! You are in sec­ond place of my list of dreams(after eter­nal life) !
    BUT!!!! there is no infor­ma­tion about your con­cert on the conservatory’s site. there are no tick­ets for sale.…in fact almost Sep­tem­ber!
    Will you really come?

    Igudesman and Joo

    We will come, we will come!

  425. oops. left out a word in my ear­lier post. it should have said “of course i’m not” instead of “of course i’m”. :P and do you think you can tell me when you’re com­ing to aiken, sc?

  426. Vagellis

    Hello guys..
    I have to say that your show is the best stand up/classical music/whatever show that I have ever seen!!! It is soooo true in every­thing that you make fun of!! Quote: Like the dol­phin who is not a part of fam­ily of fish, singer is not part of fam­ily of musi­cians!!! I have sent that video to every singer friend of mine!!! :D (Because I am a pianist so I am a musi­cian but they are not!!! HA HAAAA!!!)
    You are both bril­liant musi­cians and I wish you all the best in your careers!! Always find the love and recog­ni­tion you deserve!!
    P.S: You should visit Greece someday!!

  427. A. Yasser

    hi joo and igudes­man!
    I’m yasser,09 years old,from Morocco.
    We spent the evening watch­ing every video we could find on youtube and I like very very much what you do.very amaz­ing§§§
    you’re very intel­li­gent
    I hope that you can come
    to morocco. please as
    soon as pos­si­ble.
    you’re wel­com!
    you’re great!

    the cap­i­tal let­ters and the 5o excla­ma­tion marks means i’m scream­ing with excite­ment. of course i’m scream­ing this out loud while typ­ing this, other wise my mom would think i have gone crazy :D
    i won­der if it’s pos­si­ble to get the whole school to come and watch your show.…..
    well, best wishes
    a fan

  429. Dear guys )
    Thank you for the won­der­ful show in Odessa.
    And I’m realy sorry for our poor audi­ence. They need more time and more brains to under­stand your incred­i­ble humor and music!

    I hope to see you in Kyiv. I think you’ll feel more com­fort­able here.

    P. S. I hope next time you’ll speak English!

  430. Adelaide

    Hello! I’m one of your many fans from here in Toronto, Canada. Please come see us here in the north! I am a uni­ver­sity vio­lin stu­dent and we need more musi­cians like you to look up to — so many of us for­get that we play because we want to, because it can be fun — you’re an excel­lent reminder of that!
    Hope to see you live soon!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Actu­ally we played twice in Toronto a few months ago — where were you? We do hope to come back — we LOVED your local cui­sine — the best Peking duck ever! ;)

  431. I only saw you guys on youtube and I think you are great, very cre­ative and I’ll like to see your per­for­mance in South Florida, USA

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well we would also like to see your­selves in South Florida, USA, espe­cially in win­ter :)

  432. Hello there!
    The con­cert yes­ter­day in Ize­hoe was won­der­ful!!! I’m sure every­body loved it, I did — every tini­est part in which you can mea­sure time! Please tell me, would you like to play in Leipzig one day? You know, that town where Wolf­gang Amadeus Bach spent many years of his life? I’m sorry to say, that his younger brother Wolf­gang Amadeus Mozart prob­a­bly hasn’t ever been here and hope this won’t keep you from com­ing. It is also the town where they used to print many notes (Edi­tion Peters). There’s a big con­cert hall here, the Gewand­haus. It’s not very pretty, nei­ther from the out­side nor the inside, but the town’s quite nice. I read more than once, you’d come to a place if you’d be hired, now what I could do is to try and ask them to hire you. Would you like that? I’d be so happy if you would and I think the peo­ple from Dres­den would be, too, for it’s very close.
    I could even show you around (prob­a­bly that’s not going to hap­pen, I don’t believe in luck ;-) ) Any­way, you would be very wel­come here, and it would be a plea­sure indeed, to meet you! Hop­ing to see you again some­time soon some­where in Ger­many,

    P.S.: Alek­sey, there’s one thing I can­not under­stand about the con­cert: You said: “Kein Schwein hebt ab” — I thought Pigs Can Fly?!
    P.P.S.: That guy with the phone, did you hire him?
    P.P.P.S. Sorry for too many, prob­a­bly unjus­ti­fied ques­tions.
    P.P.P.P.S.: Sorry for too many P.S.s!
    Bye, finally, lit­er­ally and really. For now ;-)
    One of your huge fans.

    Igudesman and Joo

    Hi Wiebke! Thanks for your end­less enthu­si­asm. You cant force any­one to hire us, of course, but encour­ag­ing and plead­ing emails to pro­mot­ers and con­cert halls always helps :)
    P.S. Pigs can fly, but can not answer the phone — they dont have appos­able thumbs.
    P.P.S. Yeah, who was that guy with the phone?
    P.P.P.S. Thats okay.
    P.P.P.P.S. There can NEVER be to many P.S.

  433. Charlotte

    Hello from Ger­many!
    I got intro­duced to you via Youtube by a russ­ian frind of mine with the ” Rach­mani­nov had big hands” piece.
    I enjoyed it verry much and would like to see you
    “in Natura”.
    Are you plan­ning on com­ing to Cologne one day?

    Liebe Grüße,

    I’d be haddy to climb the cathe­dral with you ;) .

    Igudesman and Joo

    We have been in the Cologne area often, but never actu­ally did “A Lit­tle Night­mare Music” in Cologne — we do hope to change that!
    And we would be happy to climb the Cathe­dral with you :)

  434. Dear Alek­sey and Hyung-ki,
    I wanted to write you actu­ally in somekind of pri­vate but I dont know how, so I gonna use this board and I hope thats ok.
    I really admire your amaz­ing work since a long time already! I love the way you bring clas­si­cal music close to peo­ple, who are actu­ally not inter­ested in it. In this times we are liv­ing right now its more and more slip­ping away from us and going behind all the Pop, Rock and HipHop music. This is really sad because clas­si­cal music ist time­less. And then there are peo­ple like you, who make other peo­ple love to lis­ten to it even not notic­ing that they are lis­ten­ing classic.

    I am born 1987 in St. Peters­burg, Rus­sia like you Alek­sey and from my child­hood I am play­ing piano. I am not even close to be so good as you, Hyung-ki, but I am teach­ing chil­dren to play piano since some years like my mother does and my granny also. And I really love my job! Its beau­ti­ful to teach chil­dren to express them­selves through music.

    We are liv­ing since 20 years already in Ham­burg, Ger­many and before some months I get finally the tick­ets for your won­der­ful per­for­mance for the 10.8.11 in Itze­hoe. Like you can see it was yes­ter­day… My hus­band and I came for this ear­lier back from our fam­ily vis­its in Bul­garia (he is born there) and I was so much look­ing for­ward to see you finally live on stage! I really could not wait!
    And then this hap­pend: We just sim­ply missed our train. I had to work yes­ter­day and I planned every­thing through but bad con­tin­gen­cies lead to this. We did every­thing we could but in the end we just could not come to see you. And the 2 seats close to the stage stayed empty…
    I was and still am deeply depressed about it.
    So I really beg you to come again here some­where close to Ham­burg one day. We can’t afford our­selves really much but I want to see your show from the deep­est bot­tom of my heart. You both are amaz­ing and I wish you the biggest luck and suc­cess in your work and also the best in your lives!!!
    I am sorry that my writ­ing became so long.
    All the best to you!
    Many greet­ings from your true fans

  435. christin

    thank you su much for this great show last night in itze­hoe.
    it was amaz­ing. we had so much fun.
    We hope you will be back next year.
    We would be there again.
    And Igudes­man thank you for the beau­ti­ful flow­ers. That was very nice.
    Thank you soooooo much.

  436. Hi Guys,

    i watched your show for the forth time yes­ter­day in Wot­ersen (near my home­town Lübeck). I hope you also enjoyed your stay in the “sta­ble” ;-) . It was a great per­for­mance, i want to thank you so much. You are really the best !!!
    Hope to see you soon for the fifth time
    Frank (Müü — norwegian)

    Igudesman and Joo

    The 4th time? Thats impres­sive Frank. Well, we hope you come back many times more and the 10th time we have to do some­thing spe­cial with you — how about a spe­cial river­dance just for you? Müüüüüüüüüü!

  437. Luca Chamecki Granato

    Sorry for my Eng­lish, because I’m Brazilian.

    I never liked so much clas­si­cal music until I saw all your videos on the Inter­net, I am amazed at the abil­ity of both …
    You should come to Brazil, I guar­an­tee that any the­ater would fill …
    Very good … excel­lent work …

    Igudesman and Joo

    We really hope to be there very soon… Vejo-te em breve!

  438. Oh my God, I’m so look­ing for­ward to see you soon in Itze­hoe!!! :D :D

    (“Mul­ti­ple excla­ma­tion marks are a sure sign of a dis­eased mind”)

  439. Hallo Ihr Bei­den!
    Sorry, wenn ich auf Deutsch schreibe, aber mein Englisch ist nicht das Beste. Wollte Euch nur sagen, dass meine Fre­unde und ich gestern auf Eurem Konz­ert waren und Ihr ward wie immer ein Traum! Wir waren davor schon bei Eurer Show mit Gidon Kre­mer im Badis­chen Fest­spiel­haus. Natür­lich haben wir gestern auch wieder lange vor der Bühne gewartet, in der Hoff­nung, Euch Beide mal per­sön­lich zu tre­f­fen, lei­der wieder mal ohne Erfolg. Vielle­icht klappt es beim näch­sten Mal. I hope so!!!! Macht weiter so! Im Namen aller meiner Fre­unde beste Grüße an Euch und natür­lich “Muh” ;-) Maggie

    Igudesman and Joo

    Tut mir leid das wir euch nicht getrof­fen haben — beim näch­sten Mal klappt es sicher! Ein dickes “MUH” zurück an euch.….….

  440. Hello. I came across your Youtube videos through my cousin, and real­ized that I know Hyungki from MSM! Thanks for shar­ing your won­der­ful gift of music. You guys inspire me. I hope to see your per­for­mance in New York. All the best!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Thanks so much! We are indeed work­ing on fur­ther per­for­mances in New York — news com­ing up soon, we hope…

  441. just 2 words…
    You rule ;)

    Igudesman and Joo

    just 3 words…
    so do you ;)

  442. Chiara di Pisa

    Aston­ish­ing and breath­less per­for­mance yes­ter­day in Prato!! You are FANT-TA-STICS!!
    Please, come asap in Tus­cany… We’d like to see you again bring­ing lot of friends.
    Unfor­tu­natelly I couldn’t buy the cd and I missed the kiss, I hope for the same offer next time! ;-)

    Igudesman and Joo

    oh chiara, we need to give you that kiss! we hope to return to tus­cuny but how about a trip to roverto in sep­tem­ber? kiss guaranteed!

  443. Hey guys ç_ç
    we miss you in Italy on 1° agoust, whyyyyyyy ç_ç

  444. Hi guys, I was this night in Prato to your show. You are won­der­ful, funny, spe­cial. I had a great time.
    Your ital­ian is per­fect!
    Please come back soon in Tus­cany with a new show.
    PS:At the end of the show you promised one kiss for one dvd, two kiss for two dvd.…and a night for 3 dvd, but I had noth­ing! ;OP

    Igudesman and Joo

    ilaria, of course we will make it up to you next time!

  445. Please, Please, Please come to N. Texas area, either Ft. Worth or Dal­las. These guys are like Vic­tor Borga to the sec­ond power.

    Thank you, Debra Lewis

    Igudesman and Joo

    we should be there begin­ning of next year — tour­dates com­ing soon!

  446. Hello guys! I wanna thank you for the great show you had last night in Viareg­gio (ver­sil­iana pietrasanta)! I was in the first row and you made me laugh soooo much!!
    Please come back soon in Italy! Next time I’d like to bring other friends of mine to let them watch your genius and mas­ter­full­ness!
    Keep on like this!!

  447. Hallo,Alexei,
    ich bin zufahlig in Odessa und werde zum Konz­ert kommen,wie lang bleibst du dann in Odessa ?.…

    Igudesman and Joo

    we will just be in and

  448. hi guys,
    saw you last night in Aosta…you are absolutely awesome,crazy and funny!! Thanx alot for the mozart’s song!
    Hope to see you soon again!

    Igudesman and Joo

    actu­ally the songs were not writ­ten by mozart, but by some­one with the same name! and thank you.

  449. so, akien next year right? please say right. when?

  450. It would be awe­some if you guys could come to Eng­land at some point. My fam­ily thinks your shows are amaz­ing as do other peo­ple we know from orches­tras we attend :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    we are actu­ally plan­ning some­thing for next year, so we hope it works out!

  451. Hey guys,
    We’re miss­ing you dearly in Toronto…any plans to return some time soon?
    Thanks :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    we hope so, we loved your local food!!!! (espe­cially the chi­nese one ;) )

  452. Carlos Jr.

    I´m a big fan of you guys.. You are the best there ever existed.. I was won­der­ing if some day are you plan­ning to come to Portugal?

    Keep up the good work!!

    My best regards

    Igudesman and Joo

    we are work­ing on nre por­tu­gal dates car­los :)

  453. Klaus Ferstel

    Egal ob zu zweit, oder in zusam­me­nar­beit mit anderen kün­stlern:
    ein­fach genial!
    Apro­pos genial:
    Wann kommt endlich ein gemein­samer Auftritt mit Alice Cooper??????

    Igudesman and Joo

    Alice Cooper and I & J? Inter­est­ing… well first we have to fin­ish our colab­o­ra­tions with Mar­i­lyn Man­son and Motör­head :)

  454. GUESS WHAT?!?!?! So you know how in one of my ear­lier com­ments, I said that I wish you guys would come to Geor­gia so I can con­vince my new orches­tra teacher to take a field trip to go see you guys? Well, today when I went to my vio­lin les­son, my teacher said she has been intro­duced to the other teach­ers at my school as the new orches­tra teacher even though she hasn’t got­ten a con­tract, and so I told her about my idea of a field trip, and she said she totally agrees and that you guys are com­ing to Akien next year!!!!!!!!! Is that true?!?!?! WHEN?!?!?! Can you guys come around June, around my 18th birth­day? If you guys can, that would the best birth­day present I have ever got­ten in my life. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE,.….…. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    actu­ally we have been in geor­gia a cou­ple of years ago and would love to return.… not sure we can make it for your bday though, so sorry jenny!!!!!

  455. J D Richardson

    Please come to Austin, TX (Keep Austin Weird!) Shoot! Come to “Austin City Lim­its” tele­vi­sion. You all would be a per­fect fit here.



    Thank you for bring­ing a laugh and smile to my (our) life.

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well, we would come to Austin for 2 rea­sons– we loved it there 2 years ago, and we need to go back to get the best ribs in the world. Iron Works BBQ rocked our taste buds! Sali­vat­ing now think­ing of it.

  456. I attended your per­for­mance at The Break­ers man­sion in New­port, RI last night. It was a blast! You are such incred­i­ble musi­cians who also have a gen­uine and nat­ural sense of humor. Thank you for shar­ing your musi­cal tal­ents with the world!

  457. Estefanía

    As if the piano and the vio­lin weren’t dif­fi­cult enough –_-’ It’s ok if you come to Argentina or Brazil D: I would cross the bor­der to see you per­form.
    In the mean­while, I’ll keep laugh­ing of your Ticket to ride, of your par­tic­u­lar I will sur­vive, and your way of play­ing Rach­mani­nov (Now, I don’t have an excuse like: “My hand is too small” ¬¬)
    And…when I heard how you per­formed The Enter­tainer, I thouhgt: “I should keep prac­tic­ing~ O.O“
    You’re both awe­some musi­cians, and you encour­age peo­ple like me to get bet­ter (: Maybe you could teach me D: And I’ll cook cook­ies :D

  458. I bet you make a lot of peo­ple jeal­ous of you.

  459. No idea where either of those places are. I guess I’ll have to sched­ule the per­for­mance myself. I’m going to call the hall and tell them about you both.

  460. How about Modesto, CA?

    Igudesman and Joo

    How about Cuper­tino CA or Grass Val­ley CA in Octo­ber? Check our tour sched­ule ;)

  461. Estefanía

    Hello :D
    Greet­ings from Paraguay.
    I want to tell you to keep going the way you are.
    I think your type of com­edy is one of the finest I know. Spe­cially because of the musi­cal instru­ments you use. :D
    I hope you get suc­ces from every­thing you try to accom­plish. Hope to see you near here sometime. (:

    Igudesman and Joo

    Gra­cias Este­fa­nia! Esper­e­mos que vamos a venir a Paraguay algun dia. And yes, if we would use a tuba and a pic­colo, it would be quite difficult…

  462. Richard and Aleksey,

    Thanks for a won­der­ful night in Crested Butte! Richard, I’ve never seen any­one sit up so straight at a piano — and you do make it look easy, which I know it is not, though per­haps the less said about your smile the bet­ter ;-) . And Alek­sey, you have fire in your eyes, and your vio­lin vir­tu­os­ity makes me wish I had taken up the vio­lin when I was young, and your soul­ful expres­sions make me won­der if I’ve under­es­ti­mated the male sex! (Though maybe it is just your Russ­ian soul com­ing through). And the danc­ing you guys do just takes the whole thing over the top. It is the best.

    My only regret after­wards was not going to Dog­woods. I thought of lots of ques­tions I would have liked to have asked, such as, when you per­form in Vienna, I would assume that the shows are in Ger­man? Is this correct?

    Thanks again, Charry (the woman from Tuc­son, Arizona)

    Igudesman and Joo

    We do our shows in Eng­lish, Ger­man, Itlian, Span­ish, Russ­ian, Korean and soon hope­fully Por­tuguese — but ulti­mately you dont need lan­guage to under­stand them — but I guess a cou­ple of ears would be a great help. Thanks so much for com­ing to Crested Butte Charry, and its “Hyung-ki” to friends ;)

  463. Joe Choe


    Igudesman and Joo

    We are in your area in Octo­ber — check our tour sched­ule! Hope to see you there!

  464. Come to Por­tu­gal!!! we love you! and we are the best crowd in the world! :D

    Igudesman and Joo

    You are indeed one of the best crowds in the world — and you know how we know? Because we played a few times in Por­tu­gal already — where were you?;)
    No seri­ously, we hope to return soon!

  465. Please come to Van­cou­ver, Canada! I will be the first to buy your ticket =).

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well we were there a cou­ple of years ago — but will come back, we promise!

  466. Dani Caielli

    Well… Seems like its gonna take a while for you to come to Brasil. Mean­while, could you visit our music? hummm… I really would love to see you both vis­it­ing Heitor Villa-Lobos. That would be inter­est­ing, dont you think? “As Bachi­anas” is a verry pop­u­lar comp­si­tion here (you prob­lably already kown this)
    Hope to see your per­for­mance here (when­ever that is..)Best wishes!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Dont dis­pair so quickly Dani, we are hop­ing to come to Brazil ear­lier than you think! We will deffi­nitely do some Brasil­ian music… but we might write it our­selves :)

  467. Dear Igudes­man and Joo,
    I am mad at you guys.
    1. You made me fall in love with you. This was just after I explic­itly said to myself, “I will never be so naive as to fall in love again.” But some­how I became entranced via Youtube one after­noon when I should have been work­ing on my sum­mer read­ing list.
    2. I live in North­ern New Eng­land (USA) which isn’t exactly cul­tural metropol so there­fore I am deprived. That being said, can’t you at least come to Boston?! Rhode Island hon­estly? What have they given the world besides red chick­ens and Fam­ily Guy? Any­way my boss has me work­ing that night, but if you came to BOSTON I would call out sick…

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well Lizzy, we love you too! So, why not Rhode Island? You can be sick for that also :)

  468. Rachael Tanzey

    please please come to Black­pool north west United King­dom (Eng­land)
    i’ve been watch­ing you’re videos on youtube since 2005 and it’s always made me laugh & cheer me up when i’m down.
    please think about it i know lots of peo­ple would come & see you

    write back

    Igudesman and Joo

    Hi Racheal, we will see what we can do, but we are hop­ing to make our Lon­don debut next year — how about a lit­tle road trip?

  469. Please come to Zürich, Switzer­land! I would be so glad!

    Igudesman and Joo

    We did. And we will again.

  470. You guys def­i­nitely need to come to Aus­tralia :D Espe­cially Syd­ney and per­form at the opera house :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    True words Jimmy! We hope we will.

  471. Hello!

    Not to be offen­sive, but do either of you know any pos­si­ble ways to con­tact Maxim Vengerov? Not by phone of course, I just have a few ques­tions on bow­ing tech­nique because I am prac­tic­ing the Sibelius Vio­lin Concerto–1st move­ment, and I only lis­ten to HIS inter­pre­ta­tion, and I think he is a great vio­lin­ist over­all. I am only 15, so I’m not a preda­tor or anything.

  472. Damla Demirci

    Hey guys I cant see any tour for turkey. please come to Turkey PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE and I LOVE YOU :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    We are play­ing in Antalya in decem­ber so come!!!

  473. Dear Alek­sey Igudes­man and Hyung-Ki Joo, I’m a big fan of you guys, and I too, love clas­si­cal music although I don’t think I know as much of it as you do. I have seen you videos so many times on youtube that I don’t even have to think about it when I spell your names! :D I was hop­ing you guys would come to Atlanta, Geor­gia, US, so that I, a girl liv­ing in Augusta who goes to a fine arts school could sug­gest to my new orches­tra teacher(who could pos­si­bly be my vio­lin teacher who intro­duced me to you guys) that we should take a field trip to see one of your con­certs. So if you two can do that, I would be very excited. (BTW, just so that you know, I play the vio­lin, though not as great, and I’m also learn­ing how to play the piano.)

  474. I’m dying to see you both live. When will you be com­ing to the UK?

    Igudesman and Joo

    Next year we hope Tom!

  475. Hi, I’ve seen you in YouTube so far. I can’t stop mar­vel­ling at your genious. Do you think you can sched­ule a per­for­mance in Miami, USA?

  476. Andrew and Anna

    Dear Alek­sey Igudes­man and Hyung-ki Joo, please come to Moscow (or at list to St. Peters­burg) We love you so much and wait you here!!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Dear Andrew and Anna, Moscow looks good for us in the autumn — news com­ing soon, we hope! see ya then…

    Igudesman and Joo

    Moscow is con­firmed! Check our tour­dates :)

  477. Pedro Castro

    I’ve just read that you might be com­ing back to Por­tu­gal again soon. I hope you visit the north again (I watched your show in Espinho), cant wait for it!

    Keep us posted!

  478. You made some decent fac­tors there. I appeared on the inter­net for the issue and located most indi­vid­u­als will asso­ciate with together with your website.

  479. You said that we hope will come Turkey in decem­ber, but why it isn’t seen in tour­dates? won’t you come? plzzz come PLZZ

    Igudesman and Joo

    as soon as we have the fixed dates and where one can get tick­ets we will let you and every­one know :)

  480. Thank you very much, guys, for your won­der­ful con­cert in Mainz. We have crossed Ger­many to see you and cer­tainly will do it again. But you have to come to Dres­den. It is a lovely city and its spirit fits very well to yours.

    Igudesman and Joo

    wow, so nice of you to come all this way! we PROMISE to make it to Dres­den — wie sagt man “Nur die Besten kom­men aus Dres­den”, nicht wahr ;) ?

  481. Thanks for you hap­py­ness,
    you must learn french lan­guage to com in to Angers .. is it rihgt ? you are com­ming soon in Angers to play your show ? oh, wh

    [sorry, lit­tle bug]
    I say … oh what a plea­sure for us to see you here in Angers …
    you must come home, I’d make a ukulele for you! and you have to eat my zuc­chini pie. my famous pie zuc­chini.
    And you will give some French lessons. because apart from the “A major” and “A minor”, you dont have the Molière lan­guage well in your pocket.
    Thank you for mak­ing us laugh with beau­ti­ful music … I wait your con­cert in Angers with impa­ciente applaud you for com­ing.
    see you soon xxx

  482. You guys should come to Singapore!

  483. I watched you guys on youtube today.. You guys are amazing!!!!

    Please, please come to Aus­tralia some­time in the near future (Mel­bourne, to be spe­cific…), I’d love to see you perform.

    have fun, you are the best!!!!! :D

  484. I was won­der­ing if you can do a video of kalinka malinka? I saw dif­fer­ent ver­sions of on youtube but I’m kind of inter­ested in see­ing what you guys would do. And I saw dif­fer­ent ver­sions of the lyrics to the song, is there one you rec­om­mend? And what does it mean? I would really appre­ci­ate it, but of course you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. By the way I saw your videos on youtube, and I think you guys are both awe­some and hilarious.

    Igudesman and Joo

    We are work­ing on a piece, which inter­grates kalinka for one of our next shows — and at cer­tain times we already try it out! If you want to hear it live — come to Dubrovnik on the 31st of August…

  485. The girl you flirted with :P

    Ich war endlich mal dabei, am 2 Juli in Mainz und es hat mich umgehauen!Über diesen Abend werde ich noch lange reden.:)
    Obwohl ich meine armen Pc-lautsprecher schon mit euren Num­mern überstra­paziert haben müsste, es wird nie langweilig:D Ihr bei­den seid und bleibt ein­fach die Besten.
    Ich hoffe ich schaffe es bald wieder auf eines eurer Konz­erte, also denkt daran :

    Just when you thought it was save…”

    Igudesman and Joo

    Ah yes, we remem­ber you! If you have pho­tos with us, tag us on face­book! Danke das du gekom­men bist xxx

  486. Hey you two,
    at first: Really nice per­for­mance on sat­ur­day evening in mainz although it appeared that you wanted to leave the stage after the third encore xD … any­way, my dear Hyung-ki, I guess I have a nice mem­ory for you from mainz!
    (PS: You’re a won­der­ful kisser!:D)

  487. Jetzt habe ich es endlich geschafft, euch ein­mal live zu sehen! Das “Konz­ert” gestern in Mainz war ein­fach wun­der­schön :) Vie­len, vie­len Dank!
    Bis zum näch­sten Mal!

    PS: Alek­sey, hast jedes Mal einen so hohen Ver­schleiß an Bogen­haaren an einem Abend?! :D

    Igudesman and Joo

    Ja, Alek­sey ver­liert lei­der sehr viele Bogen­haare — das ist teuer, und die armen Pferde die man dafür rasieren muss kla­gen auch schon :(

  488. hello, there, Igudes­man and Joo, sir.

    i’ve watched your con­cert video on youtube and on your web­page and i am really inter­ested and amazed with all of your per­for­mance. i really hope and look­ing for­ward if you guys would do an asia tour? and please come and visit Jakarta, Indone­sia. it’s a crowded city like new york but it’s filled with peo­ple who love art, music, and the­atre com­edy. and it would be great if the cit­i­zen of Jakarta see them all in one.

    thank you for your atten­tion.. i really hope you’ll answer this mes­sage soon and come and visit Jakarta.

    Igudesman and Joo

    well, if some­one books us there we would love to come, sir :)

  489. Alexander B. & Janine F.

    Hallo Jungs!
    Wir waren auf der Auf­führung in Mainz am 2. Juli dabei. Ich kann nur sagen, ES WAR SPITZE!
    Neben der schö­nen Musik waren die Gags wun­der­bar. Man wusste nie was als näch­stes passiert.
    Ich hoffe sehr ihr macht so weiter und man sieht sich wieder in Deutschland.

    *badad­abb­badaaaaa* –> Joo singing is great! :)

    2 neue Fans,
    Alex und Janine

    Igudesman and Joo

    coole Sache, dann bis zum näch­sten Mal!

  490. Michelle

    Hi, just saw your TV-Show on ORF2. Didn’t know you before. Would love to see your BIG Night­mare Music with Orches­tra in Switzer­land :-)
    Greetz, Michelle

  491. Good morn­ing guys,
    just found out that we missed your per­for­mance yes­ter­day in Mainz,what a shame!!!!We saw you in spring in Mainz,maybe you remem­ber the viet­namese twins,10 years old.They keep ask­ing for you and we watch your videos ever so often.
    I will try to catch up with you in Vienna this Novem­ber and next March.Can hardly wait to see you together with Mullova!!!!
    Please keep it up.Oh,and a request from the kids:they loved you song “my favorite cow”;could you put it on your web­site so we can watch it at least at home?
    Look­ing for­ward to see and hear you again,you are sim­ply the best.

    Igudesman and Joo

    well, the song with the cow is still a “work in progress” and it might always stay that way ;) hope to see you in Vienna!

  492. Acci­dently clicked on one of my favourites today, what a lovely sur­prise that it turned out to be your fan­tas­tic ren­di­tion of “I will sur­vive”, haven’t lis­tened to it for quite a while and found myself in kinks once again; it never fails to put a smile on my face. Any plans for a UK tour (includ­ing the lovely north-east of course)? Would love the chance to see you live, keep being bril­liant! :3

    Anja, x.

    Igudesman and Joo

    we hope to come to the UK next year.…. see ya then!

  493. Sarah and Nickolai

    Pleeeaaaase will you guys come to Eng­land? (prefer­ably Lon­don?) We’ve recently dis­cov­ered you and have been work­ing through your videos in hys­ter­ics, see­ing you live would be awe­some!! Plus I’m a bloom­ing bril­liant baker, so if this fails I’ll bribe you with cake to come :) :)

  494. CAN’T WAIT!!! You will only be one state away this time! Of course you are at the top of Michi­gan so it will still be a 6–7 hour drive :D (and some­one else com­plained about 150, they just don’t love you guys that much *just playin Drew*)
    Plus it is sum­mer so I don’t have to rush back to school, so we get to come and roam around the area.
    Did I men­tion CAN’T WAIT?!? LOL, see you guys soon!
    Safe Trav­els

    Igudesman and Joo

    Thanks Marla, see ya soon!

  495. Drew Roberts

    I was so excited to see you com­ing to Col­orado, but then I saw where the venue is. 150 miles from Den­ver… that’s not a short drive. Please come back a bit closer to the Den­ver area!

  496. Hi geniuses,
    there’s no way of get­ting tired of lis­ten­ing and watch­ing you (on youtube, for the moment). Bad thing is, it keeps me from prac­tic­ing, the good thing: Soon, there’s time enough for prac­tic­ing all day long (hol­i­days).
    Tried your milk foamer thing but instead of the milk foamer used such a kind of toy ven­ti­lat­ing fan…tried it on a man­do­line, not yet the vio­lin — it sounds like bal­alaika as it is not as fast as the milk foamer, it’s fun! Any­way, can’t wait to hear (from) and see you again (on youtube or best:life)Don’t stay like you are! (Stand­ing still would be the end);-) You’re great Hyung-ki! Love you, Alek­sey!!!
    Now, I really should practice…hate to say good-bye, I can’t, can’t, can’t…

  497. please come to Perth, West­ern Aus­tralia. Theres been a bit of rain on the east coast of Aus­tralia and i beleive its sunk so West Aus­tralia is all thats left. And we’re bored.

  498. To my all time favourites,
    Are you ever going to con­sider a tour of South Africa, includ­ing Dur­ban, please? The weather’s great, your music’s great, what an hon­our it would be to accom­mo­date you here. love you guys, El

    oh we would so love to come to South Africa! if some­body books us there — we will take the first flight :)

  499. hi guys found you by chance on you tube. would love to see you down under. Perth, West­ern Aus­tralia, to be pre­cise. take care, kind regards, Vicki

  500. Please play in Berlin for your next Show…
    I love both of you..
    Ich liebe euch!!!

  501. Und wann werdet Ihr für den Papst im Vatikan spie­len? Oder habt Ihr das schon getan? Auch Bob Dylan hat es nicht geschadet. Seine Stimme ist viel besser gewor­den seit damals. Finde ich jeden­falls. Und er hat danach begonnen Wei­h­nacht­slieder zu sin­gen… Igudes­man & Joo fea­tur­ing Bob Dylan mit Wei­h­nacht­sliedern vor dem Papst als Ein­stim­mung auf das Neujahrskonzert…

  502. Please, come to France ! We need you in France ! So much !
    (Espe­cially in the North of France =p)

    Youtube videos are not enough for us ^^

  503. Liza-spb

    Come to St. Peters­burg!!!!!! We (espe­cially me) are wait­ing for you agaaaaaaaain ;)
    Иначе я как-нибудь сама приеду и вас найду, ха.

  504. Oh~~ You make me write a mes­sage again! Thanks sooo much for your kind reply. I’m read­ing again and again. Can’t stop smiling.But why do you think I am “she” Joo???? Haha­haha Kid­ding~ How can’t I love you both!!! I adore Igu~ and I love love love love Joooooooooooooo!!

  505. I love what you do and I keep wait­ing for you to come to France… I live in Rennes and peo­ple here would be soooo happy to see your show.
    When will you come?

  506. Please, please, please come to Berlin. So Berlin in Ger­many. Not in New Jer­sey and even Con­necti­cut. Berlin in Ger­many. My stu­dents des­per­ately need a strict live-lesson. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  507. You guys are the BEST!! I watch soo much of you guys on youtube(okay, maybe a bit too much).
    Will you ever come to Hong Kong?
    One of my favorites is Rach­mani­nov Had Big Hands(Im play­ing a ser­e­nade now and i have tiny hands) and i LOVE your Where Is The Remote Con­trol!!!

  508. You guys are the best thing since sliced bread. I really admire your work, con­fi­dence, goals and your ‘think­ing out­side of the box’ attitude.

    I’ve been mean­ing to do so for a long time, but I’ve started to seri­ously take up the vio­lin. I’ll never be Paganini, but there’s some­thing about play­ing (even bad music) that lis­ten­ing just doesn’t have the same effect. Get’s a bit ‘night­mar­ish’ after a while though… ;)

    - Another Egyptian.

  509. You guys are amaz­ing! My friend and I did a mod­i­fied ver­sion of your Credit Card Sketch for my school and it KILLED! Keep it up, and visit the San Fran­cisco Area sometime!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well, if you check our tour dates on this very page, you will see that we ARE com­ing to the San Fran­cisco area in october!

  510. Daniel Lam

    Please Please Please come to Hong Kong. I am antic­i­pat­ing your performace.

    Igudesman and Joo

    Hong Kong looks very good for 2012 for us, which is the year of the Dim Sum, did you know that?

  511. Oscar Celis

    Hi, Igudes­man and Joo! Greet­ings from Bogotá, Colom­bia! You are really, really great, I love watch­ing all of your videos on You Tube… but I want more (and I’m sure that more peo­ple here in Colom­bia also want more)… When are you com­ing here?? We would love to see “Igudes­man and Joo live in Bogotá”!! More greetings!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    We would love to visit you one day — you know, its not so far to Bogotá!

  512. Please come to Alexan­dria, Egypt!

    Igudesman and Joo

    We would love to.

  513. Please come to Alexan­dria, Egypt!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    We would still love to.

  514. Hi hi to you two~!
    I think I am in love with you who are in love with music. Every­day I’m watch­ing 4 video clips — Being Gidon Kre­mer Trailer, Igudes­man & Joo Trailor, Ticket to Ride, Billy Joel & Joo. I really think I get to love you :D Thanks so much. You make me so happy with music. I love you Joooooooooo!! (Do you have many stalkers??)

    Igudesman and Joo

    Joo: Hi baby!
    Igudes­man: How about me?
    Joo: She likes me bet­ter, she likes me bet­ter!
    Igudes­man: Uaaaaaa! (Sob­bing like a baby)

  515. I love your beau­ti­ful play­ing & hilar­i­ous com­edy shows. I watch the shows once a day at least which is highly addic­tive.
    Please, please add English(or Japan­ese) sub­ti­tles in the video clips then they’d make me more laugh ( ^^). I am wait­ing for you to come over here, Australia!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Can we add Jing­lish sub­ti­tles? I think that would make us laugh more! No, seri­ously thanks Misty, and we hope to make it to Aus­tralia some time.

  516. I am a vio­lin­ist and bag­piper. Your Scot­land the brave with the vac­uum cleaner was really seri­ous cross-over fun!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Vio­lin­ist and bag­piper. Wow. So, can you blow your fiddle?

  517. Came across you guys on youtube, and I think your show is wonderful!

    Was laugh­ing so hard with my win­dow open that I think I might have scared some small chil­dren, and pos­si­bly some not-so-small chil­dren, and their par­ents in the process.

    Can’t wait to see you guys when you come out to Cal­i­for­nia, will defi­nately check it out.

    Igudesman and Joo

    Cal­i­for­nia is on in octo­ber — check out our tour dates! Hope to see ya there and keep those win­dows closed!

  518. please come to the uk

    Igudesman and Joo

    Hope­fully next year — news com­ing soon!

  519. PLZ come to KOREA!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Maybe even this year… please keep on check­ing our tour­dates :)

  520. Come to London!

  521. Hi, you com­mented my mes­sage the day your dvd arrived, what a happy day, couldn’t answer yes­ter­day because I had a rehearsal…
    Well anyway,…the alto singers: actu­ally you need none. Der Alt kommt nicht so hoch. (The altos don’t reach the nec­es­sary hight?)
    P.S. Do you think you might like another per­son in one of your shows — maybe in ten years or so…if I promise to prac­tice a lot…?;-) No, just kid­ding, i know you’re doing per­fectly fine. But if you should ever run out of vio­lin­ists, please do write me ;-)
    (Thats just how it is: I love you and your show and I sim­ply can’t stand watch­ing and lis­ten­ing to any­thing I like this much. Always want to be part of it. You needn’t tell me that this is bad — I know it :-( )
    Sorry for such a long novel — again.

  522. Fabienne

    My kids and I want you to come in Greno­ble, France, very very soon !!

    Pleeaaseeeee ! Our place is very beau­ti­ful !! And a lot of French peo­ple appre­ci­ate what you do (well, all my friends do !!).

    Thank you, you make me laugh so much ! my favourite is Rach­mani­nov had big hands !!!

  523. I Am From Indonesia

    I Like You Per­form Very Much



  524. i beg you come to Turkey please , You will absouletly love Turkey and us, we have already love you.

    Igudesman and Joo

    We hope to be there in december!

  525. By chance,my friend sent a video of you and I adore it, please come to TURKEY… I’m really look­ing for­ward to see­ing your performance

  526. Nom Her Ni Val

    Hey! Any asian tour? The pro­mo­tional vid on youtube was INSANE!!!!!!!!!! you guys ROCK!! yeah! ^^

    Igudesman and Joo

    Thanks Nom Her Ni Val! You have quite a name, you know that? We hope to be on a big Asia tour next year, so watch out!

  527. Viola-Juliet...

    “Igudes­man and Joo
    […] Viola, do you play the banjo? Or are you a Brazil­ian foot­baller?“
    If I am a Brazil­ian foot­baller as you sug­gest, will you play (music) in my liv­ing room?
    If I really play the banjo, will you stop mis­tak­ing it for my viola (although they sounds quite the same)?
    And who is the weird one now?!??

  528. Dear Viola,
    don’t trust any­body who wrote the “Catscratch Book” and “Pigs Can Fly” — he might bring his farm. And if he brings the cat, too…well, it’s a well known fact that cats love to have fish for sup­per…
    P.S. Don’t panic, you could, for instance, invite me, too, and I promise, I will have an eye on the cat (and my ears on the music). :-D

  529. Quote:
    “Igudes­man and Joo

    Shall we do a con­cert in your liv­ing room?
    Do you have goldfish?”

    Actu­ally I am the goldfish…

    Igudesman and Joo

    Your name should be Juliet then. They say though that Viola is sup­posed to have inspired Shake­speare to write the role of Juliet. None of this makes any sense to any­body, of course, except the few very weird ones, like us, who can see the con­nec­tion between all this gob­blede­gook, and a lat­eral puz­zle involv­ing 2 gold­fish called Romeo and Juliet. Viola, do you play the banjo? Or are you a Brazil­ian footballer?

  530. you should come to por­tu­gal — Lisbon

    Igudesman and Joo

    Been there, done that. So should we come again?

  531. Hey,

    see­ing Janine Jansen play­ing with the Phil­har­mo­nia Orches­tra Lon­don (+Lorin Maazel) in the Beethoven­halle in Bonn last week, I won­dered if you’re plan­ning to pre­form some­thing with her again :) Look­ing for­ward to see/hear you in Mainz!

    Igudesman and Joo

    We have noth­ing planned with janine at the moment, but she is a very dear friend of ours and we will work together some time again for sure!

  532. Hello and many many hel­los to you~!
    I hap­pened to see your clip (I will sur­vive) on Youtube and now I’m addicted to it. Oh how mar­velous your per­for­mance is!! I want to appre­ci­ate your won­der­ful gift for us today. You make me so happy all the time :D ^o^b

  533. Hey guys.
    Ukraine is look­ing for­ward to see you here!!

    Ласкаво просимо!!!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well, we hope to be there in August, updates com­ing soon!

  534. Igudes­man… I love your way of play­ing, of act­ing… Ach was…englisch is so schwierig: For ca. einem Jahr, als ich das erste Video auf youtube gese­hen hab (I will sur­vive), hab ich es nicht glauben kön­nen, dass ein so “spießig” ausse­hen­der (bitte verzeih!!!) Klas­sik­musiker so ver­rückte Per­for­mance macht. Inzwis­chen liebe ich dein Gesicht. Abso­lut pro­fes­sionell.. alles…der Akzent, dein Gschau… so amaz­ing. Heute mit­bekom­men, dass du deutsch sprichst, deswe­gen geschrieben.Ich glaub, ich bin zum ersten Mal in meinem Leben ein Fan ;-)

    Igudesman and Joo

    Danke für die Blu­men! Hope to see you maybe in Mainz on the 2nd of July?

  535. You’re great, I sim­ply love you!!!

    Look­ing for­ward to see you in Italy, in my liv­ing room if pos­si­ble: I will buy my ticket anyway..

    Thanks for sav­ing lots of musi­cians’ souls!! Mine first!! ;-)

    Igudesman and Joo

    Shall we do a con­cert in your liv­ing room?
    Do you have goldfish?

  536. Please come to Greece! Σας περιμένουμε!

  537. Hi you two,
    you’re doing such an impres­sive night­mare show! Yeah, I can’t sleep, any­more. (Because of the “Ohrwürmer”)Don’t you think you could per­haps play some­thing from Pirates of the Caribbean? Maybe do such a “mash — up” with the Sea­sons by Vivaldi? Or maybe Mozart, the Magic Flute or so? Because I don’t think these pieces go together so I need you to prove me wrong (only if you have time (or are bored — I know you’re never ;-) ))
    Just to tell you once more: I love your music and sense of humour!!!
    All the best,
    P.S. Do you know how many alto singers it takes to change a light bulb?

    Igudesman and Joo

    How many Wiebke, tell us!

  538. I love you. M E R A V I G L I O S I

  539. Hello, you are amaz­ing artists! When are you com­ing to NYC? The near­est sched­uled tour is in Ottawa for me. Please please come to NY. 제발~~~~

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well Jane we were there just a few months ago — where were you? ;)

  540. Hello guys,

    did you thought about work­ing with Helge Schnei­der? He is a tal­ented musi­cian and come­dian like you two.
    Hope it will work.

    Grüße aus Berlin

    Igudesman and Joo

    He is great — per­haps one day :)

  541. Hi,

    ok, what is prob­lem with France? Don’t you like the food, the peo­ple? what did the french did to you so bad that you per­form your show every­where around : italy, switzer­land, Ger­many, Lux­em­bourg but not in France.

    I live in Mar­seille, south of France, but i promess that even if you will be in Paris, i will come to your show.

    See you soon!


    Igudesman and Joo

    On reve de faire la tour de France surtout parce qu’on a achete des nou­veaux velos recem­ment– but seri­ously– la France est UN pays tres proche de notre esprit et coeur. JOO a habite a Rennes quand il etait petit et il reve de retourner a Rennes et de trou­ver ses anciens cama­rades. Igudes­man et UN grand chef de la cui­sine alors il adore la bouffe en France surtout les cuisses de grenouille, en faites, n’importe quelles cuisses.
    Look at that “S” car go! (quote from which movie?)

    Notre ami, Joe Kerr a ecrit UN chan­son for­mi­da­ble sur la France qu’on joue par­fois dans nos spec­ta­cles:
    ” I kinda like it here in France/where every­thing is real advanced/and all the dogs are well behaved/and all the armpits are unshaved.…”

    Vive la France! Rodin, Robu­chon, Le Diner des Cons, Jacques-Henri Lar­tigue, Jean Renoir, pain au choco­lat, Zidane, Saint-exupery, Asterix, Goldo­rak (meme si c’est japon­nais), Leo Ferre, James et Aure­lie Thieree, Monet, Le Quatu­our, Cor­tot, Nadia Boulanger, Henri Leconte, Pont Alexan­dre Paris, Depar­dieu, Ravel, The­atre du soleil, Dider Lock­wood, Chateau Lafite, Watoo Watoo!

  542. Damla D.

    Hey Guys
    I can do vibrato now… :) Thank you for every­thing and I hope to come to İstan­bul soon. :D

  543. Mattan Benedict

    Hi guys

    Firstly, I would like to say thanks,
    I’ts a plea­sure to watch all that cre­ativ­ity of yours…
    I love play­ing skits from your show on my Yamaha Elec­tone, maybe i’ll upload a video on to YouTube some­time soon…
    Also I was very happy to read below that you’re con­sid­er­ing com­ing over to Israel again in Decem­ber… so thanks again.
    Sec­ondly, I was won­der­ing if you’re plan­ning on releas­ing a new dvd any­time soon?

    Best wishes,

  544. Hola hola!
    Ich habe ver­sucht, in Eure Face­book was zu schreiben, wusste aber nicht, wie es gehen soll (ich kenne mich eben nicht so aus mit Face­book)… Deshalb haben wir (mein Mann auch) eine Nachricht bei Alek­sey in seinem eige­nen Facebook-Kto. hin­ter­lassen. Alek­sey, lies Du das überhaupt, was man Dir dort hin schreibt?? Wie gesagt, selbst bin ich nicht in Face­book. Ich wollte nur sagen, die Überset­zung ist schon fer­tig, und falls Eure einzel­nen Bios auch wollt, übersetze ich sie auch mehr als gerne! Mir fehlt nur eine email Adresse wo ich das ganze Euch schicken kann… Könnt ihr mir eine nen­nen? Ihr habt ja meine, oder?
    Also, eine wun­der­schöne, span­nende und erfol­gre­iche Woche für Euch!!!
    Ganz her­zliche Grüße nochmal und eine dicke Umar­mung von


  545. Thank you guys!
    I hope so! If you come to Argentina, and not for a show, just con­tact me and let me know. There are many secrets in this city. Lol
    And…If you can talk with the Almighty, please ask him when Igudes­man and Joo can visit us in (as Mr Malkovich said)Argentina, the land of the beau­ti­ful women! (I have to clarify…They are dressed-not naked)

    Thank you again guys, you ve made me laugh a lot.
    Salud y Gra­cias

    Igudesman and Joo

    Pues grazias a ti Mar­tin! We would love to come to Argentina some time — lets all pray to the god of naked ladies swim­ming in the sea that we will soon!

  546. Hi!
    Guys you are awe­some.
    We are wait­ing for meet you in Argentina before the end of the world at 2012!


    Igudesman and Joo

    Hi Mar­tin! Dont worry, we talked to the big guy and the end of the world is not in 2012 — thats appar­ently a cou­ple of pranc­sters try­ing to scare peo­ple, he said (and he should know!) (or is it a she?) any­how, we really would love to come to your won­der­ful coun­try some time in any case!

  547. gary warner

    Hi can you tell me where I can get the dvd of “The Rise and Fall of the Clas­si­cal Musi­cian”. Are they doing an eng­lish tour as would love to see them.

    Igudesman and Joo

    well gary, “they” (mean­ing us) are doing eng­lish tours often, but mostly not in eng­land — but we are work­ing on lon­don for next year! unfor­tu­nately the show you men­tioned is not on sale on dvd, just “A Lit­tle Night­mare Music”… hope to see you in a per­fir­mance some time :)

  548. Sorry, but it’s me again!
    Have you ever thought to trans­late your Biog­ra­phy into Span­ish? It would be for me a great joy to do it, if you want it too…!
    I really speak and write Span­ish very, very well!! ;-)

    Kind­est rea­gards again!!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Hola Edith! Muchas gra­cias por tu offerta — si quieres hac­erlo, seria buenis­simo para nosotros! Und überi­gens Hyung-ki kann auch fliessend Deustch :) un besito de nos dos — kisses from both of us — and we hope to meet you in Leipzig some time!

  549. Dear Alek­sey, dear Hyung-Ki,

    I said you, I can not write much Eng­lish. But hey, I write again because I really want that Hyung-Ki can read it for himself…

    I’m surely one of thou­sands of peo­ple, who are so grate­ful for what you do!!! It is always a great joy to see your videos, my chil­dren enjoy them really very much!!! We all laughed together and enjoyed the beau­ti­ful music you do …
    Hope you can come to Leipzig!!! Can I maybe help you? We are all musi­cians … Per­haps there is any­thing we can do for you to come to Leipzig? How is that? If there is any­thing we can do, please let me know …!!!
    Many kind­est regards and all the best for you!!!!
    A giant hug from


  550. Can you PLZPLZPLZPLZ come to Israel? we’re not that far away from Turkey…

    Igudesman and Joo

    We hope to come in decem­ber… we will let you know when it happens!

  551. I thor­oughly enjoyed Julian Rach­lin and Niko­laj Znaider’s ren­di­tion of the Händel-Halvorsen — Pas­sacaglia. It is such a great piece of music, absolutely sub­lime and inspir­ing. Do you think you could con­sider arrang­ing it for vio­lin and piano and include it in your repertoire?

  552. Hola chicos!
    Es tut mir Leid, aber mein Englisch ist noch im Auf­bau– ich habe alles mit dem Deutsch ver­mis­cht (meine Mut­ter­sprache ist Spanisch). Ich weiss aber, daß Alek­sey gut Deutsch spricht– also bitte, bitte Alek­sey, auch mal Hyung-Ki alles fleißig überset­zen, ok?
    Lei­der kommt Ihr dem­nächst nicht in meiner Nähe!Ich habe 2 Kinder und deshalb bin ich lei­der nicht so mobil…Ich musste aber unbe­d­ingt hier das schreiben, da ich Euch sooooo sehr dankbar bin…!!! Ich habe Euch in Youtube ent­deckt, wegen eines Fre­un­des von mir, der Geiger ist. Was für ein riesen Glück!!! Endlich Mal wird echter Spass mit der Klas­sis­che Musik in Verbindung gebracht, ich bin soooo erle­ichtert, daß es Euch gibt! Und Ihr spielt abso­lut erstk­las­sig dazu!! Das ist das beste, man kann bei Euch die Musik echt genießen… Meine Kinder müssen Euch schon jeden Tag hören (die sind 3 und 5 Jahre alt), die sin­gen dann alles nach und seit dem sie Euch ent­deckt haben, tanzen sie auch mit großer Lust sogar zu den Chopin Etu­den! Ich weiss, es klingt alles etwas drama­tisch, aber ich muss Euch die Wahrheit sagen, für mich als Musik­erin ist eine von der beste Sachen die mir jemals passiert es, Euch gehört zu haben… DANKE DANKE DANKE!!!! Und bald nach Leipzig kom­men ;-)

    Ganz herzlich,

    Eure Edith

  553. have you guys thought of com­bin­ing the main theme from Swan Lake with Impe­r­ial March (Darth Vader theme)? I’ve had this idea for a long time, and I think you 2 could make it a really funny piece.

    Igudesman and Joo

    funny you say that Miku­las, we did actu­ally think of to that (and other bits of Swan Lake with Star Wars)… you know what they say: great minds think alike :)

  554. Thrilled to find folks on this page

  555. Hello guys!

    You are really awe­some! I should study for my exams but I can’t help watch­ing your videos! I love the piano les­son among other :)
    And I’d like to ask you: when are you com­ing to France? Come!! (beg­ging tone)

    Igudesman and Joo

    hop­fully france next year… and watch­ing our videos can actu­ally be inter­preted as study­ing in a really way­ward way — so go ahead!

  556. Hello! Is there any way I can get a hold of sheet music for some of the songs you per­formed? *hope­ful smile* My sis­ter plays vio­lin and I play piano. :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    not yet janet, not yet, but we are work­ing on that.

  557. We want you in Barcelona!!!! We have warm weather, sun, deli­cios food, extra­or­di­nary wine, so…what are you wait­ing for????

    Igudesman and Joo

    we LOVE barcelona! also hope­fully next year we will be there :)

  558. Yes, the Matrix has changed :-)
    Sorry about two messeages, I told you that Im a viola player :-)
    See You in Split!!

  559. Hello,
    first of all, we ( i speak in the name of bunch of clas­si­cal play­ers in Split) are very happy that You guys are com­ing in Split. I play viola ( you can see that from my “falsch” writ­ing in eng­lish)
    Any­way, if You need a guide or some­thing…:-)
    See You in Split!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Thanks a lot Ivan, we are look­ing for­ward very much to meet­ing you!

  560. Hello,
    first of all, we ( i speak in the name of bunch of clas­si­cal play­ers in Split) are very happy that You guys are com­ing in Split. I play viola ( you can see that from my “falsch” writ­ing in eng­lish.
    Any­way if you need a guide :-)
    See You in Split!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Thanks a lot Ivan, we are look­ing for­ward very much to meet­ing you! (wait, we have this strange feel­ing of Deja Vu…)

  561. Pedro Sá

    We want you in Oporto, Por­tu­gal!
    We want you in Oporto, Por­tu­gal!
    We want you in Oporto, Por­tu­gal!
    We want you in Oporto, Por­tu­gal!
    We want you in Oporto, Portugal!

  562. Kratochvíl


    Do you come to the Czech Repub­lic? Your´s con­certs are fan­tas­tic and I want to go to your con­cert and mi friends too.

  563. please come to Tai­wan again!!!
    since last time I came to your con­cert already two years ago~ I Miss You~~~~~~~~

    Igudesman and Joo

    You might have to wait till 2012, but we believe we will return!

  564. Please tell me if you have any plans to tour England!!!!!!!!!

  565. Gabriel Passov, dr Roman Denisov

    Добрый день Алексей

    Предлагаем Вашему вниманию нашу работу “Аккордный Альт”. Суть ее заключается в возможности исполнять соло и основные трехструнные аккорды с использованием стандартной аппликатуры. http://www.viola-in-music.com/chord-viola.html

    С уважением

    Габриэль Пассов
    др. Роман Денисов

  566. I know, that you maybe dont cel­e­brate it, but happy names day Alexei!!! :D Hope you got some cool present!

  567. messagewell

    尼玛 爱死你们了.
    wait­ing for com­ing to 杭州

    Igudesman and Joo

    We love you too and would love to come to Hangzhou one day! 再见

  568. Hello Alek­sey,
    today is on our “name­day cal­en­dar” Your name, so I wish You Happy name­day! :)

    I love your show!

  569. Hello, Alek­sey and Hyung-Ki con­grat­u­la­tions on all of the won­der­ful oppor­tu­ni­ties com­ing your way. I see that on July 20,2011 you will be in my neck of the woods in michi­gan. Let me check my sched­ule to see if I can sched­ule a vaca­tion for myself-haaah,haaah. After check­ing my sched­ule, I will be able to sched­ule a vaca­tion on July 20th to attend your con­cert after all:)

    I look for­ward to see­ing your con­cert live-Linda

    Igudesman and Joo

    Hi Linda! We will see you in michi­gan and again and again…

  570. Fryderyk

    Have mercy, Come to Poland. Pleeease !

  571. hong kong hong kong you can con­quer the asia world expo

    Igudesman and Joo

    wont make it for the expo prob­a­bly, but we are work­ing on it for 2012!

  572. I was just won­der­ing if you had any plans to come to England?

    Igudesman and Joo

    Yes, we are hop­ing to play in Lon­don, lat­est 2012… we will let every­one know, as soon as the date is fixed!

  573. pedro castro

    Hi! Are you think­ing about com­ing back to Por­tu­gal soon? Any news? Hope so ;)

    Igudesman and Joo

    We are work­ing on it :)

  574. love you guys! please please please come to Australia!You guys will love the sun, and we’ve got beaches too, and a pretty nice opera house, you should really check it out :D

    Igudesman and Joo

    Ohhh Esther, we would so love to! We actu­ally played once in the Hunt­ing­ton Estate Music Fes­ti­val some years ago and had one of the best audi­ences of our live there.

  575. Hi !
    Why don’t you include Athens in your sched­ule??? Bad­minton The­ater would love to host you — even the Athens Opera House (“Megaron”) would be hon­ored!
    We Greeks often have a prob­lem with humour : we tend to take triv­ial things too seri­ously, while seri­ous things, such as clas­si­cal music, scare peo­ple away sim­ply because peo­ple fail to see the naughty smile of real genius. So please come — tell us about it, make us fall in love with music’s naughty smile!
    If you need a con­tact to start dis­cus­sions with the the­aters, I will only be too glad to help!


    Igudesman and Joo

    Well Dora, for us to come to Athens, which we would absolutely love, we need to be invited by one of your con­cert halls, so why dont you write to them and demand us?
    Lots of love to you too and ευτυχισμένος Πόσχα!

  576. 哈哈哈哈,你们的回答也这么幽默!如果2012年地球不毁灭的话,那就来中国,来贵州!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Dont worry, the earth will not be desto­ryed in 2012 –we have some good con­nec­tions up above and had a word with some peo­ple — all will be fine and we will try and come Guizhou. 复活节快乐!

  577. Rendy MS

    Please.. please.. come to Indone­sia… :D

    Igudesman and Joo

    Kami akan san­gat senang untuk datang ke Indone­sia! (We would love to come to Indone­sia.)
    One day we hope!

  578. 你们好!

    Igudesman and Joo

    We are very glad that you are happy about our reply and thanks for the invi­ta­tion to China! We would love to come — maybe in 2012? (也许在2012年?)

  579. Caterina

    Damn… You got me! I’m a musi­cians’ legs fetishist! Now you know… But I would also like to see you play heheh

  580. Damla Demirci

    Dear Alek­sey;
    The sound from your vio­lin soo beau­ti­ful why the sound does not so beat­i­ful from my vio­lin like yours. soo sad when he stole the songs is not good
    and one more ques­tion
    my fin­ger is not ver fast. Please help me about this. and finaly please come to Sam­sun or İstan­bul. thank you for everything…

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well Damla, prac­tice, prac­tice, prac­tice. And if that doesnt work, then prac­tice some more. Also your hand posi­tions have to be right — this is impor­tant for fast play­ing also! Watch some great vio­lin­ists on youtube and try and copy their hand posi­tions… Here is Alek­seys won­der­ful vio­lin teach­ers talk­ing about the right hand: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojTn9KgZ31U
    And here are two of his star pupils Julian Rach­lin and Niko­laj Znaider play­ing together: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rf_PtnNyhiU&feature=related — observe their right and left hand and try and copy the move­ment and posi­tion. Good luck!

  581. Caterina

    AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH love that you’re com­ing back to Italy in august! I’ve seen you in Rome this year, it’s been awe­some! And in august Italy is very hot, so you can play in under­wear (Alek­sey did it all­ready, Hyung-ki it’s your turn!! aha­hah)
    See you soon then!!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    So THATS why you like us — because you want to see our legs! Okay, well its bet­ter than nothing.

  582. jonathan tyrrell

    i heard ya’ll on youtube and i abso­lutly enjoy it. i am learn­ing how to play the piano now. i hope that one day i will be able to play as good as you do. the shows are hilar­i­ous by the way. my favorite one is i will sur­vive and also ticket to ride. i am in chale­ston south car­olina in the usa and hope yall can come here soon
    thanks again

    Igudesman and Joo

    check out our tour dates here, we are sure we will play near you soon!

  583. 你们好!

    Igudesman and Joo

    We com­pletely agree, but why a watermelon?

  584. Hello :)
    I love your music even though i’ve never saw you guys live..just on youtube.
    i was just won­der­ing if one can get your sheet music.. i play the vio­lin myself and i thought of play­ing your “we will sur­vive” at my grad­u­a­tion cer­e­mony (even though it won’t be half as good as you play­ing it :D )with a friend of mine.. can i get them any­where?
    thank you for your work. i always enjoy your music and your tal­ent of act­ing :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    Dear Theresa, we are afraid our music has not been pub­lished yet… as soon as it will, we will let you know through the website!

  585. mauricio oderda

    queri­dos ami­gos, soy de una ciu­dad de argentina lla­mada Rosario en la Provin­cia de Santa Fe, con­sid­er­ada la cap­i­tal de los artis­tas y musi­cos en Argentina.….CUANDO LOS TENDREMOS POR AQUI??? seria un gran­dis­imo honor.
    salu­dos y muchas gra­cias por enseñar la belleza de la musica cla­sica con tanto amor y humor

    Igudesman and Joo

    Mauri­cio — quier­e­mos muchissimo venir a argentina — tango es una de nues­tras musi­cas preferi­das. No puedemos decir todavia cuando peudemos venir, pero esper­e­mos pronto!

  586. Сергей


    Не знаю сколько сотен раз я просмотрел ваши выступления, каждый раз в восторге, всех своих друзей подсадил уже на “айвиллСурвайф” на “риверДэнс” и другие ваши шедевры :)

    Алексей, не поверишь, Я КУПИЛ ДИСК… :)

    Сейчас это редкость, что что-то покупается, но хотелось хоть как-то отблагодарить за такой огромный кусок радости, которую вы мне подарили.

    Ещё раз огромное спасибище!!! Очень хочу попасть на ваш концерт, в районе Гамбурга. Приезжайте и продолжайте в том же духе!


    Igudesman and Joo

    spa­siba bal­sh­ioa seri­ozha, za kra­sivii slava!
    Mi igrayem w avgustie v gir­manie — mozhet budj prijedish?

  587. Wel­come to New­port, Rhode Island!! I’m so excited that you will be com­ing out here! I hope to see you on July 22nd. Will you be per­form­ing in one of the mansions?

    Igudesman and Joo

    Yes, it will be fab­u­lous and on top of that it will be Aleksey’s birth­day! Appar­ently we are play­ing in THE BREAKERS man­sion. Hope to see you there!

  588. Hi, I’m Jovana and I’m writ­ing you from Ser­bia, more pre­cisely, from Bel­grade, for which maybe you haven’t even heard, but he has heard of you :) )) I must say that I’m thrilled with you and your work! Well done!:))) The way you present clas­si­cal music is incred­i­ble and that is what makes you so spe­cial!:) And my big wish is to attend your con­cert once and i hope that it will be soon :) so let’s make a deal, when will you come to Bel­grade? :D DD If you need help with orga­ni­za­tion, just say :) )) And if you come, I promise you that you will have great time here and of course, crazy and unfor­get­table fun!:))) Just come!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Dear Jovana, we have even PLAYED in Bel­grade sev­eral times and loved it!
    We played in the Kolorac Hall, Alek­sey con­ducted the Bel­grade Phil­har­monic there and we did A Lit­tle Night­mare Music, just the two of us also. And yes we DO hope to return one day…

  589. A few years ago friends from the UK vis­ited me in Col­orado for a week and I arranged an itin­er­ary for them. I thought you might enjoy a few of the ideas.

    First Stop — Boulder

    Rent a car at Den­ver Int. Air­port (or take the shut­tle and deal with the car in Boul­der). Drive to Boul­der (about an hour). Crash at the His­toric Hotel Boul­der­ado, just off the Pearl St. pedes­trian mall (www.boulderdowntown.com). Play a short gig on the mall as street artists to earn some quick money and go over to the Dushanbe Tea­house for din­ner. (On Tues. eves. there is folk­danc­ing on the adja­cent plaza.)

    Or stay in one of the cot­tages up at Chau­tauqua Park and mean­der the many miles of foothills trails, go to a con­cert or a movie at the huge old audi­to­rium, and have break­fast on the veranda of the din­ing hall.

    For a day trip, grab lunch to go at Bread­works, and head through the moun­tains to Estes Park (a 1 hour drive) to visit Rocky Moun­tain National Park. Walk around Bear Lake and drive up Trail Ridge road (snow in July!!!) Come back and put your feet up at the Book­ends Cafe adja­cent to the Boul­der Book­store. Leave the hub­bub of the mall and stroll over to Radda Trat­to­ria for dinner.

    When you are ready to head out, stop by McGuck­ins Hard­ware (the biggest hard­ware store in the U.S.) for any­thing you for­got, and grab gro­ceries at Whole Foods. I think googling “Boul­der xxxx” will get you info on every­thing I have mentioned.

    Drive south on High­way 36 past Red Rocks park, and through the tiny town of Mor­ri­son. Adven­ture here we come!

    Next — head­ing South with an optional side trip to Santa Fe!

    Hope some of this proves useful.

    Igudesman and Joo

    Wow, can we rent you as a human nav­i­ga­tion system?

  590. G’day!

    You guys are an inspi­ra­tion as musi­cians and all of your works are funny and magnificent!

    Have you ever given con­sid­er­a­tion to com­ing to Australia?!

    You know… that giant island con­ti­nent in the South Pacific Ocean somewhere…

    Igudesman and Joo

    Hi Dou­glas, we LOVE Mozart and adore your Schnitzels, so yes, we would love to come. But what does it have to do with the musi­cal “South Pacific”?

  591. agosto? whereeeeeee?

    Igudesman and Joo

    spera per poco…

  592. Dear face­less pineap­ple,
    I am sorry to inform you that we found your sis­ter. Though it would nor­mally be a valiant ser­vice to retrieve said omit­ted sib­ling, the valiant nature of the case could only be con­sid­ered if your sis­ter was not a half-digested, welty, and strangely vel­vety pig-nosed tur­tle fes­ter­ing in a duf­fle­bag in the Danube river. Though she is still alive, we refuse to pick her up, but she wants us to tell you the pie is on and the cat needs its yogurt before 9 or it’ll expire all over the car­pet.
    King Jigme Khe­sar Nam­gyel Wangchuck of Bhutan

    Igudesman and Joo

    And we thought WE are weird! :)

  593. GUYS YOU ROCK!!!!!!! I’m impressed and really thrilled about ypour work!!! I’m musi­cian too and I’d lkove if you could come visit Brazil!!!!!!!!!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Thanks so much Clara! Actu­ally we are work­ing on a Brazil tour — lets hope it works out!!!

  594. please please come to chicago!!! :D

    Igudesman and Joo

    Next year 2012 we will for sure…

  595. Hey! You two are awe­some! We love you!
    Will you come Turkey/Istanbul? :) Please come :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    Thanks, FINALLY some­one noticed. We are sure we will return to Istan­bul some time.

  596. .….…..ma quando tor­nate in Italia?

    Igudesman and Joo

    retor­ni­amo en agosto…

  597. Bon­jour !
    Je viens juste de voter pour que vous veniez nous faire un spec­ta­cle en Europe… et plus par­ti­c­ulière­ment en France ! On vous adore et on aimerait tant pou­voir vous applaudir !
    Bonne con­tin­u­a­tion à tous les deux, et surtout, venez vite !!!

  598. what hap­pened with zagreb????!!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    a spon­sor jumped off we are afraid — but we are try­ing to find another date!

  599. Ana Catarina

    Hi! I love you and your music, I hope can see you in Por­tu­gal again! Every­one that leans music in my school loves you guys!!
    Can you please tell me how can you look so con­fi­dent and calm each time you per­form? Is just taht I play the piano, and I can feel com­pletely caml until the moment I get on stage…

    Any­way, you both are AMAZING!

    Igudesman and Joo

    well, if you want a seri­ous answer: keep on play­ing amd per­form­ing a lot– even if its small places and fro friends. the more you per­form (espe­cially the same pieces) the more calm and con­fi­dent you get. and if you want a funny answer: banana goat milk shakes half an hour before each per­for­mance and think of the audi­ence naked.

  600. Guys, you’re awe­some! I think I watched every your youtube video. But I’ve missed your show in Saint Peters­burg so I hope to see you com­ing to Rus­sia again!

    Igudesman and Joo

    hey, we know some­one by the same name as you!

  601. I just heard you on NPR, and now see on your web­site that you are going to be in Crested Butte. I used to live a few hours away from there, and so now I’m won­der­ing if I can make it up to Col­orado for the con­cert. I’m also won­der­ing if you’ll be able to dance up there — the ele­va­tion is almost 9000 feet!!! A few years ago at a music fes­ti­val in Cre­stone, CO (8500 ft.) they brought in a rock star from the 60’s — who was in his 60’s. He could hardly play and they had medics all over the place. I also remem­ber Shirley Maclaine com­plain­ing about the thin air in Den­ver (5000 ft). A lit­tle acclima­ti­za­tion really helps. Let me know if you want ideas for fun things to do in Col­orado — between Den­ver and Crested Butte, and I hope to see you on July 17th!

    Igudesman and Joo

    well, its great you tell us that — we are going to start work­ing out straight away. luck­yly we are based in the same coun­try as where Arnold Schwarzeneg­ger is from, so we should be fine by July 17th!

  602. Just heard you on NPR and am now dying for you to come to Miami, FL!! Please come!

  603. Love NPR, Vic­tor Borge and now Igudes­man and Joo. Thank you for the music, and great fun. I would love to share San Fran­cisco w/you and you w/San Fran­cisco. I would make arrange­ments to be in NYC to see you.

    Igudesman and Joo

    it looks like we will be in your area this october!

  604. When are you com­ing to Atlanta, GA???!!

  605. Damla Demirci

    Hey Alek­sey
    Ben hala par­mak­larımı hız­landıra­madım. Bana par­mak hız­landır­mak için yap­mam gereken­leri söyler misin Lüt­fenn nar yemek­ten başka keman üzerinde :D
    sizi çook seviy­o­rumve en yakında sam­suna gel­m­enizi sabırla bekliyorumm…!!

  606. Katherine Bynon

    I hope you come to San Diego some­time in the future. You two are so refresh­ingly funny! Thanks!!!! Katherine

    Igudesman and Joo

    Will Maradonna be there?


    Igudesman and Joo

    Is there cof­fee in Seattle?

  608. please visit the Turkey for concert

    Igudesman and Joo

    We will. We just have to stop by the chicken cross­ing the road, and then pay our respect to the fat duck.

  609. Damla Demirci

    Sevgili İgudes­man & Joo
    lüt­fen bu sene sam­suna gelin daha önce hiç gel­di­niz mi bilmiy­o­rum ama bu sene gel­m­enizi çook istiy­o­rum.
    Ayrıca Alek­sey senin kemanın­dan çıkan ses çook güzel çıkıyoken neden benim kemanım­dan ses öyle dolu dolu çıkmıyo? çook üzülüy­o­rum o zaman çaldığım şarkılar da güzel olmuyo…
    ve son olarak lüt­fenn sam­sunaa gelinnnnn…!! LÜTFEN LÜTFEN LÜTFEN

  610. Peo­ple like you make life way more than bear­able ;-) I hope you’ll keep doing it for a very long time…
    …bythe­way, my boyfriend wants to know “How does one get a vio­lin boner?”…I told him, I don’t like him after that :-) but here it is!!!

    THANK YOU :-)
    V & A

    Igudesman and Joo

    As we have peo­ple of all ages and sen­si­tiv­ity and sen­si­bil­i­ties read­ing and surf­ing our mes­sage board, we’re reluc­tant to answer your boyfriend’s ques­tion. Suf­fice to say, he should know the answer. And if he’s for­got­ten the answer– tell him to just look at you while he’s play­ing, and I’m sure the answer will come up!

  611. Wait, did you remove Zagreb, Croa­tia from your list???

    Igudesman and Joo

    Zagreb has been taken to the laun­dry room, and is cur­rently being ironed. It will reap­pear at some point, all clean, smelling fresh, and look­ing per­fectly pressed. CEVAPCICI & AIVAR!!!!

  612. I attended your show that helped to kick off Montreal’s Hope & Cope’s 30th anniver­sary cel­e­bra­tions. I didn’t know what to expect but I’m so glad I attended. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. Thanks so much for a great evening!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well, Sheila Kuss­ner was the real hero of the night along with any indi­vid­ual or fam­ily that has been afflicted with the chal­lenge of fight­ing cancer.You were all a great audi­ence and to be hon­est, we didn’t know what to expect either but we’re so glad we played for you all. Laugh­ter is a great way to cel­e­brate and to heal. As is music. That’s we feel super-privleged to be able to do both. Sui Mei, thank you for your kind words. Read­ing your name, our mouths are water­ing because– you’ll hate us for say­ing so but– your name looks a lot like a tasty thing to order at a Chi­nese Restau­rant– Yum Yum Dim Sum! !

  613. You guys are Awe­some!
    I was at your show on Apr 2 2pm at 2nd row, Alek­sey side.So close to you.
    It was wwwwwwonderful!!!!My favorite is Mozart Bond.
    I LOVE your music, please please come back to Toronto again and also visit my coun­try Japan! I’ll treat you Sushi!
    btw, I bought your DVD(that was the last one, so lucky), you owe me kiss!

    Igudesman and Joo

    We do hope to return to Toronto soon Yuki, so you bet­ter come and fetch that kiss of yours! And we are doing a ben­e­fit con­cert for Japan very soon in Vienna, our home town…

  614. Michelle Casalegno

    We’re lis­ten­ing to your WGBH broad­cast — adding lots of laughs. My lit­tle vio­lin­ist would love some vio­lin duet music. How do we find these?

    Thanks for the laughs! –Michelle & Geneva

    Igudesman and Joo

    Thanks Michelle and Geneva! Actu­ally you can order a lot of Aleksey’s vio­lin duet music on Ama­zon or directly from Uni­ver­sal Edi­tion online:

  615. Igudes­man and Joo,
    I was at your per­for­mance in Toronto yes­ter­day after­noon and it was absolutely won­der­ful. I’m plan­ning to go into music as a pro­fes­sion (hehe, Joo asked me if I was a musi­cian) — I’m a pianist, apply­ing to uni­ver­sity next year. You’ve inspired me greatly and I really appre­ci­ate that. You guys are awe­some! Do you think you’ll be com­ing to Toronto again in the next few years?
    Thanks so much!

    Igudesman and Joo

    We’ll be back! Good luck with the music!

  616. I guess being a night-owl finally payed off.

    Stum­bled on “Every­thing You Always Wanted to Know About Clas­si­cal Music” around mid­night and it kept me up ’til morn­ing, wish they’d show a rerun. Will have to do with youtube videos until I can catch a live show. Absolutely amaz­ing!
    Btw, any chance you’ll be com­ing to Esto­nia any time soon? You know, the small coun­try close to Russia..

    All the best!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Did you see this on Eston­ian TV?
    We were in Esto­nia a few years ago. In fact we did one of our first ever con­certs with Gidon Kre­mer and the Kre­mer­ata Baltica in Tal­liin. Loved it there!
    As it says on the bot­tom of most James Bond Movies:
    We will return.
    Thanks for stay­ing up to watch us.

  617. How come you don’t visit Korea again since the last visit?
    I would love to see your show again.
    I’m really look­ing for­ward to see you both.
    Please visit korea once more!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Per­haps com­ing later this year. We need to stock up on our Kim­chi supply.

  618. alice chen

    come to Tai­wan please please please!!! u are so amazing=D

  619. Dan Fletcher

    Hey guys, I saw your show in Toronto today. I would like to thank you for com­ing out.

    Igudesman and Joo

    NO!Thank YOU for com­ing out. Toronto was fan­tas­tic fun.

  620. Hi, i really love what you do. Please come to Paris !!

  621. AMAZING SHOW LAST NIGHT! SHIKARNO!!!!!! Alek­sey, remem­ber ‘you know what’ last­ing more than 4 hours is a med­ical emer­gency! Enjoy NYC, sorry for the poor weather.

  622. J D Richardson

    Boy, Howdy! Austin, Texas would love you AND you all would LOVE Austin! Come on down, y’all!

  623. Joyce L.

    Sorry, I didn’t real­ize ear­lier but you guys are really com­ing to New­port, Rhode Island in July! How nice!

  624. I enjoyed very much your per­for­mance in Boston on Sat­ur­day. Thank you. Do con­sider com­ing to Rhode Island some day.

  625. Dear Aliosha
    My name is Galia and I wrote you some­times in Novem­ber, 2010.
    I’m close friend of Sophie Rach­lin and
    will be at the per­for­mance at 92nd st. Y. I didn’t “apply” to see you before
    the con­cert and my ques­tion is: is it pos­si­ble
    to see you before the con­cert, because after there will be a ZOO…Wishing you a VERY GOOD LUCK in NEW YORK CITY.
    Hop­ing to squeeze through the crouds…

  626. Marianne Hand

    Drove down from Ban­gor Maine to see you in Boston. It was great. I brought my young son hop­ing that he would be inspired to play the piano more. Well, it worked, espe­cially the part with using a small elec­tri­cal drill on the grand piano. SO any­way, let me know where I can send the bill to for the repair to our limted addi­tion Schim­mell Piano , or we can just hold onto it until you come to Ban­gor Maine.
    Ban­gor, where our motto is “we’re between Boston and Que­bec” , we’re keep­ing the lob­ster warm for you.
    Good Luck on the rest of your tour

  627. Dear Mr. Igudjooman,

    As it turns out, I *was* selected to meet you back­stage at 92Y—much excited! I had a quick ques­tion, though: I have planned to attend your show with two friends, but the e-invitation says I can only bring one other per­son. Would it be okay if I brought both of my friends? One of my friends will oth­er­wise have to wan­der the boule­vards of TriBeCa (up and down, rest­lessly, where the dry leaves are blow­ing), and how could I ever inflict such a hor­ror upon my dear friend? It would be fan­tas­tic if you could let both in, if it wouldn’t be too much of a trou­ble. Thank you, and see you on Wednesday!


  628. Dear igu­Jde­s­O­manO,

    I really enjoyed the con­cert today in Troy NY. Although I have already see the DVD thou­sand times and all your clips on Utube and the movie Piano­ma­nia, I still cant help but laugh every sec­ond for every old(well, say clas­si­cal) and new stuff you have. One of the friend I brought to actu­ally broke his lung twice because he laughed too much.

    And also the music is awe­some. I con­sider you guys’ gen­tle, kind music can always make peo­ple feel com­fort­able and smile while lis­ten­ing (uh..most of the time we are laugh­ing instead of smil­ing but what­ever). It will be great if you could give me some hints of the name of the jazz songs you played since I love and admire those songs a lot (Like the one with Moo~ or the one with “Louis and Ella” (Bee Dee Dee Boo Buz Buz Buz­z­lightyear) lol). Oh and the Maria show is bravo as well! Next time you guys can try to play another Maria like Andrews did in the Sound of Music I bet =) Hmmm maybe the Roxie in Chicago will be just as suite for you too XDD

    All in all I just want to thank you for com­ing Troy since it is only a small town. You bring joy and hap­pi­ness to a bor­ing, frus­trated RPI stu­dent. I hope I can be as happy as well next time I see you guys and your music! (And hope all the audi­ences in NYC will break their lungs tomor­row, too!)

    Igudesman and Joo

    The “Moo” is a song by JOE KERR, a bril­liant song­writer liv­ing in NYC.
    The “bee dee doo bap” is from “Cir­cus Fan­tasy”, by DUNAYEVSKY, and stun­ningly tran­scribed by Sergei DREZNIN, a won­der­ful musi­cian.
    Life is too short and pre­cious to be bored and frus­trated! Sound of Music is a great idea– or how about Sound of MOOsic?

  629. Saw you guys tonight in Boston and it was a fab­u­lous show!! Thanks for being the best study break ever. :) And, for the sake of my sis­ter who loves you guys and is the one who intro­duced me to you but hasn’t had the oppor­tu­nity to see you in per­son yet, I hope your Cal­i­for­nia tour includes the SF Bay Area and hap­pens soon. (Loved the scat­ting. I bet you guys would rock a ver­sion of “I Wanna Be Like You” from The Jun­gle Book. Also, ever think of dip­ping into video game music for a skit?)

    Igudesman and Joo

    We’re work­ing on Video Game idea for some time now.
    Just can’t get Past Level 3. Do we need the coins?
    Is there a cheat code?

  630. please come to sweden

  631. Damla Demirci

    Alek­sey and Richard
    Lüt­fen Türkiye’ye gelin Lüt­fen Lüt­fen LÜTFEN
    ve ben yazdık­larıma cevap varmediğiniz için biraz kırıldım ama sizi hala çooookkkk seviy­o­rum… :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well, we cant respond to every mes­sage Damla, but we will try and return to Turkey! x

  632. Edwin Yabo

    Thank you for your art and humor !!! I have sent my 10 years old the Piano Les­son video threat­en­ing her that I will hire Joo as her teacher if she doesnt prac­tice piano…

    I won­der if you know the “Les Lutiers”, an ous­tand­ing 40 years old mus­cial and humoris­tic group from Argentina: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Les_Luthiers

    Here a link to a con­certo grosso they´ve com­posed:

    And an incred­i­ble madri­gal (hope you under­stand span­ish) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqVjDFRSoCI

    Hope to see you soon in Israel.


    Igudesman and Joo

    So– is your 10-year old prac­tis­ing now? Yes, we know Les Luthiers. They are leg­endary. See you in Israel.

  633. Hey there
    Please come once to Switzer­land. Lucerne would be great:)
    You’re both excellent!

  634. I was so lucky to be part of the audi­ence at WGBH tonight. Thank you.
    I enjoyed your per­for­mance so much, and also the ques­tions after.

    Your answer, Joo, too the piano teacher was so impor­tant. I’m glad you agreed with me that hav­ing fun and enjoy­ing what you do not only applies to study­ing music, but to life. I assume you agreed, with the excep­tion Rach­mani­noff, of course!! As per your first piece. Or was it your sec­ond. You, two, are truly gifted!

    Wish I could be at Berkley on Sat­ur­day night.

  635. Hi,guys: Good luck with the tour, it sounds like fun. Maybe next year when things set­tle down for me and I get my music rehersal sched­ules set up, then hope­fully I can take a vaca­tion and come see you guys in con­cert which would be alot of fun.

    All the best always-Linda

  636. Please please please pleeease come to the UK, I’m so des­per­ate to see you I’m con­tem­plat­ing plan­ning our sum­mer hol­i­day around one of your dates in Europe (just have to hope my part­ner doesn’t dis­cover the real rea­son behind my sud­den enthu­si­asm to visit Split or Hainburg!)

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well UK will most likely not be before 2012, so you might have to come to Europe if you want to see us sooner — just a lit­tle hint — Croa­tia is beau­ti­ful! But if you come to Hains­burg, its right next to Vienna, which is always worth a trip…

  637. Can’t believe half of the peo­ple voted for Europe.
    You guys have to come per­form in Asia !!!!

  638. You said that you aren’t doing any sea­sonal songs any­more, except of “win­ter beer“
    Are you going to play Win­ter Beer in Itze­hoe? Please! :D

    Igudesman and Joo

    Actu­ally, we were think­ing of doing “sum­mer snow” on that day — or how about some clas­sics like “autumn sleeves” or “spring (rock and) roll”?

  639. Damla Demirci

    thanks for every thing. I was very sad for you response my ques­tions. but I am very happy now. ve benim babamın çig köfte dükkanı var İstan­bula gelince ugrayın lüt­fennnn…!! :D umarım gelirsiniz…!!

  640. Damla Demirci

    Could you tell me a lit­tle tech­nique of vibrato for try at home? Because I want start vibrato on music. Songs are very bor­ing if we played with­out vibrato. Herşey için şimdi­den Teşekkür­ler…!! :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well, its dif­fi­cult to explain vibrato as a mes­sage on a home­page but we will try…: if its on the vio­lin, try to move the wrist of the left hand slowly there and back and then increase the speed grad­u­ally. If its on the piano, get 8 very strong men to move the whole piano up and down. Iyi sanslar!!

  641. Hii!
    I and my broth­ers watch your videos on youtube and we love your work! I and one of my broth­ers play piano too and some­times my brother imi­tates you :p

    Please come to Por­tu­gal, to Porto! We would love to see you! “A lit­tle night­mare music” is sim­ply genial!

    Igudesman and Joo

    We will go to Por­tu­gal again we are sure — as long as we get A LOT of Pasteis de Belem!

  642. Fares Abdennadher

    Hi it’s me again I Emailed your man­ager at the same time that you but no answer so can you please tell himm and talk with him about my offer .… ok ?

    Igudesman and Joo

    You will get an answer, dont worry :)

  643. we all Istan­bul are wait­ing you.. pleasee come to Turkey we deserve you :D

    Igudesman and Joo

    We want to return — we miss cig kofte!!!

  644. Love your work. I wish I could make it to your NY show but alas, I have a job and they actu­ally expect me to show up and do…ya know…like…work stuff. What’s up with that? Any­way, will you be book­ing any­thing in DC? DC is a great city. We may not have as much to offer as NYC but our sub­way doesnt smell like pee. Hows that for insentive?

    Igudesman and Joo

    We are sure we will make it to DC, but how about Troy NY on sun­day the 27th in the after­noon? :)

  645. Hallo!!!
    Ihr beide seit echt super toll!!!!!
    Bitte , bitte, bitte, please, please, please
    σας παρακαλώ!!!!!!!!
    kommt doch auch mal von Athen vor­bei!!!!!
    Wir wer­den uns sooooooooooooooooo sehr freuen…
    LG aus Griechenland

    Igudesman and Joo

    Wir wer­den schauen was wir tuen kön­nen Janna!

  646. Fares Abdennadher

    Hi My Name is Fares Abden­nad­her , I am from Tunisia exactly from Sfax . I am a mem­ber from a new Char­i­ta­ble orga­ni­za­tion whitch is called ”Cleub Des Artistes Libres” free artists club . I Really liked you shows you have a good per­for­mance and a very nice tal­ent . Well i was ask­ing my self if i could arrange with you a call for doing a show here in sfax and to know your prices and con­di­tions to arrange an agree­ment because i really like your job and like real artists like you . So pleas con­tact me by E-Mail :
    [email protected]
    or by face­book:
    Fares Abd ⓋⓛⓅ
    or by phone:
    So I hope that i wille recive your answer as soon as pos­si­ble and it will be really great to work with you and thank you .

    Igudesman and Joo

    Dear Fares Abden­nad­her, thanks a lot for your inter­est! — the very best is if you get in con­tact with our man­ager. You can find her con­tact details on this home­page under “con­tact & booking”.

  647. Damla Demirci

    thank you every thing :) I will eat pome­gran­ate
    after this :) :) Really… I hope to meet you in a con­cert some time :) :) and I feel this is come true…!! :) :) I love you very muchh..

  648. Cristina

    Any plans to come to Bel­gium or Nether­lands soon? It would be really great.

    Igudesman and Joo

    We would love to return! Lets see…

  649. Hi,

    I want to say that I truly believe what you are doing will help to keep clas­si­cal music in the hearts of the younger gen­er­a­tion. You two obvi­ously have much tal­ent between you and I real­ize how dif­fi­cult and prac­tice intense it is to spouff music with instruments/or voice and have it come so pol­ished. I think you are great and deeply encour­age you to con­tinue with your music.

    I hope I can scare up some money to see you in Boston.

    God Bless,

  650. When do you come to Cal­i­for­nia?
    Hope I can see you in Cali soon~~~

    Igudesman and Joo

    We are work­ing on it — hope­fully in the sum­mer and /or autumn — dates will be announced soon, we hope!

  651. Damla Demirci

    Hey guys
    Do you know Turk­ish ? oh this is really excit­ing you know a lot of lan­guage. yaa siz çooookkk tatlısınızz…!! :D ^_^

    Igudesman and Joo

    You are sweet too Damla! We hop to see you in a con­cert some time… hoscakal x

  652. Damla Demirci

    Hey Joo
    I started play piano…!! I m very happy :D Really…
    I want play you vio­lin and piano and gui­tar when we meet any place .D but I believe we meet one day
    and this hol­i­day…!! :) :) I love you very much!!
    <3 <3

    Igudesman and Joo

    Cok tesekkurler Damla! Bir­gun piyano, keman ve gitar cal­isini din­le­meyi sabir­si­z­likla bek­liy­oruz. Biz de seni cok seviyoruz!!

  653. Hello :) i just wanted to say that you guys are great. If you really wanted to know how i came to find you guys it was because of the 2009 Sher­lock Holmes movie. I went to comingsoon.net, then searched for the sec­ond movie of Sher­lock Holmes. When i pressed on it, there was a link to the offi­cial site. I licked on every­thing that was on the menu, includ­ing meet the musi­cians. So then I licked on everyone’s and saw your trailer and thought it was hilar­i­ous. Oh! I also love the music in the movie and I have the album on my ipod.

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well thank you Rene!

    Alek­sey had enor­mous fun of work­ing with Hans and Guy on the movie and work for the next Sher­lock movie is due in the sum­mer. Actu­ally, we did a lit­tle pri­vate per­for­mance for Hans Zim­mer and his team, just at the end of the work on the Sher­lock movie!

  654. Hi you two, how are you????? I’ve got a lit­tle
    ques­tion : Could you come to Stuttgart and play there??? Please, please, please, please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If I know it right, you’ve never played there!!!!
    I’ve seen many videos of you, I think you’re really great!! See you hope­fully soon ( in
    Stuttgart, or in another new video from you ;) )

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well actu­ally Ste­phie, we have played in and around Stuttgart many times, but we promise, promise we will return!!!! :)

  655. Frédérique

    When will you come in Paris ? You are able to cheer up even parisians, I swear, I saw it !! So don’t let us down, please !! We love you !

    Igudesman and Joo

    Cheer up the Parisians? Wow, you REALLY believe in us! No seri­ously, we love Paris and we love the grumpy Parisians too, so we hope it hap­pens soon also!

  656. Eleonora

    ancora non sono abbas­tanza pic­cola per entrare nel vio­lino, quindi il piano sarebbe perfetto!!!

  657. Eleonora

    Por­tatemi via con voi.….…..

    Igudesman and Joo

    dove? den­tro il piano?

  658. Damla Demirci

    If you don’t come to istan­bul I will die

    Igudesman and Joo

    alright, alright slow down, no need for death! you know, before dying you COULD also buy a flight ticket and see us in another coun­try :) but we would love to return to Istan­bul, of course…


    Igudesman and Joo

    It looks like in 2012 it might happen!!!

  660. Raquel Ribeiro

    Vocês são sim­ples­mente mag­ní­fi­cos! Muito bom, seria ótimo se viessem ao Brasil! Parabéns pelo espetáculo!

    Igudesman and Joo

    BRASIL! We hope, we hope we hope!!!

  661. Chris Randall

    Hi, my part­ner and i have watched all your youtube videos and thought they were fan­tas­tic — Ticket to ride– had us in stiches. Will you be tour­ing in the uk? You should def­i­nitely come!!!!
    Chris and Lau­ren! :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    ah we cant wait to come to the UK some time…

  662. Esin BENGÜDENİZ

    I love your music so much! And I love you. Are you comin’ to Istan­bul? Please come come come come!

    Igudesman and Joo

    we have played there a few times, loved it and really hope to return!

  663. Marianne Lynch

    For years (well at least sev­eral months) I have asked you to come to Ban­gor Maine. When you toured Swe­den I sug­gested you con­sider com­ing here. We are just like Swe­den just with more snow and less smoked fish.

    Now I see you are com­ing to Boston then Canada, guess what is in between? BANGOR MAINE!!

    COme check us out, see the COllins Cen­ter and Gra­cie The­ater for venues. We’ll show you a great time…alright a pretty good time, we know we are just Ban­gor Maine. But we’ll give you a lob­ster and a whoopie pie, they don’t have those in Sweden!

    Good Luck on your U.S. tour, hope to see you in Boston.

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well Mar­i­anne, do come to Boston and we will cer­tainly con­cider Ban­gos Maine in the future, in light of solv­ing the lob­ster prob­lem… we heard you have too many of them, so when we come, we plan to devour a large part of the lob­ster population!

  664. Your con­cert in Siena was amaz­ing! This is the right way to fas­ci­nate with music!

  665. Hey, you guys should totally come to Scot­land!! I have just dis­cov­ered your mate­r­ial, and I think you guys are amaz­ing!!! I am a piano and vio­lin teacher, and will be telling all my pupils to go out and buy your dvd for tips!!! Should make lessons more interesting!

  666. I just dis­cov­ered you fews days ago and…
    I’m in love !
    What you do is defi­nately fab­u­lous, I really love, and hope to see you in France ASAP ! :-)
    Carry on giv­ing us so much plea­sure !

    Igudesman and Joo

    Thanks Arnaud!!!

  667. hezaberry

    u guys are ace with love from eng­land xxxx

  668. You were much more iron­i­cal than them:

    I didn’t think it would pos­si­ble to meet an-some artists with such a com­bi­na­tion of tal­ent, charm and irony in today’s sit-com world. You made my day bet­ter and I promised myself to think of your per­for­mance instead of the bills to pay when the alarm clock will ring early in the morning.

    I’ll fol­low and for­ward your tours, come back soon to Rome and to Italy, I long to hear the famous Russ­ian his­tor­i­cal song I vill sur­vive, the nicest ser­e­nade I’ve ever lis­tened to (actu­ally I never heard any).

    Have a nice trip in Tuscany !

    All the best,


    Igudesman and Joo

    Well, thank you for com­ing Angela! Glad you loved it — it was so much fun in Rome!

  669. The Show in Rome was amaz­ing… I couldn’t stop cry­ing of laugh­ter! You two… you are so sharp and for sure two genius. And wow! Your ital­ian is fan­tas­tic! And, well, you know… the music was great. Maybe I’d like just a lit­tle bit more of… Mozart! Come back soon, we’ll wait for you to come back since the first minute after the end of the show!

  670. How have you learnt Ital­ian?!?!?
    Tonight, in Rome, when I heart “mug­gire” I couldn’t believe­ble it
    You both speak Ital­ian much bet­ter than me! ;-)

    And Forza Italia??
    And San Remo?? .…

    Many con­grat­u­la­tions
    Wish many many nigth­mares like yours to all of your fans!

    Igudesman and Joo

    We learned Ital­ian by order­ing a huge amount of amaz­ing Ital­ian food of course! And we had some help, of course ;)

  671. Come to Aus­tralia! We’re the best! We’ve got an awsome opra house in Syd­ney. You may have heard of it (The Syd­ney Opra House of course). It’s very famous & it’s a greeeaat venue.
    Come to Aus­tralia!!! We’re wait­ing for you!

  672. I’m wait­ing for you in Siena! Non vedo l’ora!!!!

  673. Boys, I’ve lis­tened to you only yes­ter­day evening in Sas­suolo, and I miss U already! Great show, great actors (or…maybe you were sim­ply “nat­ural”???), great and intense music.…MANY FREE KISSES! V.

  674. Jonathan

    Yo guys,

    Will u guys come to malaysia to per­form again?Coz i miss out the show last year :-(

    Pls pls come to malaysia again!!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    We will return, hope­fully 2012! :)

  675. Hey!
    You are so awe­some! Come and visit Den­mark! :D

  676. Tryman008

    Hey Guys!
    I’m sad to see you’re not going to visit Germany ?!

    How can that be? Dont you know the coun­try? You can eat good saus­sages and drink the best beer there!

    Call me if you come. you got my num­ber dont you?

    Igudesman and Joo

    We will be in Ger­many many times, dont worry! New dates com­ing soon…

  677. Damla Demirci

    Hey guys
    When will you come to İstan­bul? Please come come Pleaseeeee..!! :’(

    Igudesman and Joo

    We dont know yet, but we do hope to return…

  678. Hello! I want you to come to Spain! You’re awe­some! I see your videos and I enjoy a lot. I wish to see you in per­son, pleeeeasee <3 !:):)

    pd.if you come to spain, I promise that I will pre­pare you a deli­cious meal! (tipi­cal span­ish, of course!) hahaha :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    We want to go to Spain too!!!!

  679. Hi,come to Spain please,i always watch your videos on youtube,its a very nice coun­try, you will love the food,and sunny days,we will wait for you,many kisses and you are the best.

  680. Hello,
    Will you come in Paris ?
    Pleeeeeaaase <3

    Igudesman and Joo

    We will come in, around and to Paris for sure some time, Audrey!

  681. I LOVE YOU GUYSS !! ^^ come to mel­bourne ple­asseeeee.…!! >__<

  682. 'sevqi DamLa Demirci

    okay…!! Thanks a lot for advices(pomegranate) :) :) I love you very much <3 <3

  683. You just under­stand every­t­ing what is music about!! Really nice work…


  684. I heard that you once vis­ited Zagreb, Croa­tia. I was won­der­ing if you plan to do it again?
    If so, I’m the first man in line for the tick­ets :D

    Igudesman and Joo

    You will find out about Zargeb soon… :)

  685. Hi,

    Are you com­ing to Aus­tralia? If you are, please come to Hobart in the island state of Tas­ma­nia! It’s a beau­ti­ful place, and there are many peo­ple who would love to watch you guys! We have a great orches­tra and con­cert hall, and some schools which would be so ecsta­tic to have you guys play for them! :D Look­ing for­ward for a reply (because I know you guys will deliver)

    Nick :D

    Igudesman and Joo

    We would LOVE to come to Aus­tralia… but so far we have not had invi­ta­tions besides from lovely fans like you. :(
    If you email your local orches­tras and a con­cert halls and demand us, its more likely to hap­pen though! ;)

  686. Come to Sao Paulo — Brazil! Please, would be an honor see them here!

  687. Okay, maybe this sounds very absurd, but could you two do a per­for­mance of the song “Sum­mer Wine” ? It would be really awe­some!.… and very funny :)

    (espe­cially if you do it while prac­tis­ing the silly walk!.… okay, maybe this would be to weird…) :D

    Igudesman and Joo

    Hi Julia,
    Unfor­tu­nately we dont do sea­sonal songs any more, with the excep­tion of “Win­ter Beer”. Do you know it? Its writ­ten by the same guy as “Spring Cham­pagne” and “Autumn Brandy”.
    Hmmm, ok, that was a bit of a lame joke, but you cant be on top form all the time, can you?

  688. We need more peo­ple in Amer­ica to vote for your performances.

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well, we hop to see you in a per­for­mance, some time! :)

  689. (Enough of the beg­ging) I just sent an e-mail to your book­ing agent to ask about a con­cert at the Gallo Cen­ter in Modesto, CA. Hope­fully it works, because I’ve been watch­ing your videos on Youtube for the past 3 years! I am a 15 year-old vio­lin stu­dent now. I hope that you can come, and I hope that Joo doesn’t have dreaded back prob­lems. Cheers!

  690. Patrick M

    Hello !

    First, i would like to thank you for all your pas­sion and work, which help to make clas­si­cal music loved.

    I wanted to know if there is plan on releas­ing a DVD of the show with Gidon Kre­mer. I’m totally stunned by extracts on the Inter­net, and hope to have the pos­si­bil­ity, so, to see the whole show, as this year, you are not com­ing to France…

    In march, i’m going to a con­cert with G. KREMER play­ing, but i’m soooooo look­ing for­ward to see you, guys, in person !

    Igudesman and Joo

    There is no plan as of yet to release any show with Gidon Kre­mer. We had 3 of the best years of our lives work­ing with our hero and leg­end Gidon Kre­mer, and in that time, we per­formed over 50 shows with him and the won­der­ful and unique Kre­mer­ata Baltica together. We have a new show with orches­tra called BIG Night­mare Music. Per­haps one day, we will per­form it in France– in French, naturelle­ment.
    A bien­tot,
    Igudeshomme et Juif

  691. Please please come to Hun­gary! You had to can­cel your show last time so you owe us one :) )) How can you han­dle your bad con­science? ;)

    Igudesman and Joo

    Dear Susan,
    Actu­ally WE didn’t can­cel Hun­gary! It was can­celled by the spon­sors of the con­cert.
    But we have a bad con­science for all the fun we haven’t had yet, and so we will when we come to Budapest, we will make up for it!
    Igudes­man is the Buda and Joo is the Pest. Er– we meant Best!

  692. Damla Demirci

    YESS…!! I believe you come İstan­bul this year and this hol­i­day :) :) And I love you..!! ^_^

    Igudesman and Joo

    we love you too… spread the love!!! :) :):)

  693. Please come to the west­ern united states soon, we love you guys over here!

  694. AFernandes

    Hi, I love your music, please came play in Lis­bon or Madrid. I would enjoy it very much.

    Con­grat­u­la­tion for your work

  695. Serhat Onur Yavaşi

    We want you to play in turkey
    We want you to play in turkey
    We want you to play in turkey
    We want you to play in turkey
    We want you to play in turkey
    We want you to play in turkey
    We want you to play in turkey
    We want you to play in turkey
    We want you to play in turkey
    We want you to play in turkey
    We want you to play in turkey

    Igudesman and Joo

    We want to play in turkey also
    We want to play in turkey also
    We want to play in turkey also
    We want to play in turkey also
    We want to play in turkey also
    We want to play in turkey also
    We want to play in turkey also
    We want to play in turkey also
    We want to play in turkey also
    We want to play in turkey also
    We want to play in turkey also

  696. Hello!
    When you will come to Hun­gary?
    We have a GREAT NEW Con­cert Hall in Pécs one of the best in Europe! You must to see it!
    All the Best! (We will sur­vive!)

    Igudesman and Joo

    actu­ally, there are talks with hun­gary… so lets hope soon!

  697. You guys made my day watch­ing the videos…I would love to see at live per­for­mance. When are you com­ing to the West coast of the USA? Specif­i­cally Seat­tle??? We would love you here!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    we will, sasha, we will!

  698. Hello!
    I’m from Slove­nia and I would like to buy tick­ets for any of your shows in Italy this March. But I don’t know how to … There is only link to buy tick­ets online for the show on 8th of March which is mostly full … Please, I wish to give this con­cert as a birth­day present to a friend =)

    Thank you for your answer ^^

    Igudesman and Joo
  699. Hey guys, found you on youtube and loved it.
    Just won­dered if you would be play­ing in the UK soon?

    Igudesman and Joo

    we are won­der­ing the same thing!

  700. Markéta

    I hope you remem­ber my name from the Feb­ru­ary 13 (my birth­day!!) when my friend was at your con­cert and asked you for an auto­graph for me.
    You have to make a show in Prague, because you are soooo amaz­ing!
    Thanks for every­thing and sorry for my eng­lish :-)

    Igudesman and Joo

    Of course, we wrote a spe­cial note for you! Happy unbrith­day today and we hope we come soon also…

  701. Thanks for your visit to Mainz. Surely it was not the biggest hall where you’ve been, but I am happy you came any­way. It was the best “clas­sic” pre­sen­ta­tion, I have ever been to. Can’t wait for your next tour.
    Com­pli­ments to your ger­man lan­guage skills. Jetzt glaube ich euch, dass ihr hier alles selbst beant­wortet. ;)

    Igudesman and Joo

    Na siehst du, also es sind DOCH wir!
    Ausser dieser Mes­sage die ist von unserem eineigen Zwill­ings­bruder geschrieben…

  702. Damla Demirci

    Hello again İgudesman&Joo
    Alek­sey can I ask you some­thing? :) I want some notes from you. Exam­ple; vio­lins of the world, irish stew in the morn­ing and Auld Lang Syne..
    :) PLEASE HELP ME…!! Thank You For Everything

    Igudesman and Joo

    You can buy a lot of Alek­seys music on ama­zon, but also directly from Uni­ver­sal Edi­tion.
    The pieces you men­tioned, for exam­ple, are part of a duet book called “Celtic & More”

    Here is the link to that:

    And here is all his pub­lished music:

  703. hi guys!i think you guys are amaiz­ing and I want you to come in Romania,again.sorry for my eng­lish. :) ) I’m beg­ing you! Come in Romania!!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    We might be com­ing to Bucharest later this year. Keep check­ing out tourdates.

  704. hi, please come to Mex­ico I believe you would be wel­comed here, your work is awsome i love it

    Igudesman and Joo

    Mex­ico has the BEST Mar­guer­i­tas in the whole wide world. We will come and per­form Cucu­racha upside down for you– which actu­ally sounds rather like Tchaikovsky…

  705. Dear play­ers,

    please, please do NOT come to the Nether­lands, espe­cialy not any­where near me (Utrecht)!

    If you would come, al my friends and I will have sleep­less nights because of the excite­ment.
    Also we do not have the money to buy con­cert tick­ets and will be very sad (with lots of cry­ing and pulling out of hair) every time we see a poster of the con­cert in our town.
    We will be forced to enter the con­cert ille­gally and since I am not good at sneeky stuff, we will get arrested and our lives might be ruined as a result. (also my mother will get really angry, and you do not want to be in town when that happens!)

    So stay away!

    Thank you.

    Igudesman and Joo

    hey, dont worry, we wont even answer your mes­sage here! aehm…

  706. Moin Moin aus Nord­fries­land!
    I love you so much, your music is bril­liant, you are very, very funny and I just have to see you live.… but I unfor­tu­nately can’t come to Han­nover and Mainz :( Please come to Ger­many again,maybe to Dres­den or Ham­burg which are also very nive citys and it would be so great to see you there! But now to some­thing com­pletly dif­fer­ent: I watched quite a lot videos of you youtube chan­nel and they brought so much wis­dom to me! Since I watched “Stem” I know about the deeper mean­ing of life.

    p.s: do you really prac­tise the silly walk every day? It would be ter­rific to see that :D

    Igudesman and Joo

    we will come many times to Ger­many so dont worry! and yes we prac­tice the silly walk every day before break­fast! unfor­tu­nately we dont eat breakfast…

  707. Hi guys,
    I’m cur­rently study­ing music in Ger­many, but my home coun­try is New Zealand. Can you please do a tour of New Zealand? My fam­ily and friends would love it — there’s an enthu­si­as­tic clas­si­cal music crowd there that often get over­looked because of their iso­la­tion.

    Igudesman and Joo

    oooh we would love that– if some­one invites us there we would go, but until then hope to see you in Germany!

  708. Hola Hyung-ki y Aleksey,

    me llamo Lud­mila y soy de Eslovaquia.Primero de todo, me encaaaan­tan su concier­tos y proyec­tos que hacen!!! Toco vio­lin y para mi son una gran moti­va­cion e inspira­cion. La unica cosa que me pone triste es que tengo una mala suerte para sus concier­tos. Primero iba al concierto en el 1.10.2010 al Budapest, pero el concierto se can­celo. Luego que­ria ir a su concierto en el 3.3. en Nowy Sozc y ese se can­celo tam­bien… no pude ser :) … espero que un dia los voy a ver en algun concierto. De todas man­eras muchas gra­cias por su tra­bajo y por la musica que hacen. Mucha suerte y espero que Hyung-ki se va sen­tir mejor con su espalda.

    Salu­dos y abrazos!!!


    Igudesman and Joo

    Nunca sabia que hablas castel­lano en Eslo­vaquia! Esper­e­mos que tienes mas suerte para ir a nue­stros concier­tos en el futuro… un beso x

  709. Hello Igudes­man and Joo!!
    Im really really really blown away by all of your per­for­mances!!!! You guys are so AWESOME!!!
    Im from Malaysia and im 17 this year. I play the piano and I’ll be sit­ting for my grade 8 exam this year. Kyung-ki, could you please give me some point­ers on how to improve my tech­nique? I’d really appre­ci­ate that :) And how many hours do you guys prac­tise each day?? Please reply..

    Igudesman and Joo

    Hi Astrid!, well, we prac­tice between 0 and 8 hours a day and the tip we can give you is PRACTICE SLOWLY!
    Any­way, we hope to return to Malaysia in 2012 we loved your food and your fish mas­sage! Hyung-ki was laugh­ing hys­ter­i­cally for 10 min­utes non-stop, they had to vacate the mas­sage par­lor and the poor fish were trau­ma­tized, so it went quite well :)

  710. però non è giusto.….…in Toscana si, ma quando in Veneto?

    Igudesman and Joo

    Viene a Toscana!!!

  711. Hey,
    I’ve heard about you recently, although I’ve taken classes at a musi­cal school, where I stud­ied both the vio­lin and the piano. I am from Roma­nia, and that explains why news come to us later :) ) It might be very dif­fi­cult, but we do want you to come to Roma­nia! Some con­certs in our coun­try could be very inter­est­ing, as peo­ple haven’t taken con­tact with this type of con­cert.
    Today, some chil­dren of the musi­cal high-school in Brasov tried to .. let’s say, per­form in your way! It was a mess!:)) Your are unique! Aleksey’s face says a lot when he per­forms. And Hyung-ki is bril­liant when tries to teach Alek­sey to “play” the piano. And I can’t get enough of Alla molto turca!

    So guys, the feng shui here is A major! Best wishes and come to Roma­nia sooner!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Thank you Ioana. Actu­ally we played in Bukarest very recently and it was even on TV — where were you?
    We may be back in September…

  712. Tamburlaine

    What’s the pro­nun­ci­a­tion of “Igudes­man & joo”? :D

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    The pro­noun­n­ci­a­tion of Igudes­man & Joo is “Igudes­man & Joo”.
    I hope we could be of help!

  713. Denise D.

    Another ques­tion: Are there audio record­ings of the sonatas writ­ten by Alek­sey? I’m inter­ested in buy­ing one, but I want to make sure its not too out of my league. Thanks guys!

    Igudesman and Joo

    There are no record­ings yet, Denise, I am afraid.
    But as guide­lines:
    1. one is not too hard.
    2. is harder
    3. is hard­est :)

  714. When will you come in Serbia?

    Igudesman and Joo

    Soon we hope!

  715. Already in the U.S., may come to Texas (I´m from Mex­ico)…? Please, please (I’m on my knees)

    Igudesman and Joo

    We will play in many places in the US — keep on check­ing our tour sched­ule and sub­scribe to our newsletter!

  716. Damla Demirci

    but why plums? And when you came İstan­bul, at the end of the con­cert I can’t see. Thank you for every­thing :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    Plums are good for the diges­tion :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    But the best fruit for musi­cians is Pomegranate.

  717. Dear Alek­sey!

    I am look­ing for­ward to see­ing you to play the real instru­ment: VIOLA !!!!!
    I deeply hope this day will come some day…

  718. Damla Demirci

    What? Plums? Really? Okay thank you :)

  719. Damla Demirci

    Please help me about vibrato and pass the notes quickly on vio­lin. PLEASE :(

    Igudesman and Joo

    look below and all (actu­ally, noth­ing) will be revealed!

  720. Denise Driscoll

    Hey, thanks for being awe­some. I play vio­lin and wish I had half the chops and comedic genius you two have. I am now mak­ing it a goal to see a live per­for­mance per­for­mance some­time. Do you think you’ll ever be on the west coast of the United States? Hyung-ki, I hope you get bet­ter and don’t have to can­cel any­more shows. Alek­sey, you’re an inspi­ra­tion! I love you guys!

    Igudesman and Joo

    we will DEFFINITELY come to the west of USA — maybe even in the sum­mer, but for sure in autumn. keep on check­ing teh dates on our home­page and sub­scribes to our newslet­ter! and thanks Denise, its also inspir­ing to get nice mes­sages like yours here!

  721. Damla Demirci

    and finally Please come to İstan­bul. Once arrive but please come again. You play very well. I love lis­ten to you. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…!!
    an fans
    Damla DEMİRCİ

    Igudesman and Joo

    well, lets hope we come again! we have already been a few times.

  722. Damla Demirci

    Hello again İgudesman&Joo
    Can I ask you a quas­tion? I can’t vibrato on vio­lin and I cant pass notes quickly. Please help me. Please Alek­sey, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE :) ^_^

    Igudesman and Joo

    well if you cant “pass” notes quickly, you should eat a lot of plums. and as for vibrato, that is not exactly some­thing that one can explain by writ­ing. come to a con­cert and alek­sey promises to show you after a show.

  723. Sylvia Morales

    Hi.…… my respects for your work.…amazing…
    When are you com­ing to FLORIDAUSA Tampa, Orlando Miami are wait­ing for you??????

    Igudesman and Joo

    we will play in the U.S.A. a lot, so hope­fully also near you, Sylvia!

  724. Liliana Fernandes


    I found your vídeos on youtube and now i´m really a big fan!!! for when a con­cert in OPorto, Por­tu­gal?
    you both show that music is much more than only instru­ments and scales, and por­tugue­ses love all the dou­ble… feel­ings :D

    hope to see you soon


    Igudesman and Joo

    we would love to return to your won­der­ful coun­try — kets hope somone books us in porto :)

  725. Oh wtf..?? you reply to every­one but me.. How gay is that

    Igudesman and Joo

    Nownow, Nile, thats not quite true. If you look down, we do not reply to every­one, but we try to reply to peo­ple who actu­ally ASK some­thing.
    If you look at your post, do you see a ques­tion mark any­where? ;)

  726. marjolein

    A lit­tle while ago I played in het Con­cert­ge­bouw Ams­ter­dam. If you have played there before me, then you should know that al around the roof the names of great musi­cians (com­posers) are writ­ten. Just 2 names are miss­ing: Igudes­man and Joo!

    I just find out about you, ( sorry, but bet­ter late then never at all) and I have to say…you both are really fan­tas­tic ! The way you bring clas­si­cal music to peo­ple is absolutely out­stand­ing! I saw your video’s at youknowwhat­tube and couldnt stop watch­ing and lis­ten­ing. Mozart/Bond/Love Story… amaz­ing, Rachmaninov…tears of laugh­ter, all night long.

    So, I really hope that in the near future you can visit Hol­land again and I promise you to be there too! (if you still need another vio­lin­player, please do con­tact me, I play as well ( but not as well as Igudes­man ;-)

    All the best!


    Igudesman and Joo

    Dear Mar­jolein, thank you for your sweet mes­sage! We would absolutely love to play in the Con­cert­ge­bouw Ams­ter­dam. It would be a big dream of ours together. Alek­sey played there in the big hall, doing a con­cert of his vio­lin duets together with hun­dreds of chil­dren, which was an amaz­ing expe­ri­ence for him. But as IGUDESMAN & JOO, we are still wait­ing to make that dream come true…

  727. Damla Demirci

    PLEASE HELP ME..!! :)

    Damla Demirci


  728. Damla Demirci


  729. which secret?
    It’s a secret.…ahhahahahaha

    about your response to my mes­sage 13/01

  730. Damla Demirci

    Hello İgudes­man & Joo
    I’m play­ing vio­lin nearly 2 years.I am 14 years old. I lis­tened to you and loved you so much.
    I like you stole some of your pieces Alek­sey exam­ple: I will sur­vive, river­danc­ing vio­lin­ists and fist­ful of dol­lars but I could not find their notes. Can you help me? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE..!!:D
    Thank you for everything.

    Igudesman and Joo

    We are afraid that our ver­sions of I will Sur­vive and Fist­ful of Dol­lars are not pub­lished yet. But you can find a 2 vio­lin ver­sion of the piece in “River­danc­ing Vio­lin­ist”, arranged by Igudes­man as sheet music, pub­lished in one of his books called “Celtic & More”. You can order it at your local music shop or buy it at Uni­ver­sal Edi­tion online here: http://www.universaledition.com/Celtic-amp-More-Violin-Duets-fuer-2-Violinen-Aleksey-Igudesman/sheet-music-and-more/detailview/UE33652



  732. .….and so now I have dis­cov­ered your secret. :D

    Igudesman and Joo

    nooo, help! how did you find out? how could this hap­pen? aehm, sorry. by the way, which secret.

  733. Hallo!

    Als ich let­ztes Jahr noch in Deutsch­land war, kan­nte ich euch noch nicht. Jetzt bin ich nach Los Ange­les gezo­gen… und ihr wart noch nie hier. Könnt ihr mal eine Konz­ert Tour nach Calo­for­nia machen?
    Wäre echt SUPER!

    keep up the good work! you guys are the best!

    Igudesman and Joo

    we will tour cal­i­for­nia in the near future, dont worry!

  734. kim-je-hawn(김제환)

    This mail’s lan­guage is korean.
    안녕하세요? 저는 김제환입니다. 저는 주형기 아저씨를 뵈러왔다가 뵈제 못해서 다시 귀국했답니다.주형기 아저씨와 일렛세이 이구데스만 아저씨의 공연을 보고 싶어요. 다시 한국으로 놀러 오세요. 그땐 정말로 공연 보러갈깨요…



  735. Hello guys!

    I juste had to put a mes­sage on this board to say that I’m a fan for… quite a long time now and I can’t stop watch­ing your show, again and again. Thank you for all the good moments I had with you (even if you don’t know any­thing about it.….….….…. ;)

    Any­way, (for the self­ish part of this com­ment) I’d looooove to see you both in France soon and, if you ever plan to come, please choose the half north of the coun­try pleeeeeeaaaaase…! (or Bel­gium? Could be eas­ier for me to come)
    Sure I would do my best to see you for real!!

    Hope to see you soon…

  736. Kendra Murphy

    Hey Guys! I absoloutely love your work. As a pianist, it is so refesh­ing to see such a funny and tal­ented show! I could not stop laugh­ing!
    Any plans to come to Aus­tralia in the near future?
    I know that pretty much my whole friend group would buy tick­ets!

  737. you HAVE TO come to sax­ony in ger­many or a city that is nerar to it. i com­mend it!! ;)
    i love you both :D
    greet­ings from elli.

  738. gary warner


    Igudesman and Joo

    you can buy it on on ama­zon in the UK:


  739. Hi guys,

    Myself and my fiancé think you are leg­ends! So very tal­ented and hilar­i­ous! I’ve 2 ques­tions:-
    1) Any plans to put on a show in Dublin, Ire­land?
    2) How can I get an auto­graphed pic­ture of you guys?
    Keep up the good work! We watch your dvds over and over! GENIUS!!
    Loads of love
    Julie xx

    Igudesman and Joo

    1) we would love, love, love to come to dublin. no plans yet, but hope­fully soon.

    2) when we are there we will auto­graph any­thing you like!!!
    and thanks for the com­pli­ments julie xx

  740. Hey Leut­les,
    Can u bitte to Vaihingen/Enz komma, au bora katika Ensin­gen katika Forch For­est Room.
    See holp­fully bald ici

    Igudesman and Joo

    weird lang­which welch­est wie likig. seh you soon­fully hoffe!

  741. Hi,
    My que­tion is: How long does Alek­sey prac­tise, if there is a con­cert?!
    Thanks for telling me, 13-years-old violin-student
    PS: You lost South­ern Ger­many, I saw that.

    Igudesman and Joo

    it depends. alek­sey tries to prac­tice a cou­ple of hours a day to keep in shape. and when learn­ing to prac­tice more. whereas hyung-ki prac­tices non­stop all day and night, since he is a pianist.

  742. Hello Igudes­man & Joo! =)

    I hadn’t heard your music before, but I started hear­ing it since this year at the conservatory!

    I really like the way you turn one clas­si­cal music piece into the most famous one, being clas­si­cal or nowa­days music.

    I have a ques­tion for you two! Are you going to come to Spain? I would like to be at one of your live concert!

    Thanks you very much! Kisses for you!! =)

    Igudesman and Joo

    quier­e­mos muchissimo venir a españa! vamos a ver quando. bessos a ti tam­bien Paqui!

  743. Hallo ihr 2,
    kön­ntet ihr bitte mal nach Öster­re­ich oder Stuttgart kommen?

    Igudesman and Joo

    wer­den wir, wer­den wir! :)

  744. Hey Igudes­man and Joo I am a huge fan.. you guys have such a great sense of humor.. the river danc­ing the piano les­son i love it all.. any­ways im from Cal­i­for­nia San­jose. and i noticed that you guys have upcom­ing con­certs in USA/ Boston MA, and New York well thats kind of wau off into the east coast heh.. well i was hop­ing maybe one day you guys could come over to the west coast more of San­fran­sico area. that place is full of broad­way shows and enter­tain­ment it would fit per­fectly to your guy’s style. with the right pub­lic­ity heh well.. thats mostly what i had to say other than that. you guys are two up there in my favorite musi­cian list alogn with john mayer/ the bea­t­les… so on..

  745. Francisco

    Hello, por­tuguese peo­ple will gone love your work,come to Por­tu­gal, you gone love to.
    i hop to see you here.

    Igudesman and Joo

    We have been in Por­tu­gal in recent years a few times and would love to return, since we have become addicted to Pasteis de Belem!

  746. Hello.. :)
    Can you come to Zagreb, Croa­tia? :)
    Please please please.. :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well, it looks quite good, we might be there quite soon! Sub­scribe to our online Newslet­ter and all will be revealed soon…

  747. I’m still wait­ing till you guys are com­ming to Belgium…

    We really need good news now.

  748. Hi!

    Come to Por­tu­gal Casa da Música in Porto its a great place to you play! Or Europar­que in Santa Maria da Feira! Please come!

  749. I saw Lang Lang play with the San Diego Sym­phony on Fri­day 14th Jan­u­ary. He played Rachmaninoff’s piano con­certo no.2…he didn’t use sticks.…please come to Cal­i­for­nia to show it should be done correctly.

  750. Yaaayyyyyy! I even asked my mom if I could do the newslet­ter, and she said yes!!! :D

    Yaayyy! Thanks! Bun­nies 2 u!


    Igudesman and Joo

    you asked your mum? you are such a good boy. stop that emidi­ately! nono, just kid­ding. any­way, we hope you enjoy it and above all, con­vince her to take you to a LIVE CONCERT of ours!
    Ran­dom let­ters 2 u!

    d d
    g g
    ccc ccc

  751. Bahaha! Yes I know you are “Hyung-ki” So your name should be Joo Hyung Ki is Korean. ;)
    안녕하세요 to you too! :D

  752. Taras Grosh

    Thank you for com­ing to NYC! Dream come true!

  753. Caroline

    I’ve dis­cov­ered you guys today, I’ve never been so grate­ful for a doc­u­men­tary (“piano­ma­nia”!).
    I have to get your dvd, and then wait for you to come to Paris soon! I’ll wait as long as required :)

  754. Ahmet Sami Doğru

    I love you guys, you are really per­fect and i need you see closer and live! Please come Istan­bul soon again. Lit­tle mid­dle big night­mare, it doesn’t matter.

  755. Richard! Can you respond? In Korean? ;D

    Igudesman and Joo

    안녕하세요 And actu­ally its “Hyung-ki” ;)

  756. What about berlin?

    Igudesman and Joo

    what about it?

  757. Alek­sey and Richard,

    I found out you are going to New York on March 30th! I am really excited, and I may be able to see you. I live all the way across the coun­try though, but see­ing you would be a dream come true. Please respond!

    I am Korean too, so I enjoyed watch­ing Piano Lesson. ^-^

    Igudesman and Joo

    come, come!

  758. I’ve seen your tour­dates.
    Sas­suolo, roma, Polo­nia and than in Toscana with the orches­tra.
    Just a curios­ity: but when do you find time to rehearse with the orchestra?

    Igudesman and Joo

    ah, thats a secret! ;)

  759. Hello! I am a huge fan!! Please please come to the UK, I’ve only seen your youtube stuff but I am dying to see your live show!!!! *dies*

    *Comes back to life* ^_^

    But any­way I love what you guys are doing com­bin­ing music with com­edy!! The only prob­lem is I just can’t lis­ten to Mozart in the same way any­more, I keep hear­ing James Bond!!!!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    And James Bond will have Mozart in him too, dont you worry! :)

  760. Hi guys,

    I absolutely love your music and enjoy watch­ing your videos. The river danc­ing vio­lin­ist being one of the favourites. I would love to see you in con­cert but in your shed­ule there are no dates for the UK. Do u ever per­form here? If u plan­ning a con­cert here in the near future I would definetely come to see you play.


    Igudesman and Joo

    We have just started work­ing with some­one in Eng­land, who will hope­fully arrange our UK pre­mier some time soon!

  761. Alexandra

    I don’t have words to describe how amaz­ing I think you are. With your mix of humour and clas­sic made me look at music in a com­plete dif­fer­ent way so thank you for that!
    I was really sad that you didn’t come to Spain last year but I hope you will!
    So thank you very much and con­tinue in this amaz­ing way:)

    I’m not here to con­vince you to come to where I live, cuz I under­stand that you can’t (unfor­tu­natly) make mul­ti­ple copies of your­selves to go every­where in the world :(
    Is the newslet­ter really an actual paper that gets sent to the front door daily? If the answer is no, don’t even bother to read the rest of this com­ment.
    Any­way, I was just ask­ing if there is a way to have a newslet­ter thingy that sends it to my e-mail instead of the front door. I’m a lit­tle busy being in 7th grade here! Plus it wastes paper…So yeah.…Please answer…Thanks!!!! :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    nono, dont worry, its sent our per email! good luck at school and remem­ber, if you do your home­work, then…aehm, then the world will be a bet­ter place or some­thing. look at how screwed up the place is — thats all OUR fault ;)

  763. Please, come to Lugo (Spain). There are no sun, no beaches, we need some enter­tain­ment. Thanks!

  764. Modesto, Cal­i­for­nia at the Gallo Cen­ter, pleeeaaasse???

  765. François


    first of all two things:

    –you guy are great. (i know it’s not very orig­i­nal but)

    –sorry for the mis­takes i will may do cause i’m a lill frog eater and i dont talk eng­lish very well!

    i’ve just dis­cover the trailer of your show on youtube and it was fan­tas­tic! This melt­ing of clas­si­cal; mod­ern stuff; and lot of deris­sion is great and it’s even more great with two tal­ented guy with a lot of imag­i­na­tion, just like you.

    Please come to Paris someday!

    i wish you the best! bye

  766. Please, please come to Cal­gary! Our phil­har­monic has a great sense of humour, and you would be very well appre­ci­ated here. I would even bake you cookies.

  767. I´d so much like to see you in Finland.

    Best regards: Paavo Saksala

  768. i hope you come Turkey again soon. you are really per­fect and enter­tain­ing. Keep going…

  769. I hope that soon Mex­ico (Mon­ter­rey if you can)
    is a viable option in their tour sched­ule,
    but if Mex­ico is more com­pli­cated then
    Hous­ton Texas would be a good alter­na­tive
    I wish you con­tin­ued suc­cess and friends
    through his work (as per­form­ers and as
    com­posers). I send you lots of hugs and
    thanks for all you do to mul­ti­ply smiles…
    Please come…!!! Love you :)

  770. Pleeasee please come to Paris!
    You guys are great!

    Fan from Korea liv­ing in Paris

  771. When I heard you guys were com­ing to the United States in 2011, I was bewil­dered, beguiled, and bemused. Hope­fully my allit­er­a­tion will con­vince you to come to Ari­zona, but if not, I will just con­tinue to watch your youtube videos! Great work com­bin­ing the beauty of clas­si­cal music with a breed of com­edy unlike any other.


    P.S. I can­not stop lis­ten­ing to Mozart Bond!

  772. I will be there and so will a bunch of my friends

  773. Hello! I was very excited to see that you will be per­form­ing on 26/03/2011 at the Berklee School in Boston, USA.
    Unfor­tu­nately, their web site http://www.berkleebpc.com/ does not know about your con­cert.
    So how can I pur­chase tickets??

    Also, I am won­der­ing if Hyung-Ki speaks Korean. My wife is a Korean pianist.

    John W

    Igudesman and Joo

    Give them a call and all will be revealed! See you soon!

  774. Audrey D

    I wish you a very good year 2011.

    I looked all of your videos ‘nd I like very very much, you are very great and genius.
    Will you come to France nearly in Paris ??
    Excuse for my eng­lish…
    Merci vrai­ment pour ces tal­ents musi­caux et égale­ment pour faire aimer la musique dite clas­sique et que vous remaniez avec une telle aisance et une telle joie sans pour autant mon­trer la dif­fi­culté des choses.

    J’apprécie réélle­ment Hyung Ki J pour la dex­térité des doigts sur le piano et Alek­sey pour cette facil­ité décon­cer­tante de jeu du vio­lon. Vous êtes géni­aux tous les 2 et bravo pour ces mises en scènes plus que par­faites !

    Thank U very very much !!!! Great, FABULOUS !!!!!!!!!!

  775. Mathilde

    How about com­ing to Stock­holm next :) It’s a won­der­full city with lovely peo­ple and an exotic lan­guage (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkHRNrMmkvg (check out the link :) )

    Igudesman and Joo

    We played at the Nybrokaen in Jan­u­ary 2007. One of the most beau­ti­ful halls we have played in. The stock­holm audi­ence that night was mag­nif­i­cent. If you cross your fin­gers we may be back in stock­holm soon with BIG Night­mare music and a very spe­cial

  776. Dan Fletcher

    You guys are play­ing in New York so can you guys come up to toronto too?


    Igudesman and Joo

    OK– how about begin­ning of April at the St. Lawrence Cen­tre for the Arts? Is that good for you, Dan?

  777. Hola! Have a won­der­ful 2011!
    A hug from Mex­ico and enjoy NY!!! Hope­fully I’ll be there ask­ing for
    your auto­graph… (fin­gers crossed!!!!!) :)

  778. Good evening,
    hope you’d a great start into 2011 and wish you a happy new year! Hope­fully all your wishes are going to be ful­filled!
    Maybe you remem­ber me? I’m the one who’s writ­ing a “the­sis” in music. One prob­lem occures now.. for com­par­ing dif­fer­ent com­po­si­tions i need the (orig­i­nal orchestra)scores (in ger­man it’s “par­ti­tur” i’m not sure if “score” is the right translation).The idea with “music thieves” was really great but my teacher sug­gested to take my idea to com­pare the­matic alike film scores. But nev­er­the­less thank you sooo much for that idea and help­ing me!!! The prob­lem for me now is to find a pos­si­bil­ity to get these “par­ti­turen” because nor­mally they aren’t pub­lished… Should i try to con­tact the com­posers or do you have a dif­fer­ent idea?
    Sorry for both­er­ing you with this :(

    Igudesman and Joo

    Dear Viola,

    Happy new year to you too! Writ­ing to the com­posers wont help — there are a lot of sound­tracks where you can find some sort of score.
    A “clas­sic” com­par­i­son can be Star Wars, which is very much “based” on “The Plan­ets” by Gus­tav Holst. — googler “star wars sheet music” and you are bound to find some­thing, and the Holst you can get a score eas­ily.
    Then Mor­ri­cone has sheet music — Gabriels Oboe from the Mis­sion is very much “Bach” style.
    Good luck!

  779. Hello !

    First of all, Happy New Year !

    I won­der if it was pos­si­ble to buy a DVD with Gidon Kre­mer and his Kre­merat Baltica orches­tra. And if the shop would send it to my home, in France.

    I really like the videos, and I also hope you’ll come in France soon.

    Igudesman and Joo

    Unfor­tu­nately there is no DVD for sale of the project at present, sorry! Hope to see you in con­cert some time soon.

  780. Patricia

    Happy New Year!!!
    Thank You for a FANTASTIC con­cert in Bucharest, Roma­nia, at The Roman­ian Atheneum! It’s been an AMAZING expe­ri­ence, much bet­ter that wtach­ing a video!

    WHEN will you hold a con­cert / con­certs in South Africa? What does it take to bring you there? :)

    Many Thanks and a fan­tas­tic year ahead,
    Pat & Gert from South Africa

    Igudesman and Joo

    It takes an air­plane to bring us there — we would LOVE to play in South Africa!

  781. Hello,

    I’m a big fan of your work. I saw you at the night of the proms and you guys were great! I’m still wait­ing for a con­cert in Bel­gium or Hol­land. When are you com­ming? My ques­tion is: Where can I get an auto­graph of you two?

    Kind regards,
    Happy new year,


    Igudesman and Joo

    Best is to come to a per­for­mance of us — these days we always sign DVDs after the concert…

  782. thanks for the replies! I want to see those sketches and hear that sonata!

  783. Ok, I get what your say­ing. Maybe I should rephrase the ques­tion. Do you ever have any inter­est in doing a skit about 12-tone seri­al­ism? What about min­i­mal­ism? I am just inter­ested in those styles and would like to see what your take is on those musics.

    Igudesman and Joo

    We have done sketches with 12 tone music and “ultra mod­ern” sound­ing music. We even did a sketch of where we had cage com­pete­ing against boulez in order to write the best piece in under a minute. And Alek­sey has pub­lished his 3rd vio­lin Sonata on Uni­ver­sal Edi­tion, where the 1st move­ment is 12tone music. So the answer is still a big yes. :)

  784. venha para o brasil pernambuco

  785. Hey guys! I’m a huge fan! I’m so excited for your NYC “debut!” I have one ques­tion, though.

    Why don’t you guys ever tackle “con­tem­po­rary” clas­si­cal music? I would love to see your guys take on Schoen­burg or Carter.

    Igudesman and Joo

    Hi Nate, so great you are com­ing to NYC! To answer your ques­tion all the time — we han­dle con­ter­morary music all the time. We just dont dif­fer­en­ti­ate between “Clas­si­cal” and other types of music. We often play music by won­der­ful com­posers like Ennio Mor­ri­cone, Gia Kancheli, Astor Piaz­zolla, but we both write our­selves, so that counts as comtepo­rary too, we believe. And Schön­berg, hav­ing passed away in 1951, can hardly be called con­tem­po­rary, can he? See you very soon in NY!

  786. pls come to Korea!!!!

  787. Annooshka

    Dear Igudes­man and Joo,

    My friend recently (well a cou­ple of months ago) intro­duced me to your music and by far, you are my favourite clas­sic duo/group. Your work is so full of life, as music is.

    I keep for­ward­ing your youtube videos to my friends and would love it if one day you would come to Syd­ney and do a con­cert here! :)

    Wish­ing you strength with all your cur­rent shows.

    With respect and love
    Annooshka :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    We did go to Mudgee a few years ago! The Hunt­ing­ton Fes­ti­val of Cham­ber Music. Drank lots of excel­lent wine and had one of our best audi­ences ever. (not in that order though) We are work­ing on doing some skits which require us to stand on our heads and play every­thing upside down so that we can return to Aus­tralia. We love Syd­ney. She was cool in Alias.

  788. Chanmi Kim

    It’s really been a while to check you guys per­fom,
    since i missed last con­cert in Korea,
    (sorry for that, i had to be in another con­cert hall for my recital…though)
    Any­how, i moved to NYC, and sud­denly I thought about you guys again!(Seriously, i don’t know why but ‘the singing joo’ just popped in my head… weird haha) then i came this mes­sage board.
    and the 92nd Y?! it’s like 3 min from where i live! and the per­fect tim­ing! which is right after my whole audi­tions. so i just tried to buy ticket, but um… i think i need bet­ter seat and wanna choose myself. haha so tomor­row i’ll walk in that crazy snow storm,(well in here, TOO MUCH SNOW. good for view though) and than buy 2 ticket for me and my man.
    and just out of curi­ousity, can i bring you guy’s cake and.. um..little present? haha which means can i go to back­stage or not.(is it too obvi­ous ques­tion? :( about like neg­a­tive way…)

    my point is,
    we will meet !
    (i’ll go is prob­a­bly more fact.….. haha)

    Chanmi Kim

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well thank you for your sweet mesage! The only present you need to bring is YOURSELF and yes, you can meet us after the con­cert at the DVD sign­ing! see you soon!!!


    We will be very proud if you come in France !

    Kind Regards,


    Igudesman and Joo

    Where in France should we go? We only know Rennes, Con­dom, and Y.

  790. feyyaz akbudak

    Why don’t you come in Turkey? I hope , you will come to here one day. İstan­bul is wait­ing to you. we love you. you are survive.

    Igudesman and Joo

    We ARE sur­vive, you are right! Actu­ally we have played in Turkey and in Istan­bul sev­eral times… where were you?

  791. HI Guys,

    when are you com­ing in France…

    Best regards,


  792. Angi Druga

    Are you home again?
    Did you recover the lost hour?
    Was very nice to have you in Bucharest in your great show.
    Wait­ing for you to per­form soon the “BIG Night¬mare Music”, until then:
    Big hugs from Bucharest!

    Igudesman and Joo

    yup we are home and over the jet­lag. it was GREAT to be in Bucharest. merry x-mas and new year to you too!

  793. The Viola Player

    Well, Big Con­gratz guys, enjoyed alot the show from Bukharest Athenaeum, espe­cially the viola joke *cough /whistles :D … and hope to see you soon again here in Bukharest, Happy Holy­days and Merry CHrist­mas soon !!!

    P.S. Q: How much does a bal­alaika player earn?
    BP: …alot…alot, just…alot!!!

  794. Guyssssss!!
    You’re grat *_*
    Come to Rome, we will wait­ing for you! =D
    Ciao ragazzi!

    Igudesman and Joo

    we think we are there in march…

  795. Floriane

    Will you come in FRANCE??? Paris is mag­nif­i­cent but BORDEAUX is still bet­ter, with the gas­tro­nomic cook­ing and its wine!! WE LOVE YOU!! COME SOON!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    We would love to — and hope to come France soon!

  796. Hey guys, why play only one show in Ger­many? Frank­furt is in des­per­ate need of you. All we have are crimes and banks. What must this hum­ble stu­dent do to change that?


    Igudesman and Joo

    Dont you worry, we will be play­ing plenty in Ger­many next year… keep check­ing our tour sched­ule and sub­scribe to the newslet­ter. We will come to Frank­furt and solve your crime and bank prob­lems — we will rob all the banks and give it to the poor crim­i­nals! No, wait, well, we will do something.

  797. i’ve watched your show but i joo wasn’t there. you’re soo awe­some! :-) ) i want to watch both of you! by the way alek­sey your jokes made me laugh.

    P.S: I’m only a 7th grader. :P

    Igudesman and Joo

    We are only 4th graders in our mind!

  798. hi guys :-)
    i love you so mush and i love your music
    can you come to Egypt to see you live ??????
    i hope that !!!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    we would love to…

  799. gary warner

    I love your act seen bits on youtube would you be play­ing in lon­don any time soon

  800. why don’t you play in vienna??? only in lax­en­burg 2 times…it’s imposi­ble to get tick­ets and we would loooove to see you live!!!
    do you play in other aus­trian cities?

    Igudesman and Joo

    dont worry, we will play in vienna plenty of times! to be announced some time next year…

  801. Hi!!! I´m from Mex­ico, and i love all your videos. I dont know how many peo­ple knows you here, but im shure you’ll be well­come any time.
    I hope some day had the honor of see you guys. (come to mex­ico some­day…) (or to some­where closer than europe…)
    I´m doing a show like yours here in mex­ico, with three friend. We play some cla­si­cal music mixed with mari­achi, or pop/rock… or dance… or some jumps… or infi­nite sheets of music…
    Hope some day you can see us.
    Muchas feli­ci­dades por su vir­tu­oso empeño!!!

  802. ma esiste un cd con le vostre musiche?

    Igudesman and Joo

    not yet, but a DVD you can buy on amazon!

  803. I’m a composer/arranger and I was won­der­ing is it legal to copy the style of some of your arrange­ments, mainly the pieces were the orig­i­nal com­poser has been dead for 70 years (yes, I’m a US cit­i­zen and I look this stuff up)?

    Igudesman and Joo

    Dear Jeremy, legal stuff is often quite shady… we ALWAYS incour­age peo­ple to do their own stuff though. There is so much unex­plored mate­r­ial (or even mate­r­ial that has been arranged and rearranged that can do with yet another angle), so the absolute best, if you want to be a great composer/arranger, is to write and arrange your own stuff … need ideas? how about a rag­time ver­sion of the mozart requiem? ;)

  804. Chris Hopkins

    Please come to Lon­don soon! Lots of fans here!

    Igudesman and Joo

    But it’s not that hot there? Oh, those kind of fans! Much “cooler”.

  805. orches­tra della toscana…a firenze? I have seen you on you tube with Kre­mer­ata. Fan­tas­tic. It’s first time with orches­tra tosana? I’d like see you, but I am in Padova..

    Igudesman and Joo

    Come take a road trip! We would love to have you in the audiencse…

  806. kom­men sie in die schweiz ich flehe sie an ich will sie umbe­d­ingt mal sehen aber um weiter zu reisen fehlt mir die zeit und das geld

  807. I hope you will come to Dresden/Germany anytime



    I hope you will come to Dresden/Germany any­time

  808. Hi guys… you’re great, and I’m wait­ing for you here near Milan. I’m from Italy, but I can’t eas­ily reach Flo­rence. It’s too far from me, and I’m dis­abled, with­out dri­ver license… COME CLOSEEEEERRR!!!!!

  809. Steve ParK

    dear Igudes­man and Joo,

    my high school cham­ber orches­tra was inspired by your cyber con­duc­tor video and we per­formed a ver­sion that we changed around for our win­ter con­cert, if you have time please check it out! Your music tal­ents are very inspir­ing. Thanks, Steve Park (Ari­zona, USA)

    the Chan­dler High Orches­tra (cyber con­duc­tor)- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Waey58NFJ74

    Igudesman and Joo

    Great Stuff Guys!

  810. Hope you come to Brazil. Not only to Rio or SP but also to Belo Horizonte.

    Nice work! I´d love to see your presentation!

    Alessan­dra — Belo Hor­i­zonte, MG

    Igudesman and Joo

    Maybe Belo Hor­i­zonte is in our “beau­ti­ful Hori­zons” this year…

  811. When do you guys next come to Lon­don?
    I under­stand that you’ll be per­forminig in Europe in the next few months, but how come Lon­don is not included in your list??

    I love your per­for­mance. You guys are tru­ely mak­ing a dif­fer­ence in entertainment.


    Igudesman and Joo

    Well thank you Mitsu. The truth is that Lon­don so far has not wanted us… we would love to play there and many a nice per­son like you has asked for us. But its the peo­ple who book artists who decide. So if you really want us to come, get a few peo­ple together and ask them all to write to a nice venue like bar­bi­can or fes­ti­val hall, ask­ing for us. Thats the best we can do for the moment!

  812. Stacey Gordon

    Dying to see you.… DYING .…. Phoenix? Any chance? Pretty Please?

    Igudesman and Joo

    What, you are dying because of a myth­i­cal sacred fire­bird? How can we help?

  813. Hombeline

    I just want to say I love all things you play.
    But I ask if you can come in Fance?
    A lot of per­sons would like to heard and see you!
    You are exe­lent !
    Sorry for my eng­lish, I’m french and I pre­fer talk in eng­lish to write.

    COME IN FRANCE !! :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    We have come before and we will gladly come again to France — we do our show in French in France of course :)

  814. Pri­vat Con­cert in BoraB­ora for Bora^^ Sounds Good!

  815. Hi, first I wanted to say that both you Alek­sey and Hyung-Ki are extremely gifted clas­si­cal musi­cans. As a clas­si­cal vocal­ist, I’m always work­ing on improv­ing my singing skills.I felt that learn­ing the vio­lin would help improve my musi­cal skills. I have been hear­ing about and read­ing about vio­lin mas­ter classes at what point is it a good time for a stu­dent learn­ing vio­lin to con­sider tak­ing vio­lin mas­ter classes and which style of vio­lin tech­nique i.e.: Russ­ian, Suzuki etc.. for devel­op­ing proper vio­lin techniques.

    Any infor­ma­tion that you could pro­vide me with on this sub­ject would be greatly appre­ci­ated and welcomed-thank you.


    Igudesman and Joo

    Dear Linda,
    Its entirely indi­vid­ual, there are no rules. Dif­fer­ent things work for dif­fer­ent peo­ple. Its impor­tant to find a teacher that inspires you and is able to also give you valu­able tech­ni­cal knowl­edge. An the ear­lier you start the bet­ter, but if you start late, dont be dis­cour­aged! :)

  816. TURKEY!!!
    You ‘ve already came to Antalya but please come to ANKARA too…

    Because you are just incredible…

  817. Hey boys!
    You’re fantastic!I saw you in San Sebas­t­ian last year and it was amaz­ing!
    When do you come again to Spain???If it’s posi­ble to Barcelona. You are going a lot of days to Italy, come here after, we are nearly!!!;)
    PS: Like Celia Cruz said “my eng­lish is not very good look”, I hope you under­stand me!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Quier­e­mos regre­sar a Espana den­tro poco — it depends when we get booked!

  818. Bitte kom­men Sie nach Mün­ster!
    Die Stadt gefallen Ihnen bestimmt!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Actu­ally, if we may dou­ble your name, we would also love to go there!

  819. Come to Mün­ster please!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Only if you pro­tect us from the Mun­sters and the smelly cheese.

  820. Michael Cohen

    Any plans to come to the west coast of the USA — say San Francisco?

    Igudesman and Joo

    A big chance! And yes, we will say San Fran­cisco: San Francisco.

  821. SWITZERLAND Zürich Kon­gresshaus!
    SWITZERLAND Zürich Kon­gresshaus!
    SWITZERLAND Zürich Kon­gresshaus!
    SWITZERLAND Zürich Kon­gresshaus!
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    SWITZERLAND Zürich Kon­gresshaus!
    SWITZERLAND Zürich Kon­gresshaus!
    SWITZERLAND Zürich Kon­gresshaus!
    SWITZERLAND Zürich Kon­gresshaus!
    SWITZERLAND Zürich Kon­gresshaus!
    SWITZERLAND Zürich Kon­gresshaus!
    SWITZERLAND Zürich Kon­gresshaus!
    SWITZERLAND Zürich Kon­gresshaus!
    SWITZERLAND Zürich Kon­gresshaus!
    SWITZERLAND Zürich Kon­gresshaus!
    SWITZERLAND Zürich Kongresshaus!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Okay, okay, what about SWITZERLAND Zürich Kongresshaus?

  822. sunray710

    Please come to Lon­don … the UK needs you!

  823. Henriette

    hey! My friend and me are plan­ning to par­tic­i­pate in a tal­ent com­pe­ti­tion this spring, and we would love to pre­form the Mozart Bond that you play in A Lit­tle Night­mere Music. We have looked every­where, but we can’t find the sheet music/notes! Is there any chance that you could send them to us or pub­lished them or somet­ging? We are will­ing to pay ;-)

    Igudesman and Joo

    We are afraid our sheet music is not avail­able yet — but why not write some­thing orig­i­nal your­selves? :)

  824. You are awe­some when are you going to come to Latin Amer­ica (spe­cially Costa Rica), here you have a lot of Fans!!!!! We also want a Lit­tle Night­mare Music!!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Gra­cias Javier, esper­e­mos que vamos a toda latina amer­ica den­tro poco.

  825. Angi Druga

    I hope you will likle this, enjoy:

    Igudesman and Joo

    Yup we saw that. Igudes­man is work­ing on a vio­lin ver­sion of it.

  826. Hey Guys,
    Won­der­ful Stuff! Is Israel on your tour­ing list some­where in the near future? Far future? Any future at all?
    Ori, sunny Tel-Aviv

    Igudesman and Joo

    We wouls love to retun to Israel! Lets all hope it will hap­pen soon.…

  827. Angeline

    Hey Guys! Come to Sin­ga­pore please, we won’t bite don’t worry! I love your vids, the only time I can watch you guys are only through Youtube! Would love to watch a live show by great musicians!

  828. Thandiwe

    You are really won­der­ful! Thanks for the bril­liant music you make.
    Much love and good luck with upcom­ing per­for­mances,

  829. hi,
    l have watched your show in Antalya with­out Joo owing his ill­ness. it was pretty good,but l want to watch all you together. l want to learn whether or not you will come to Antalya or any city in Turkey. l would like to see your show again.

    best regards


    Igudesman and Joo

    We are plan­ning to return to the fes­ti­val next year to do the show! All the best, till then!

  830. We are very sorry about we didnt see all of your show in Antalya, Turkey because of joo’s ilness. i hope he’s ok. But igudes­man did it great even he is alone.

    i wish to see both of you next year in the same festival.

  831. Masoud Amiri

    Hi I live in iran and I love both of you. I don’t know why but you are the best part of my live. Hope to see you a day in Tehran.Please come to Tehran :( We are not big dragons:(

  832. I really want to get one of your DVD’s. There are only 3 avail­able on the US Ama­zon web­site (and one even ships from Ger­many).
    How­ever I live in Canada so is it pos­si­ble to get the DVD’s via the Cana­dian Ama­zon website?

    This is what music should sound like!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Thanks so much Lisa. We think you can order in through the US Ama­zon even to Canada…

  833. jean-pitou

    Salut! Hi guys!
    Ok I wanted to ask you to come in France quickly, but I’ve seen some­one told you the same thing few days ago.
    So… maybe it is hard to orga­nize your com­ing in our coun­try. I pro­pose some­thing: if you come in France, I agree to invite you at home! You and your tech­ni­cians, you will eat and sleep at home! Good prod­ucts from farm’s familiy, every­one really happy to receive you,… you will be as Kings guys!!
    So… we’re wait­ing for you!!
    See you soon!

  834. Are you com­ing to ankara this year?

    Igudesman and Joo

    You should ask the pro­mot­ers there, not us:)

  835. Hello #1 Per­form­ers.
    A friend of mine recently shared a link to a video of yours on youtube and this is how I got to know you. Eversince I check daily lots of flight sites but I can­not afford com­ing to either Ter­amo (tomor­row!) or to Bucharest, every­thing is SO expen­sive. Are you plan­ning to come to Greece and relief me from the task of search­ing for rea­son­ably priced flights and hotels? Thank you for your exis­tence on behalf of the whole world :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    We would love to come… Joo ofte goes for hol­ly­days there and we are both friends of the won­der­ful film com­poser Van­ge­lis. Maybe one day…

  836. I was at the Sociale in Biella and the con­cert was great (Hyung-ki …Do you remem­ber the pianist guy? :P ). I want to say some­thing about the show:
    Apart from the show itself you are great because you went out meet­ing your fans.
    Peo­ple who are not sure to come to your show should book imme­di­ately because they can meet two fan­tas­tic peo­ple. Fans can also be kissed :P

    Apart from that what I “dis­liked” is that I had seen most of the show on the inter­net but this is not your fault: Sim­ply the show was ” A lit­tle night­mare music” and that was the pro­gramme.
    How­ever I laughed and this is impor­tant :P

    Parte per Alek­sey in ital­iano!
    Il tuo Ital­iano non è male! non ti pre­oc­cu­pare!
    Un po’ di prat­ica e par­lerai l’italiano come se suonassi il vio­lino ( cioè benis­simo).
    Ah ecco! la prossima volta non mi sputare più :P

    I hope you will come again

    Unfor­tu­nately I couldn’t come to see your Mas­ter­class due to the school…

    Good Luck with the concerts.


  837. A col­lege of mine sent me link of your “I will sur­vive” in youtube. Wow.

    Please visit any of: Fin­land, Swe­den or Eston­ian. I will attend with my family.

  838. meh ~ 8D

    Hey guys, i just found out from a friend you are com­ing to Roma­nia, which is rare, cause most of the peo­ple out there don’t know what a roma­nia is, and what do you eat it with.
    No need to share the story of my life about how i got to dis­cover you guys (my brother showed me this video and the rest is his­tory), but just so you know (although i am sure you already do ), you guys are pure awe­some, and that’s it! I hope i’ll be able to get to see you (would make a great christ­mas present), if not, there’s always a next time( really hop­ing so).
    Keep hav­ing fun with what you are doing,
    meh, out

    Igudesman and Joo

    Thanks — call the place we are play­ing NOW to see if there are tick­ets, since it might be sold out soon!

  839. Are you com­ing to Ankara?

    Igudesman and Joo

    We were in Ankara already this year and 2 years before — we are play­ing in Antalya in a few days — come there!

  840. Leonardo

    Hi guys, I was in “Teatro Sociale” in Biella on Novem­ber 26th and I want to renew my com­pli­ments for the show: one of the fun­ni­est show ever I seen!
    I have to ask you a thing: dur­ing the sketch of the vio­lin­ist in the record­ing room, you said some­thing about “stac­cato” and you said “this joke works only in eng­lish!” can you please tell me the “offi­cial” ver­sion of the joke in eng­lish? I didn’t under­stand it!
    Thanks a lot also for sign­ing the DVD: it takes a hon­our place in my col­lec­tion!
    I hope to see you again soon, cheers, leonardo and cristina

    Igudesman and Joo

    stuck, stuck, stuck, stac­cato!:)
    kiss to both of you leonardo and cristina x

  841. Hey Guys!
    Sorry to bother you again! As I said in my last mes­sage, I live near San Fran­cisco, CA. I saw that in March,2011, you are com­ing to New York. Is it pos­si­ble for you to PLEASE come to San Fran­cisco and per­form there? I am your #1 fan!!!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    We will soon, we hope!

  842. hi, i´m an aus­trian girl and i want to go to your con­cert in LAXENBURG with my fam­ily and some friends^^
    But we have looked for tick­ets and there was only, that we have to pay 70 Euro, for the cycle.
    but we wouldn´t be able to go to the other con­certs, because we are too much ;)
    Is it pos­si­ble only to buy a ticket for your con­cert??
    it would be very nice if you two funny guys give me some infor­ma­tion.
    (and sorry about my eng­lish!)

    Igudesman and Joo

    We are afraid it seems like Lax­en­burg is sold out com­pletely, it seems…
    But we will play in Vienna more from next year on, we promise! Wir ver­sprechen das hoch und heilig:)

  843. I really hope I would have the chance to see you in France one day… Please, France is really a wel­com­ing coun­try, right? :D And I know there is a lot of fan (includ­ing me, of course) who would like to see you… you are expected! ;)

    Con­grat­u­la­tions and I wish you good luck for future, although I really do not care about that! :)

    (ps: I apol­o­gize for my bad eng­lish.. but I hope I suc­ceed to make me understand )

    In one sen­tence: YOU ARE GREAT!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    We do hope to return to France soon… thank you!

  844. Hi!
    Please come to France, it’s so unfair, Itlay gets the most of you!!

  845. Warn­ing: Portugal’s laugh­ters are endan­gered! we need your help!!
    Please come back soon for save us of depres­sion. Your fans (and we are a lot!) need you..


    Igudesman and Joo

    As long as you promise to bring an unhealthy amount of Pasteis de Belem, we will be there…:)

  846. Eeva Bernardo

    I love your show, please come to California!

  847. I bought my mother your DVD last year for Christ­mas. It was her favorite gift. She has shown it to all her friends and fam­ily and pretty much any­one who steps foot in her house. My ques­tion is, you know it’s almost Christ­mas time again and I wanted to know if you have another DVD com­ing out soon? Or a CD or any­thing. Ya see, if you don’t, then I’m gonna have to buy her slip­pers or a hol­i­day themed sweater or some­thing tragic like that. Oh and any plans for a con­cert in the Wash­ing­ton DC area? I would totally drag her (not lit­er­ally) to see you guys. Thanks for the laughs.

    Igudesman and Joo

    We are plan­ning to do a new DVD some­time — as soon as we do we will announce it big time… for the moment, I am afraid it will have to be slip­pers for your mum :(
    And we will come to Wash­ing­ton DC some time for sure! :)

  848. Jan Jindříšek


    Is here any pos­si­bil­ity that you come to visit the Czech Repub­lic (it’s a lit­tle coun­try adjoin­ing with Ger­many). I love clas­si­cal music (mostly from sound­tracks) and I love have a fun too. And if you join this two things together than we get your unbe­liev­ably, god­like music ;) To sum up I’ll be wait­ing as long as I can for you :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    We would lovr to come and “Czech” your coun­try out — hahaha, get it? hahaha! (sorry.)

  849. Rafa Cello


    I came here to say for you two,


  850. ma quando a padova o nel veneto?
    we need of yoooooouuuuuuuuuu

    Igudesman and Joo

    fas­ci­amo con­certi en firenze, pisa, etc. en marzo… il vollo dure solo 2 ore e mezzo dal padova, e en firenze che bis­tecca fiorentina!

  851. franklin aldana

    hola ami­jos talvez ust­edes no entien­dan mi idioma pero con toda mi alma y mi cora­zon les digo lo mejor en musica teatral y canto son ust­edes soy de el sal­vador cen­tro amer­ica en el con­ti­nente amer­i­cano le mando salu­dos de parte de mi esposa que es can­tante y yo que soy musico soy per­cu­sion­ista saludos

    Igudesman and Joo

    si puedemos enten­der todo, y muchissi­mas gra­cias y muchos salu­dos a el sal­vador. quando hace­mos spec­tac­u­los en paises done hablan espanol, siem­pre hablamos castel­lano, por supuesto!

  852. hey guys again i see your finally com­ing to nyc i am drag­ging a group of my friends to come and see the con­cert i was also hop­ing to take you guys out to din­ner after the show if your up for it you can email me ^_^

    Igudesman and Joo

    good on ya! see you there soon. din­ner might not be pos­si­ble, since we have a mil­lion peo­ple we need to see, but come to the DVD sign­ing afterwards!



    Igudesman and Joo

    thanks, we agree a hun­dred procent!

  854. Hey!
    I like your music very much espe­cially the mozart bond piece! Is it pos­si­ble to sent you piano sheet music of mozart bond look­ing for mis­takes and send it back? That would be awe­some! If it is not could you then at least tell me if it begins with no other notes than d and g?
    Thank You

    Igudesman and Joo

    unfor­tu­nately we are not able to check your music if you send it, but come to a dvd sign­ing after one of our con­certs and we will take a look at it!

  855. Ingmarie

    Fan­tas­tic musi­cens you both are. The great great music feel­ing in com­bi­na­tion with yours fan­tas­tic instru­mentel tec­nic. I have the pleascher hear­ing and look at you at YouTube. I am laugh­ing so my teers comes. I recomend­ing you too my friends(sorry for the bad peopel, ha ha.)In Swe­den (litle con­try in north of Europa) we say a good laugh give you a longer life.
    Please come to Swe­den for con­sert and give us longer lifes. I wish You all the best.

    Igudesman and Joo

    we have played a lot in Swe­den and would love to return, of course… lets live forever!

  856. isa...belle

    Amadeus Bond, James Mozart and myself are beg­ging you to come to France !!

  857. Hi! I don´t have any words…only wow…its amazing…Could you play just for one time in Czech Republic?…thanks a lot

    Igudesman and Joo

    we would love to — soon we hope!

  858. André Gamelas


    I sim­ply love your work! I am vio­lin­ist and have a string quar­tet and we play a “music salad” :)

    I appre­ci­ate A LOT your work, and would like to see you in Por­tu­gal, Oporto!


  859. Hey I & J.
    i just wish i knew about you guys sooner…
    when i heard you the other day i thought it was bril­liant!
    Please como to PORTUGAL again as soon as pos­si­ble!
    Think about it: the beach in the south, the great food all over the coun­try, the beau­ti­ful places to see, nice people…

  860. we’d like you to come (again!) to switzer­land, we too! ;-)

  861. Michelle

    How about a gig in lovely Switzer­land? Mum and me are wait­ing for you (this isn’t a threat :o ))

    Igudesman and Joo

    we will return, dont worry!

  862. Please come to Sin­ga­pore I will cry if you don’t come to Sin­ga­pore to per­form T_T. Please come I beg you T_T!

  863. Please, please, please come to Sin­ga­pore! Me and my group of musi­cian friends are dying to watch! PLEASE!!!!!!!

  864. Thank you so much for this fan­tas­tic evening at St. Peters­burg Phi­lar­monic! That was both funny AND inspir­ing! I was also greatly amazed by your Russ­ian. Russ­ian is such a dif­fi­cult lan­guage — but you were very good at it! Please, come again soon! We love you! ♫
    Ребята, вы потрясающие! Спасибо! Приезжайте еще!

    Igudesman and Joo

    spa­siba! we had a ball!!!

  865. Thanks for the show (today in Spb), it was great, espe­cially Hyung-ki’s russ­ian — Respect!
    Hope you’ll return here some­day again!

    Spe­cial thanks to Alek­sey for “и телефон” — phrase.
    You know, in russ­ian all this sounded even more funny than in english =)

    Good luck,

  866. Hi!! Ahoooj!
    I’m from the Czech Repub­lic and I play the piano about 2 years. You both are great inspi­ra­tion for me. Are you going to come to the Czech Repub­lic in 2011? If not, PLEAAASE COMEE!!

  867. Cheyenne

    Come to Hong Kong (again) please! ;-)
    I missed your last per­for­mance in 2008, so it’s time to come again in 2011!
    Best wishes from Hong Kong :-) )

    Igudesman and Joo

    we are doing our best to return in 2011 or 2012 or both! we had the best dim sum in hing kong…surprising, isnt it?

  868. Clara Schumann

    Natür­lich spiel ich klavier ;-) gut ger­aten :D
    habe im feb­ruar auf­nah­meprü­fun­gen an paar musikhochschulen. Möchte näm­lich klavier studieren ;-) wollte rach­mani­noff spie­len, mir fehlen aber diese holzdinger :D rach­mani­noff hatte ja bekan­ntlich große hände :D

  869. Jiyeon Lee

    Dear Hyung-ki,

    Thanks very much for your spe­cial les­son includes scream­ing and kick­ing and screw­ing ears as well. Actu­ally, I need more to get 공중회전 돌려차기. I don’t know this term in Eng­lish though. Do you like Kim­chi stew? I love to make it. This will be the great deal. Any­way, any chance you’ve got a plan to visit Ire­land some day? I really can’t wait to see you and Alek­sey. =D

    Igudesman and Joo

    actu­ally we BOTH love mak­ing kinchi chi­gae, as well as dak­tori tang! and yes, we would love to come to Ireland…

  870. I know it’s been said about a hun­dred times, but please come to Aus­tralia? Pretty please, with sugar on top? And espe­cially Mel­bourne. Me and my friends and fam­ily are all fans of yours on Youtube and it’d be won­der­ful to see you guys here. =)

    Igudesman and Joo

    we played in Huntig­ton fes­ti­val sev­eral years ago and loved it there — what a great audi­ence we had! we really hope to return…

  871. It’s nice that this time I don’t have to travel around the world for your con­certs))) The show in San Marino was great, so will see you soon again in St Peters­burg (it’s closer to Moscow anyways …))))

  872. Hello,

    I just read your diary from Night of the Proms ( I know that it’s been a long time ago) and I would say that you have at least 5 fans now.

    But when you were in Bel­gium I didn’t knew you guys so do you come to Bel­gium again please???


    Igudesman and Joo

    We will come again, some time, so dont worry and be happy!

  873. Finally you’re com­ing to Spb, great! Tick­ets already bought and I can’t wait Nov, 13th, though it’s this week already.
    I expect the show to be great and no doubt it will!
    Good luck,

    Igudesman and Joo

    We are already brush­ing up our Rusian Dasha! See you soon…

  874. Clara Schumann

    Hallo :-)
    Ich wollte mal fra­gen, wann ihr wieder im Süden von Deutsch­land seid :-)
    Ich finde euch so großar­tig und genial, ihr seid die Besten :)
    achja und ich hätte gerne ein kind von euch :D zumin­d­est würd ich liebend gern mal mit euch musizieren :D
    Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Oh wir wer­den sicher in den Süden von Deutsch­land kom­men… wir nehmen an du spielst Klavier Clara, stimmts;)?

  875. Oh My Gosh!! You guys are amaz­ingly awe­some. i’ve watched the videos in YouTube like so many times over and over again, even when i was sup­posed to be study­ing. Please come to Sin­ga­pore!!! It’s lovely here.

    Igudesman and Joo

    Also work­ing on it!

  876. Priscila


    Igudesman and Joo

    We are work­ing on it:)

  877. Igudes­man and Joo: Yes, exactly! And it was absolute true! :D

  878. I love you! You are so won­der­full artist. I am not tired for to see you. I hope you can to come to my coun­try some­day… I up sev­eral vídeos in my Face­book, because I want all my frien­des to know you and to enjoy your great works too.
    Thanks God that artist, like you to mak­ing great work whit music…
    I hope this mes­sage can to be under­stand, ’cause “my Eng­lish” is not good. My lan­guage is Spanish…is not Eng­lish.
    My best regards… God bless you and your work team!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Gra­cias Yoki — donde vives?

  879. I found you guys on You Tube and was amazed! I admire you as musi­cians and come­di­ans and how you com­bine the two in a genius way. I also appre­ci­ate how you have lit­tle jokes that only musi­cians would get like the A major/minor Bb one, mess­ing around with Mozart… It made my day!

    I’m a trom­bon­ist, not a vio­lin­ist, sadly, I do play a lit­tle piano though, have yet to see if my hands can han­dle Rachmaninov …

    I really enjoy you guys!


    Igudesman and Joo

    Did you know that a trom­bone is like a watermelon?

  880. Hi Alek­sey and Joo!
    I just dis­cov­ered you guys on Youtube and I am very excited! The videos are hilar­i­ous! I had tears run­ning down my face from laugh­ing! I live in Bel­gium, so I think you can guess that I would love to see you in Bel­gium! Our choco­lat and waf­fles could serve as an entice­ment! ;)

    Hope to see you soon!
    All the best from your new fan!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Thanks Yana, we do love your choco­lat and waf­fles so we hope to return soon…

  881. Hello Aliosha,
    I’m a good friend of Sophie Rach­lin and
    we met you this Sep­tem­ber in Dubrovnik
    at Julik’s fes­ti­val, then in Vienna at
    Musik­fer­ein where Julik was rehears­ing
    Schumann’s con­certo with an ill fated
    orchestra…Sorry for an intro­duc­tion. It’s great that you are com­ing to New York-can’t wait!
    Best regards and see you soon!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Thank you Galia, we are both look­ing for­ward to see­ing you in N.Y.!

  882. And another fan from Brazil here!

    You guys are the best. Every­one I’ve showed your videos have liked you, no exception!

    We really hope that you will con­sider per­form­ing a con­cert here in Brazil =)

    See ya.

    Igudesman and Joo

    And we are fans of Brazil­ian Foot­ball. Though more hot on the siz­zling irre­sistible Samba Foot­ball then the last World Cup team– great play­ers like Riv­elino, Gar­rin­cha, Ronald­inho, Pele, Jarz­inho, Zico, Careca, Viola, Bas­soon, Tostao, Crois­sant, Socrates, Plato.

  883. Come to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil please =D
    You two have lots of fans here. We have to see your con­cert at least one time in life!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Yuri, meet Daniel below (above).

  884. Hello!
    Me and my friend love Mozart Bond, I have read that you will come out with the sheets soon. Could you tell me if it’s in the near future? Like before 2011?

    Igudesman and Joo

    well, for the moment its not planned, but we are con­cider­ing it…maybe some time!

  885. Im Enad from syria Iplay vio­lin pleas come to syria

  886. Prague was cer­tainly friend­lier to Mozart than Vienna :) Wolfgang’s famous sen­tence: “My Pra­guers under­stand me…“
    And yes, it was true :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    Mozart also once said,” Excuse me, where’s the toi­let? Ah– on the right, Thanks”

  887. Jiyeon Lee

    Hi Hyng-ki,
    Actu­ally, I stopped learn­ing the piano in my child­hood but you brought me back to piano since I’ve seen your video on Utube last year. You know I didn’t play the piano over 20 years but I bought a piano and am tak­ing a les­son since I’ve seen your video. You and Igudesman’s per­for­mance are awe­some. I noticed you vis­ited S.Korea in May,last year. I was very sad in Ire­land. I trerri­blly wanted to see your con­cert but I couldn’t fly over to Korea. Wouldn’t you make a DVD of the con­cert what you and Igudes­man per­formed in Korea? Or Would you per­form some day in Ire­land? I will be very very happy. Also I’m a big fan of Igudes­man too. I love his vio­lin and humour.

    PS: I’m very proud you’re a Korean.:D
    Last year, I ordered your DVD and still have it. It’s one of my treasure.:D I love Igudes­man too!!

    Dear Ji-Yeon. I am really hon­oured that you con­sider it’s thanks to us that you started to play the piano again. But you know, it was burn­ing inside you to play again, and all you needed was a lit­tle push. As you can tell, I give Piano Lessons too, in Korean, and I can push quite a lot!
    So any­time you’d like one of my very spe­cial lessons, kick­ing and scream­ing included, then just sign up. My fee is %&^hh:)lolol €€€$$$, but for you, just a bowl of Kim­chi Jigae.

  888. Dear Igudes­man & Joo, my name is Noelia, I’m 14 and I’m from Argentina. I study piano at the San Martin’s Con­ser­va­tory (I’m learn­ing eng­lish, that’s why it’s not very good, I’m sorry)
    In my class, my friends and I are big fans of you. We hope that one day you’ll come here and hold a con­cert, please ! :)
    You are amaz­ing, and we love the way you play music. Thanks for your time.

    Igudesman and Joo

    nos encan­taria ir a argentina! lets see maybe it will come true. until then say hello to all your class, Noe!

  889. Please come to czech repub­lic. You are awe­some :)
    We want to see you!

  890. Alek­sey I already knew from his time at Tril­ogy, but since I’ve seen your video of “A Lit­tle Night­mare Music”, I am your num­ber one fan!

    One ques­tion … why is not your show to Spain? I’m from Barcelona, and I would love to see you live …


    P, D: My seven year old daugh­ter who loves each day the video for Joo, singing “she’s gonna ticket to ride” … DIES OF LAUGHTER!


    Igudesman and Joo

    we will come to spain next year we hope, maybe even to barcelona, so hope­fully your daugh­ter will have even more to laugh about!:)

  891. You are so amaz­ingly great and funny! I was won­der­ing if you’re plan­ning an Amer­i­can tour in the near future? Par­tic­u­larly in Ari­zona? I would love to be able to come to one of your concerts!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Thanks so much Melissa! Actu­ally, we dont know about Ari­zona at the moment, but we will be in the US many, many times in the next years! Start­ing with march, where we will have our New York debut at the 92nd street Y on the 30. of march with a few dates around it, then we will do sev­eral fes­ti­val in July and more US tour­ing in october…

  892. I am really look­ing for­ward for you guys to come to Eng­land (pre­ferred Lon­don), just if you are any­where close to the Eng­lish chan­nel. Get on a train and come. I think you guys would be much wel­come since the Eng­lish cul­ture of humour

  893. Gen­tle­men, when will you come to Prague at last??

    Igudesman and Joo

    We would love to come, espe­cialy since we live so near in Vienna!

  894. Also great thanks for your team for the logistics!

  895. Dear I&J,
    I have just received your auto­graphed DVD cover on the post! Thank you so much! You are the great­est artists of the cen­tury! Hope to see you play­ing in Budapest soon!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Its our pleasure!

  896. I and my friends watched your chan­nel on youtube and we loved it. you are very good enter­tain­ers and play­ers. peo­ple like you are really rare. so we decided to come to one of your shows. but the near­est one (in old­en­burg) is more then 5 hours away. is there any chance you play near frank­furt (main), ger­many? i will tell every­one i know to come to your con­cert. i promise.

    Igudesman and Joo

    Thank you Kai. We will have many per­for­mances in Ger­many next year! As soon as we know more, we will post it on the homepage!

  897. Angi Druga

    Dear guys,

    Finally you will be in Romania,soon!
    I am shore that you will per­form a great show.
    I wish you a great audi­ence too. I will be there with my fam­ily and more then 8 friends.
    My doter (12 years old) wants des­per­ately an auto­graph from you, may be she will man­age to ask you for it.

    With happy and love your biggest fun in Roma­nia (I told you in another mes­sage that I am over­weight),

    Igudesman and Joo

    we will sing DVD at the end, so you daugh­ter can surely have a sig­na­ture! see you soon!

  898. carmen simeonova


    I am very excited that you’re com­ing to Italy! Hope to see you in Bielle. PS:Do you make back­stage passes?

    Igudesman and Joo

    we do not have back­stage passes, but you can get a sig­na­ture from us at the end. We will also be teach­ing mster­classes and work­shops in the days after the performance…

  899. Hello im from Madrid and i wish you could come to my city.Im 16 years old and i like how you guys express the music.I play the piano since i was 9 and now hav­ing a con­sol­i­dated basis i try to impro­vise and play what­ever comes.
    You are great!!

  900. You are the Best! What a pity, that you couldn’t come to Hun­gary. Please, please come, we are wait­ing for you! A had never seen any supe­ri­ors, like you! You are out­stand­ing exam­ples of the genousity!

  901. Hey ho!
    I’m just watch­ing you 2 on youtube, and I’m just like “woooowww!! amaaaz­ing!!! :D :D ” Thank you for being the way you are! See you also once here in Lux­em­bourg? :-)

    Igudesman and Joo

    we would love to come to Luxembourg!

  902. Hwang, Jung Hye

    I’m a HUGE fan…I see that you guys are going to NY but i don’t see Canada on your tour sched­ule…
    T-T why…is it because Canada is not even a real coun­try T-T is it because we love maple syrup T-T
    I love how you guys are so very tal­ented in music and in com­edy lol it really is my style ;)
    Great music and lots of laughs…just what i need right now.

    Igudesman and Joo

    Canada is real, dont let the south­park peo­ple tell you oth­er­wise and your heads move up and down only a lit­tle bit;) we would love to return…

  903. I’ve tried to get tick­ets for the con­cert in Old­en­burg, Ger­many, but for some rea­son the ticket hot­line there doesn’t know any­thing about it. I couldn’t find the con­cert on the web­site of the Staat­sthe­ater either. It is going to take place, isn’t it? What can I do to get tickets?

    Igudesman and Joo

    we do not know about tick­ets yet, sorry, but it is sup­posed to take place, yes!

  904. Hi. I love you guys. You make me laugh so much. I just wish there was a POSTER of you I could hang on my wall! Pleeeeease make some!

    Igudesman and Joo

    come to a per­for­mance and steal it from a wall;)

  905. Ricardo Gonçaves

    I love yours per­fo­mance i realy hope that you guys come to Por­tu­gal! Do you know when??

    Igudesman and Joo

    dont know por­tu­gal future yet, but we would love to return.

  906. Please come to Aus­tralia! =) I should be study­ing for my uni­ver­sity entrance exams right now (HSC) but am cur­rently youtub­ing your clips =) You guys are such clas­sics and your music is great. It would be awe­some if you could come down under and play your awe­some music =)Plus you could see a koala! :D

  907. Please, you should really come per­form in New Zealand!!!

  908. I am so enthralled by your musi­cal tal­ent and humor! I would love the chance to play music with you!!! Do you ever plan on adding a mem­ber? We could be the three amgios it would be per­fect, ahem I mean per­fecto amgio. Hey it would be good for a skit right? Any­way I hope to just play with you guys some day that would be amazing!

    Igudesman and Joo

    we do some­times play with oth­ers — Emanuel Ax, Gidon Kre­mer, Vik­to­ria Mullova. We were also think­ing of adding Vik­to­ria Beck­ham to the last, what do you think?

  909. Dear Alek­sey and Hyung-ki,
    Please, come to Bul­garia. Like other of your fans we want to see your “alive”, but we under­stand that you have to be at many places at the same time:) So at least you have to know that you have many fans here:)
    And you are wel­come to Sofia, Bul­garia — like other fans said “it’s a lit­tle coun­try” with nice peo­ple:) good luck!

  910. Oh for the day you come to the UK…if only I could invite you myself!

  911. Marla Hedden

    Well we would love to go out to New York, but it is in the mid­dle of the week. :( Plus I have a show that week. *sigh* If you were hav­ing any shows closer to the Mid­west area instead of this East coast, west coast stuff it would make much eas­ier to come out, plus we have LOTS of peo­ple through Wis­con­sin, Illi­nois and Indi­ana that are dying to come to a show, but maybe they aren’t as crazy as us and drive 7+ hours :) . But any who, baby can’t wait for her first show either. She has been watch­ing your videos since she was about 3 weeks old. Mozart Bond and River­dance always make her stop what she is doing and watch.
    Hope to see you crazy guys soon! I’m going through with­drawal! Luv Ya Both!

    Igudesman and Joo

    we would looove to see you again some­time soon Marla! There will be other US dates, hope­fully closer to you… x

  912. ooh!!!
    It was so great to dis­cover you two!
    And when I was watch­ing the “Piano les­son”, heh? Is Joo a korean?
    I’m korean, but was also born in Britain! Well, not in Eng­land tho, a Welsh.

    Any­ways… another thing is that Igudes­man speaks ger­man! I thought the name is so ger­man..
    And actu­ally now I live in Germany!

    Please please come to Freiburg!!
    I saw the list for tour­ing and there was Old­en­burg, but its really really really and really far from here :(

    Please keep mak­ing super good per­for­mance and I wish to see you guys live!

    Igudesman and Joo

    joo is korean and born in eng­land igudes­man is russ­ian and lived in ger­many and now we are both in aus­tria — yipee!
    we will come to freiburg or sur­round­ing areas some time, we promise!

  913. François

    Well, even if I’m a fan, I’m not going to tell you that you’re incred­i­bly funny, and won­der­full musi­cians. You know it, I know it, every­body knows it (And I hate to kiss butts :P )

    I’m here to ask you a sim­ple ques­tion:
    Do you think you’ll come back to France one day?

    I didn’t know you at the time you came… (shame on me) But now that I do, I can’t wait to see you live!

    Keep the cheese eater in touch.

    Take care.


    By the way, Alek­sey, I know a good prac­ti­cian… If you want I can arrange you a meet­ing for hyung-ki (You know, for his men­tal trou­bles)!
    The psy­chi­a­trist really helped me out. (Before that I was schiz­o­phrenic but now WE are cured… ;)

    Igudesman and Joo

    lis­ten, we are work­ing on plans to cheese­land france, as we write! we will return. and yes, any help for our men­tal desease will be appre­ci­ated — appar­ently the best help is to sim­ply come to one of our shows…

  914. What luck, I just hap­pen to be trav­el­ling to NY city (from Chicago) dur­ing the week of your con­cert! Thank your pro­moter for not charg­ing $100/ticket like the Broad­way shows in NY.

    Igudesman and Joo

    you see — we are cheap! all must come to N.Y.!!!

  915. Tabithia

    I found you guys on You Tube and can’t get enough of you. Please come to Ontario, Canada!! I see you’re going to New York, so you must get to Canada some day, I love the work you guys do!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    we will come to canada for sure some day again!

  916. Hi!

    On the occa­sion of the Fes­ti­val of Chopin and Schu­mann.
    Would you like to write a scene to some of their music?
    Good luck on concerts!I wish you suc­cess in work!

    Igudesman and Joo

    we love both com­posers so maybe…




    EXPECTING A GOOD WILL FOLLOW that you come to MALAGA not forget!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Well, the spon­sor of the con­cert can­celed last minute, so there was noth­ing we could do. We were so sad our­selves — we were so look­ing for­ward to com­ing! We really hope to return soon…

  918. Hello Guys,
    You were so kind to offer me the chance to have my DVD cover auto­graphed for my friend who received tick­ets from me for your can­celed con­cert in Budapest (http://www.igudesmanandjoo.com/message-board/#comment-4123).

    I have sent you my cover with the post Sep­tem­ber 23rd to your address in the Anna­gasse but have not received any­thing from you. Did you get my mail or did it get lost in the post? Please,please tell me that it’s sit­ting on your desk and you guys are just too busy to open it..

    My com­pen­sa­tion gift to my friend is going to be a weak one if I lost the cover dur­ing mailing..

    Igudesman and Joo

    We are onto it Adam. Maybe it got lost in the post — that hap­pens you know! If it did, please send us your address and we will send you a new one.


    Igudesman and Joo

    we would looove to and we will!

  920. +2
    Wel­come to Israel!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    dou­ble ditto!

  921. +1
    Wel­come to Israel!!

    Igudesman and Joo


  922. Hi!
    Do you plan to come to Israel? I hope you do :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    we would very much like to return, yes.

  923. I am a huge fan of you
    Please, please come to South Korea


    Igudesman and Joo

    we love it there and both miss our dak­dori tang and michi chi­gae… hope­fully next year we will return!

  924. Every­time my New Eng­land Con­ser­va­tory friends and I get together, we throw on your Night­mare Music DVD and have soooo many laughs. Please let me that when you come to Amer­ica, you will make a quick stop in Boston! Oth­er­wise, I’m going to have to drive a car­load of peo­ple down to NYC and that would be annoying!

    Igudesman and Joo


  925. Roman Ozeryan

    hey guys i’m still wait­ing on you guys to come to New York City so i can drag my friends to watch you guys any idea if you will come tour here ?

    Igudesman and Joo

    so come! 92nd street Y, on the 30th of march 2011…

  926. Do you think that it will be pos­si­ble for you to come not only in the North and south of Italy but also to est,like 3est(Triest)?2′ question:I’ve great trou­ble because of my big hands and play­ing violin…do you have any suggestion(I don’t like dou­ble bass)?
    You’re really great!!
    Italy loves you

    Igudesman and Joo

    we will play in var­i­ous parts of Italy in the future, so dont worry!

    about the big hands — viola is great,but u can still play vio­lin — check out perl­man he has enor­mous hands!

  927. When will be see­ing you in eng­land!! never loved clas­si­cal music so much lis­ten­ing to you!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    we hop soon, we really do!

  928. Croissant praliné

    Je viens à peine de vous décou­vrir grâce à mon pro­fesseur de piano. Vous êtes juste géni­aux. Con­tin­uez comme ca, je vous adore! :D
    Gros bisous.
    Crois­sant praliné.

    Igudesman and Joo


  929. Volkmar Vandory

    With all admi­ra­tion I have for your sense for humour and to make me laugh that much and loudly.…
    a cou­ple of years ago, we had the very luck to see you at a “night­mare” per­for­mance in Starn­berg, Ger­many, part of the show together with julia Fis­cher where our son played birth­day greet­ings on his vio­lin together with some other cil­dren. Dur­ing the sched­uled prepa­ra­tion for this show in Gilch­ing he had the luck to play vio­lin with you a bit just for fun (!). He remem­bers this very good and that is the “prob­lem”: Two and a half years fur­ther on (mean­while 10 years old and still play­ing vio­lin with aston­ish­ing suc­cess) he still asks me, when you finally come back to the south­ern part of Ger­many to meet you again(!)
    Best wishes for both of you and your phe­nom­e­nal ideas — miss laugh­ing “live” very much: your are live even so much bet­ter — keep tuned.….


    Igudesman and Joo

    Dear Volk­mar, we are really glad that your son had so much fun! We will play in your area for sure, so hope to see you again!

  930. I just saw that you will be com­ing to New York City. Will you also be per­form­ing in Boston? I’ve been wait­ing for years for you to come to the USA! Hope you come to the Boston area soon.

    Igudesman and Joo

    We hope so too… but how about a lit­tle roadtrip;)?

  931. Marla Hedden

    .….…sit­ting patiently wait­ing on US news.….…

    Igudesman and Joo

    Marla!!!! How’s Mummy?????
    When will be the 1st baby road trip I&J scream­ing singing style?

  932. Gustavo Jose

    Dear Alek­sey & Hyung-Ki: My daugh­ter start to lern singing & and as we both love music very much, fol­low me your details. It was realy great to know you through inter­net small pieces found. I’d tried to find your DVD locally but it’s not avail­able. Per­fect mix­ture of exce­lent musi­cians & funny come­di­ants. We become fan of your work. Hope to see you down here, some­time. because (beleive me you are good, very good) but our admi­ra­tion is not, big enough to spend your show tick­ets plus our flight tick­ets from Argentina !!. Now for real, appre­ci­ate very much your job, and please keep doing it. Best Cor­dial Regards, Gus­tavo Jose

  933. Eric Moya

    Well, i have a com­plain… you should have put a warn­ing in your DVD… “do not show it to peo­ple you care about”. As you know, a cou­ple of months ago I got your DVD on Ama­zon, but I was not aware of how dif­fi­cult it is to keep it. The first time I watched the video with a really good friend, she wanted it so badly that I had no choice but give to her… now I dont have it any­more… isnt there any guar­an­tee for that sit­u­a­tion on the product?????

    Igudesman and Joo

    We are so sorry for the incon­ve­nience this might have caused you and in return will do a tribal dance wear­ing gaelic col­ored tutus.

  934. Gianni Contestabile

    Un grand bon­jour de Bologna… on s’était parlé (en français svp ! ;-) après le spec­ta­cle… tu cherches tou­jours tes anciens potes d’école ?

    Igudesman and Joo


  935. por­favo quando for por brasil vai em pernambuco

    Igudesman and Joo

    hope­fully Brasil next year — more info com­ing soon!!!

  936. Holas!!!
    Muchas gra­cias por tomarse el tra­bajo de enter­arse lo que dice este men­sajes.
    Soy de Bolivia (no se si cono­cen… sur amer­ica… pais mediter­ra­neo… Evo Morales… salar de Uyuni… lago Tit­i­caca… etc…) he visto var­ios de sus videos en youtube y real­mente estoy muy impre­sion­ado por su tra­bajo, ade­mas (de todo) me hicieron reir mucho, yo soy pianista (asi como Joo yo tam­bien naci).
    Que­ria saber si cono­cen el tra­bajo de Les Luthiers, unos argenti­nos que hacen tam­bién musica humor, se los recomiendo ral­mente son muy buenos.
    Mi for­ma­ción musi­cal ha sido bas­tante auto­di­dacta, recien hace unos años ingrese a con­ser­va­to­rio, la erdad no se para que les cuento todo esto… pero gra­cias por todo su esfuerzo y quiero que sepan que su meta esta siendo cumpl­ida, mi her­manita de 13 años se intereso mucho por su musica, gra­cias a ust­edes le inqui­eto escuchar un poco mas a mozart (a pesar de que yo toco mozart al piano desde hace var­ios años y las pocas veces que se sento a escucharme fue solo para pro­bar cuanto tiempo podia sopor­tar esa musica– y pen­san­dolo bien eso no habla muy bien de mi interpretacion-) bueno, gra­cias por todo!!!


    P.D. cuanto me costaría traer­los para el cumpleaños de mi hermanita?

  937. Gustavo Vasconcelos

    meus parabens pelo tra­balho real­izado por vocês!
    fico impres­sion­ado com a cria­tivi­dade que vocês tem, gostaria de ir ao show de vocês pref­er­en­ci­a­mente no Brasil.

  938. Hello, Igudes­man and Joo! Please come to Asia! *Indone­sia, espe­cially. We’d love to see you! Oh come on, you guys really did it, makes me laugh until my tears dried up! YOU BOTH ARE AWWWWWWWESOME!

  939. You should come to New York/New Jer­sey. Peo­ple will go crazy to see you.

    Igudesman and Joo

    In 7 days you will find out about pre­cisely that!

  940. So all the press peo­ple turned into don­keys! ._.
    you guys are magical!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Hey, you said that, not us!

  941. Hey there. Is there a pos­si­bil­ity to get those “matrix styl­ish” press pho­tos of you? I would like to print them as a poster.

    thanks a lot. i am curi­ous what will hap­pen in 9 days :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    I am afraid they are in the press room which is pass­word pro­tected. If we told you, you the pass­word you would turn into a don­key and we wouldnt want that, would we? Unless you are already a don­key, in which case, well done for being able to type on a com­puter!
    Its 8 days now, by the way…

  942. PORFAVO VOCÊ pode­ria fazer uma turne no brasil eu sol um dois seus fan

    Igudesman and Joo

    it looks like we might come next year! sub­scribe to our newslet­ter and find out!

  943. Amer­ica is wait­ing for you!

    Igudesman and Joo

    9 more days then we reveal all!

  944. Gri­a­se­ich!

    Glad to hear u come back to Aus­tria for a show in Jan­u­ary (Lax­en­burg), BUT where/how exactly can I buy tick­ets? Or are the 2 shows for sub­sribers of the “Lax­en­burger Schlosskonz­erte” only? It’d be THE per­fect Christ­mas present for my mum, so I hope to see you there! :)

    Keep it up!
    You guys are pure awe­some­ness!

    Igudesman and Joo

    ser­vas theresa!

    it would be great if ou come to our con­certs in lax­en­burg — at the moment we only have the info that is up on the web­site — but keep check­ing please!
    bis boid, hoffma!

  945. That’s such a pity that el ser cre­ativo can­celed your gig in Malaga. Why they did it? Are we such in a cri­sis here in Spain — that we are not even get­ting cul­ture any­more? That’s hor­ri­ble — my heart is bleeding!!!

    Hope you come soon back to south­ern Spain!!!!


    Igudesman and Joo

    i know, we are really sad too. we really really hope to come soon! hasta la proxima.

  946. cristina

    hola! podri­ais venir a Valen­cia a tocar, estoy segura que tri­un­fari­ais!! jejeje.
    a ver si os ani­mais!! saludos!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    esper­e­mos que vamos a regre­sar a valen­cia! salu­dos a ti tambien.

  947. No more Europe! Please come to Asia, specif­i­cally, Sin­ga­pore!!! XD

    Igudesman and Joo

    ah, sin­ga­pore would be great… asia we will do next year for sure!

  948. hey,

    I’ve seen a part of your show dur­ing ‘the night of the proms’ in Antwerp (2 years ago. You guys were there as spe­cial guests. Me and my friends found it won­der­full and are since then look­ing for a tour­date with the label “Bel­gium”. I know we’re a small coun­try but is there any chance you’ll visit us soon?

    Igudesman and Joo

    we do have plans in the future to return yes.
    sub­scribe to our newslet­ter and you will know more!

  949. Elisabeth

    Thanks! :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    not at all.

  950. Thankyou for your music.Maybe my Eng­lish is poor,but I think your music is amaz­ing. I am a Chinese.COME TO CHINA PLEASE.WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

    Igudesman and Joo

    we are work­ing on china — we love china and your food — in fact tomor­row its igudes­mans sis­ters 30th brith­day and he is tak­ing her to an extremely good chi­nese restaurant!

  951. No..no come to UK please!! :-)
    I can’t wait to attend one of your shows, you’re amazing.

    Igudesman and Joo

    and UK would be a dream for us. we hope we can come soon!

  952. Come to Bel­gium in brux­elles !!! you are great :D

    Igudesman and Joo

    we would loooove to return, we love brussels!

  953. Musicfun

    Dear Igudes­man & Joo
    it’s me again I didn’t know that you visit Greece the only thing tha I know is that you vis­ited Cyprus. I have friends there and they told me that the show was amazing.….Where exactly took place your show.…in Athens or in another city.…I would ask you to sup­port Greece through your music and to come to Greece as soon as pos­si­ble for an amaz­ing show that help us to for­got our prob­lems.….….… THANKS IN ADVANCE Be always good and help peo­ple to for­got even for a moment their prob­lems.…. a FRIEND FROM GREECE

    Igudesman and Joo

    We have never per­formed as a duo in Greece. we have vis­ited sev­eral times as we have friends in Greece. We were first in Greece in 1994, play­ing in a Waltz orches­tra, on the day of Melina Mercouri’s funeral.

  954. Hy guys, I have seen your dates. Biella, Teramo.…..but when in Padova or in any city in the Veneto?

    Igudesman and Joo

    More Italy dates to fol­low very soon.
    We should be there also in March 2011 play­ing in sev­eral cities, includ­ing Roma!

  955. You guys are awe­some!! I played vio­lin for 10 years from 4–14 years old. I was good, but I always would mock/comedy the songs and dance like Alek­sey does (swing­ing the hips was a favorite!!) It was always dis­cour­ag­ing to play because the teach­ers were always so uptight (I got a big bow wack on my shoul­ders a few times, too). Your music & per­for­mance is great and makes me enjoy clas­si­cal music again. I just about died laugh­ing when you played with the drink mixer on “I will sur­vive” because I’ve always wanted to do that, but wasn’t allowed.

    When are you guys com­ing to South­ern Cal­i­for­nia? How many inter­ested peo­ple do you need to make a con­cert worth­while? I can help to set things up if you need…

    Igudesman and Joo

    We hope you’re still play­ing the vio­lin today and swing­ing your hips while mak­ing fancy cock­tails. In fact, could you make us a Vodka Mar­tini and an Egypt­ian Camel Basher please?
    South­ern Cal­i­for­nia? How many inter­ested peo­ple can you gather? Will Arnie be there?
    If you have any cre­ative ideas, please send them to our man­ager. She’s always open to ideas.
    Maybe we’ll see you soon? And we want to see your com­edy music schtick!!!

  956. No prob­lem :) What size venue do you want? x

    Igudesman and Joo

    Super Size with mayo and ketchup.

  957. hallo guys,

    i think you should come to lue­beck (north of ham­burg in ger­many at the baltic sea), because the city of lue­beck is part of unesco world cul­tural her­itage, so that your per­for­mance would fit per­fectly to this envi­ron­ment. fur­ther­more lue­beck is my home­town and i wouldn´t have to travel so far to enjoy such a height of the sea­son.
    So… if it´s pos­si­ble to fol­low my advice, you really shouldn´t miss the great expe­ri­ence of play­ing in lue­beck, and as an ade­quate reward for my valu­able sug­ges­tion i would be deeply grate­ful for two free tick­ets includ­ing two back stage passes. Thank you and see you in luebeck.

    Igudesman and Joo

    We think we’re already com­ing to a con­cert hall near you. Sum­mer 2011???
    Or is that when Spi­der­man 4 comes out? Hmmm…

  958. María V.

    hey hey!! I for­get some­thing!! are you going to sign auto­graphs and take pho­tos with fans!!?? jajajajaja!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    We only take pass­port pho­tos now– so if you bring a pass­port booth, we can take one together– usu­ally takes around 5 min­utes to develop.

  959. María V.

    hi!! I’m a Span­ish Fan who almost died of laugh­ing when see your videos !! the best one is that you’re going to play in a the­ater that is 20 min. from my house!! I’m so excited ^0^…soo I called the the­ater (because I don’t find infor­ma­tion anywhere)and they don’t know any­thing yet.
    When tick­ets go on sale and how much they cost (more or less)? xD
    Segid así, sois los mejores!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    we are so sorry but the spon­sors can­celed the con­cert. money trou­ble every­where, we guess… we really hope to come soon though, nos encanta espana!

  960. Just amaz­ing you are !!

    when are you com­ing over to France ?
    or Eng­land ? Have you already ??
    flight tick­ets are not that expen­sive now, we can man­age with my daugh­ter to book a quick stay even in London !!

    Please Please do come over to France !! I beg you on my knees ;-) )

    Look­ing for­ward to hear­ing and see­ing you very very soon …


    Igudesman and Joo

    we will come some time soon we hope — keep on check­ing our dates or sub­scribe to our newslet­ter. we would love to wel­come you and your doughter at our performance!

  961. Come to Aus­tralia. I came across your videos on youtube by acci­dent when I was search­ing for the song “I Will Sur­vive”. Not a huge fan of clas­si­cal music but I am now a huge fan of Hyung-ki and Aleksey.

    I spent hours on the tube check­ing out all the videos of their per­for­mance. I know the votes are low for Aus­tralia but you should give us a go through the Angel Recital Hall or the Opera House!!

    It would be good to get more fans out down under

    Igudesman and Joo

    we would love to play in aus­tralia! alek­sey has already per­formed in angel a cou­ple of times with his string trio “tri­ol­ogy” many years ago and igudes­man & joo have been in hunt­ing­ton fes­ti­val.
    well pat, if you write in to musica viva and demand for us to to be booked, the chances are higher that we will come!

  962. Musicfun

    dear Igudes­man & joo,

    you are very tal­ented men and i hope to come to Greece for an amaz­ing show .…you are the best musi­cians i’ve ever seen .…do your music shows sold in dvd????


    Igudesman and Joo

    yes, our show is for sale on DVD on amazon.com here:


    we love greece and would like ot visit again some time again and play there.
    we are also friends of Ven­ge­lis who is a won­der­ful man!

  963. Eric Moya

    Hey Guys! Remem­ber me?… Just say­ing hello again from Hon­duras.
    Look, when I was 12, my brother gave me a small key­board to learn how to play piano with a cou­ple of books he bought. I used to play the key­board every day, learned more or less to read the songs in the books, and ended play­ing just enough to enjoy myself. After some time my key­board got bro­ken and never played again… I had for­goten how fun and pleas­ing it is to play music, but some moths ago, i saw you in the net, and then i got your video… because of you, I felt the need to play again, now im 31, and just got a new key­board (yamaha, Richard got angry because his piano was not yamaha, so I took note) Im play­ing and get­ing lots of infor­ma­tion on the inter­net. im learn­ing quite a good amount of inter­est­ing music… and I just wanted to say thank you for remind­ing me who I am.

    Igudesman and Joo

    you bought a yamaha because of us? we should get per­cent­age!;)
    so glad you got into music again — that rules!

  964. Eng­land! Play Eng­land! :) I would harass my local venues but unfor­tu­nately I live in Stoke-on-Trent which I fear would be beneath you x

    Igudesman and Joo

    There is no place that we con­sider beneath us, except the series Six Feet Under. In fact, Stoke is word that par­tic­u­larly feels like home to us, as we both met and stud­ied at a school in Stoke d’Abernon. So go ahead, and harass, ter­rorise, camp out­side, threaten, bribe your local venues, and we’ll be there.

  965. Elisabeth

    Hi Guys!
    I’m a 13 year old who has fallen in love with your music, shows, well really every­thing you guys do. You guys are amaz­ing! You guys can sing :D , act (Aleksey’s big eyes dur­ing tense parts) and play piano and vio­lin. I admire both of you and hope to be like Joo (sorry Alek­sey but I’m not very good with string instru­ments :) ) when I grow up where I can play amaz­ing pieces on the piano.

    Also, are you guys plan­ing on com­ing to Atlanta, Geor­gia (Amer­ica) any time soon? I would love to see you guys per­form­ing live.

    Igudesman and Joo

    We are com­ing to the USA sev­eral times next year, and the year after that. Look­ing for­ward to hear your piano play­ing and crazy pieces you will write!

  966. Alena Jindrova

    Hi, have you ever played in Czech repub­lic? If not you should do that. It´s amaz­ing coun­try with nice peo­ple and the most beau­ti­ful girls in the world (that´s for Alek­sey;)). And the audi­ence is unbeat­able:) plz come to CZ. It´s just behind the hills:)

    Igudesman and Joo

    well, this does sound rather entic­ing — but hwo where, why? we would love to come, if some­one would invite us…

  967. Muhammad Khan

    2 ques­tions.… 1. Could u plz come to the u.s.? (It would be nice if it were some­where near Michi­gan) I would really love to go to one of your con­cert instead of hav­ing to watch then on youtube.
    2. I was hop­ing if there was any way i could get the music for “I Will Sur­vive” because we would really love to play it in our orches­tra for our end of the year con­cert and were ready to even pay for it (depend­ing on the price). So could u plz let me know if it is pos­si­ble to get the music?

    Igudesman and Joo


    here are the answeres:

    1. we will in the states lots, so dont worry! first dates to be announced very soon.

    2. our sheet music is not avail­able yet, but maybe one day soon…

  968. Dear Broth­ers in Arms,

    I’m a Bul­gar­ian piano teacher and per­former who had been liv­ing in China for the last 6 years. I have enjoyed liv­ing and gain­ing a vari­able work expe­ri­ence there, how­ever I’m happy to be back in Europe (now located by the beat­i­full Adri­atic coast of Slove­nia) and I’m look­ing for a reli­able Agent in order to boost my career here. I have an extended reper­toire so I’ll be happy to per­form again in Europe. My web­site is: http://www.mariyapianostudio.com


    Igudesman and Joo

    Thanks Mariya, we will keep you in mind. Good luck!

  969. hey guys

    u make me laugh really like ur style soooooooooo much

    plz if u con­sider com­ing to EGYPT
    many fans of u here

    plz plz a per­for­mance in Cairo Opera House will ROCK


    Igudesman and Joo

    We would loooooooove to per­form in Egypt.
    Why dont you and your friends write in and/or email the Cairo Opera House demand­ing us — that way it is more likely to happen!

  970. Carmen Simeonova

    Hi! I am sick and the only thing that
    helps me recover are your videos on youtube! Thank you SO much!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Yes, they have been known as a sub­sti­tute to antibiotics.

  971. Hayato Tanaka


    Igudesman and Joo

    oh we would so love to — demand it from your dean or per­son in charge. we would deffi­nitely come next time we tour the US.

  972. Carmen Simeonova

    Thanks for reply­ing to my messeges! It really means a lot to me! I just wanted to ask you a ques­tion. Well.….….2. 1st: I am going to a big piano com­pe­ti­tion in Tri­este and I am very ner­vous! Any Tips? 2nd: Do you know any good instru­ment com­pe­nies where they sell ban­jos? :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    Hi Car­men!

    1st: Against nerves there are many tips — quite a lot of musi­cians take med­i­c­i­nal drugs like “beta block­ers” but we strongly recomend to stay away from that.
    Dif­fer­ent things work for dif­fer­ent peo­ple.
    Some peo­ple med­i­tate for a few min­utes before, so sim­ply close you eyes and try to empty your mind, con­t­role you heart­beat and let it go slower and try to feel at piece — al the fing shui, tai chi, ping pong stuff, you know.
    It helps if you do as many per­for­mances as pos­si­ble pefore hand. That can be for ANYONE. You uncle. Your dog. His girl­firend. Your neigh­bour. Play your reper­toire through to peo­ple. The more per­for­mances you do, ususally the more con­fi­dent and less ner­vous you get. And one learnes end­lessly from per­for­mances. Even though you might know things per­fectly, in per­for­mance you might screw up cer­tain places. Those are the places to prac­tice then and be aware of.


  973. Carmen Simeonova

    PPS: Can you make a funny vir­sion of ‘don’t worry be happy’ on your next show in slovenia?

    Igudesman and Joo

    actu­ally Igudes­man has per­formed with Bobby McFer­rin, so its not a bad idea… maybe we will:)

  974. Carmen Simeonova

    Hi again! I was actu­ally born in France but I am orig­i­nally from Bul­garia! Me and my auntie(who has been play­ing the piano for over 28 years since she was 5) are very excited to meet you! PS: I can have a shot at the oboe!

    Igudesman and Joo

    well yes, Car­men is a typ­i­cial Bul­gar­ian name too;) once you mas­ter the oboe, please take a shot at the Banjo.

  975. Carmen Simeonova

    I am 12 years old and I LOVE your music! I have been play­ing the piano for just about 6 years and I’d love to see in per­son! I live in Slove­nia and I would LOVE if you can do con­cert there!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Hi Car­men! well its very cool that you play the piano even though igudes­man is sad that you dont play the vio­lin and joo would love you to play the oboe. i am sure we will be in slowe­nia some time — we live in vienna, so not far at all! you have a very beau­ti­ful slowen­ian first name, by the way ;)

  976. Roberto Alaimo di Loro

    Hi Guys,

    as one in a mil­lion of your fans I can only beg you to come to Ger­many (don’t mind the name, it’s ital­ian, but i live in Ger­many). You can­not leave the Ger­mans (and every­body else liv­ing here), with­out hav­ing had the pos­si­bil­ity to hear and see you.

    Kind regards

    Igudesman and Joo

    we will be in ger­many a lot in the next years, so not to worry!

  977. Oh my god you guys..are being pulled in a mil­lion direc­tions! Isn’t it fun?
    Regards from fans in Canada :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    we are indeed and yes it is :)

  978. Hello Guys,

    It is so sad that the spon­sors can­celed your Budapest con­cert. We were soo much look­ing for­ward to it!

    I bought the cards as birth­day present for a friend who is a great fan and who intro­duced me to your art by skyp­ing me your YouTube links. When I vis­ited your site and saw that you have a Budapest con­cert upcom­ing I knew this was the per­fect gift. And now its can­celed. I hope you will not become frus­trated and come to us soon!

    I will file for a refund at the venue and plan to pur­chase some of your DVDs as a cheer-up gift for my friend. Is there a chance to have you guys write a few lines for him on the cover? This would mean soo much to him!

    Igudesman and Joo

    send us the cover and we’ll write a few lines for your friend. Be sure to include his name and remind us of the rea­son (can­cel­la­tion of Budapest-birthday etc.etc.)
    The address is:
    Flo­rian Peter­mann,
    Only Hands Small
    Anna­gasse 1/10
    Vienna 1010

  979. didacus27

    I’m from Padua too. You’re great! Go on!!! Thanks! 8-)

  980. I’d really love to see you. I am from Padova.

  981. So glad to hear you’ll be com­ing to the States in March! I hope you have a grand North Amer­i­can tour, but if not, I will gladly drive five hours to New York to see you.

    P.S. Is Igudes­man still sin­gle by any chance?

    Igudesman and Joo

    We will have a few Grand Amer­i­can and Cana­dian Tours.
    March will be big for us because we will be per­form­ing in the Big Apri­cot (for Super­man Comic Fans Only).
    Igudes­man is a 45′, a 1$ bill, a com­puter num­ber­ing for­mat, a Cricket point, and also a sin­gle cream and sin­gle step and a french mon­key with an “l”.
    Anna, Madam I’m Adam.

  982. you are right. I must study Eng­lish now.
    I hope to see your show soon, but how do I know where you play, if you not pub­lished the dates?
    EH EH EH maybe I am learn­ing Eng­lish.

    Igudesman and Joo

    See Tour­dates!
    Where are you from, Lara?

  983. Ferenc Moor

    Hey guys!
    I’ve got a mail about can­celling the hun­gar­ian con­cert, too. When will you come here instead of this? I hope we’ll see your show soon. :(

    Igudesman and Joo

    Dear Fer­enc,

    See above! We will be back.
    After all, Igudes­man is Bud­dha, and Joo is the Pest!

  984. Viktor Könyves

    Guys! I’m very very sad and a bit dis­ap­pointed :(
    Today I got a mail from the Con­cert Hall that the con­cert of 01.10. in Budapest has can­celled. I do not know what hap­pened, but I hope that you will come to Hun­gary in the near future!
    The worst thing is: it would been the birthday-gift of my wife :(
    I am look­ing for­ward to see you!

    Igudesman and Joo

    We are also very sad and more than a bit dis­ap­pointed. But there was noth­ing we could do as the Spon­sors of the con­cert can­celled. It is rare that these things hap­pen.
    Send us your address and wife’s name, and we’ll see what we can do to cheer her up a bit.

  985. Come on guys, you must come to Barcelona! I’m the third in ask­ing! I really enjoy your videos on youtube, and I’d love to watch you live

    best regards, and keep on being this great!

    Igudesman and Joo

    oh you have no idea how much we would love to play in barcelona! we love your city. actu­ally, the best we can do for the moment is malaga in octo­ber — feel like a lit­tle road trip?

  986. Hello :)

    I never saw you live, but I liked it on youtube.(A lit­tle night­mare music) A good friend showed me your video. And he really wants to see you live. I wanted to buy tick­ets. For a sur­prise. :D But it is to expen­cive, when I have to buy the flight too. :D I really like to see you in Ger­many. Are there any dates? I hope for it.

    Greet­ings, Sanja :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    we will be in ger­many often next year, we promise!

  987. Jiong Ding

    You are so funny! TED should invites you 2~

    Igudesman and Joo

    yeah, tell ted to invite us! and jim. and josh.

  988. Dis­cov­ered the two of you over a year ago on youtube and was thrilled when I saw by coin­ci­dence in a news­pa­per that you’d be per­form­ing in Mainz the fol­low­ing week. See­ing you live was even bet­ter than watch­ing you on youtube. Plus it made the per­fect present for my par­ents’ birth­days. They, too, enjoyed the show a lot.
    Really liked the loca­tion in the cosy lit­tle tent… despite some unex­pected “back­ground noises” (rain, air plane tramway). but at least the rain forced that hor­ri­ble ABBA revival band two streets down to stop play­ing ;-)

    Hope to be able to see you live again soon.
    All the best,

    Igudesman and Joo

    Thanks for com­ing to our Mainz show!
    Did you know that “ABBA” spelt back­wards is– “Able to do house­work in the cold riba of babylon”?

  989. Nikolai Sakov

    Hey there,

    I’m Nick (14 years of age) from Aus­tralia (even though I cur­rently live in Nor­way), and I just want to say I love the clips you have on youtube! I was intro­duced to you by my piano teacher, with the awsome clip of you guys play­ing the “Rach­mani­nov had big hands” when I was learn­ing the Rachaminov Op. 3 No. 2 in C sharp minor two years ago.

    Since then I’ve always been fol­low­ing where you’re tour­ing. How­ever, you guys havn’t vis­ited Nor­way (sadly, but I’m guess­ing its crazy prices) But now I’m mov­ing back to Aus­tralia, I would really love you guys to visit! If you are tour­ing Aus­tralia, please either come to Hobart (In the island state of Tas­ma­nia), or Mel­bourne. There are a lot of fans out there who appre­ci­ate the won­der­full mix of music and com­edy you guys create!



    Igudesman and Joo

    One of our big dreams is to play in HELL!
    We may come to Aus­tralia in 2012, just to see the toi­let flush­ing the other way round.
    So see you then! (not in the toilet)

  990. Jeffrey chua

    Why not u all come to Sin­ga­pore or Malaysia. I wish that we will meet there see ya

    Igudesman and Joo

    we went to Malaysia last year and loved it… we would love to return and go to sin­ga­pore too!

  991. Guys,

    Why don’t you play this year at the inter­na­tional cham­ber­mu­sic fes­ti­val in the Hague, Holland ??

    Do you know? when it will be the next time that we can see your show in Holland?

    Greets from Holland

    Igudesman and Joo

    Actu­ally– JOO will be play­ing this year at the Hague Fes­ti­val. He will be play­ing on Octo­ber 2nd and Octo­ber 3rd with Gilles Apap and Eva Stege­man.
    See http://www.kamermuziekfestivaldenhaag.nl/page/programma

  992. Just hurry up and come to the Modesto Gallo Center.

    Igudesman and Joo

    ok, we are just putting our shoes on…

  993. come to Tai­wan please!!
    it’s a small Island in Asia
    and it’s very beau­ti­ful
    the weather is good
    the food is awe­some!!!
    i think you will love here very much!!!
    (my eng­lish is pool.…..lol)

    Igudesman and Joo

    We were in Tai­wan last year and we LOVED IT!!!
    The Tai­wanese audi­ence is one of the best in the world! And the food is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.….

    we might come next year, so keep some dim sum for us.

  994. Eric Moya

    Well, I like to believe I’m the entire bee, hehe (I googled Monty Python), actu­ally fly­ing is what I do for a liv­ing. About me hav­ing good ideas… com­ing from you guys I feel hon­ored. Thank you. Please know that you have a friend down here in Hon­duras (didnt want to use the word fan), and if you ever need some­thing from around here, well, you know… one more thing, that elec­tronic piano Richard used with his credit card… are you sure it wasnt made in India?

    Igudesman and Joo

    Our lawyer would just like to add that no ani­mals were harmed in the mak­ing of the “Credit Card Piano”.

  995. Niklas Sjöblom

    Hello funny guys!

    We are from Istan­bul in Scan­di­navia ;) (no, but from an ice-cave in the north) and we drove to Mora in Dalarna to see your won­der­ful per­for­mance at Vin­ter­fest! It was the one of fun­ni­est things we’ve seen, you guys are really great! We almost cried when your show ended :’( We and the polar bears next-door are HUGE fans!!! We really hope that you will come back to Swe­den soon!


    /Us and the polar bears!

    Igudesman and Joo

    so cool you came! thanks we really appre­i­ci­ate it. we are big fans of rein­deer kebabs!

  996. AndrewDrum

    I’ve just seen a video of “Alla Turca” and I can only say WOW :D
    You are amaz­ing!
    Come to Milan in Italy!!!!!!!! :D


    Igudesman and Joo

    we will return, we promise!

  997. roger moore

    I am still wait­ing for the con­tract. Why do you per­sist in hold­ing out? Are you wait­ing for D. Craig, who is very good, but he doesn’t swear as I do. I could drop a line to Sean or George, maybe Tim­o­thy or Pierce.
    ps. Keep away from my wife Wanky.

    Igudesman and Joo

    Dear­est Roger,
    For Your Four Eyes Only!
    The con­tract was made with your agent, Ivor Bagsa­money.
    He told us that Nobody does it bet­ter than you.
    Thank You for great times together in Dubrovnik.
    We will miss you and Kristina.
    Can’t wait for our Vienna New Year’s Eve con­cert together in 2011.
    (You might want to work on your spelling of our names till then.)
    Alek­sey and Hyung-ki
    we were hav­ing fun in Bel­gium some time ago rear­rang­ing Bond Movie Titles:
    The Fry Who Loved Me
    The Man with the Golden Fries
    For your fries only
    You Only Fry Twice
    From Rus­sia with Fries.
    etc. etc.

  998. Ragazzi siete davvero forti, unire la musica con la comic­ità.….… una domanda: ma fate dei mas­ter dove inseg­nate ai musicisti anche la recitazione? sarebbe davvero inter­es­sante.
    ragazzi forza, fate presto ad aggiornare le date, siamo in tanti ad aspettare.….….….….….……

    Igudesman and Joo

    hi lara!

    time to learn eng­lish for you now:
    we learned and and some of our act­ing skills in the yehudi menuhin school…
    hope to see you ina a show in italy soon.
    a dopo!

  999. Angello Ioakimides

    For your appear­ance in Greece, may I rec­om­mend that some­one con­tact either the Megaro Mousikis (Athens Con­cert Hall) or the Bad­minton The­atre. They are both well estab­lished halls for you, with an audi­ence that will sell out. You are well know VIRALLY in Greece through youtube, and all you need now is to cash-out a bit on that, since WE want to see you LIVE! The atmos-fear is great! Thanks for your mag­nif­i­cent revamp­ing of music. You should be in TED.com as well. FRESH is what you are.

    Igudesman and Joo

    well, all we can say is that we are both quite bad at bad­ming­ton, but would still love to play in greece.
    why dont you write to the halls and demand to have us there?
    that is the most likely way that we will be invited!

  1000. Eric Moya

    yes my friends, I watched all of the extras, they are very orig­i­nal, but I think you should look for Mozart here in Cen­tral Amer­ica, par­tic­u­larly in Hon­duras (I dont think you will be more suc­ces­full than in Venice, but you will have a lot of fun)and Alek­sey would be a lit­tle more con­fort­able than in India… by the way… you are very brave for mak­ing that doc­u­men­tary there. If you ever come to my coun­try, I promise cows will be nehind a fence, and all of those beau­ties you showed will be in a closed can hehe. Besides, Richard, vibrato is made more easyly in our trop­i­cal weather. Thanks again for the DVD and for the extras in it.

    Igudesman and Joo

    you have some pretty good ideas Eric. are you half a bee? if you dont under­stand that, you should research it under monty python…

  1001. Extras??? oh oh, I must have over­looked some­thing…
    Hope to see you again in Ger­many some time! :-)

    Igudesman and Joo

    we hope to see you too!

  1002. Eric Moya

    Hey Guys! Now I’m the happy owner of your “A Lit­tle Night­mare Music” DVD, it finally arrived. I saw it this after­noon with my niece, and we both loved it… I want to tell you that I received your warm mega thanks (on the DVD cover), but actu­ally THANKS TO YOU guys. what you do is what the world needs, and from the bot­tom of my heart… You are mov­ing in the right direc­tion. Thank you again for your effort.

    Igudesman and Joo

    Thank You! Did you watch the “Extras”? We’re par­tic­u­larly fond of those “Extras”…

  1003. when o when are you com­ing to the US?? can you give us some dates / cities that are on your 2011 tour cal­en­der? pretty please?

    Igudesman and Joo

    All Info com­ing soon!
    New York is on the list for the end of March 2011.

  1004. Hi!

    I just have one ques­tion: Is there any pos­si­bil­ity to get the notes of your pieces? Espe­cially I would like to play “Mozart Bond” and “I will sur­vive”. Greet­ings from Germany!!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    not yet, we are afraid, but maybe some time soon… sub­scribe to our newslet­ter and you will find out!

  1005. Qi(Chi)Geng


    Igudesman and Joo

    yes, but can we leave the melon out of it?

  1006. Wilhanson

    Hi! I´m wil­han­son and I´m from Brazil, I knew you guys through the youtube and it´s so funny your show, I´d like you guys come to here cause you have a lot of fans here too, con­grat­u­la­tions, you´re uniques!

    Igudesman and Joo


  1007. Wilhanson

    Hi! I´m wil­han­son and I´m from Brazil, I´ve knonw you guys through the youtube and it´s so funny your show, I´d like you guys come to hear cause you have a lot of fans here too, con­grat­u­la­tions, you´re the uniques!


    my eng­lish is ter­ri­ble, I hope you under­stand, lol.

    Igudesman and Joo

    Your eng­lish is not ter­ri­ble.
    If you’re really bored (but you have to be really bored) we have a very stu­pid clip on YouTube called “the proper way to say Obri­gado” where a Brazil­ian teaches Igudes­man how to say it.

  1008. xiaodidi

    hi,i am that xiaodidi,chinese,who have just said some words to you in your mes­sage board .in fact i im only a high school stu­dent who have learned vio­lin for years,and though i am busy with study,i dream of becom­ing a vio­linest like you,igudesman,whose work is exactly what he loves!
    and you love chicken??you had come to the wrong place!!small cute ani­mals like chicken,rabbit are really pop­ullar in northen china,we eat almost every part of them!!we are so cruel,right?haha,just jok­ing!
    my hol­i­day is going to an end,and this is my last free day .just talk­ing to you is so happy,HAHa,thanks a lot for you attention!

    Igudesman and Joo

    I think you mis­un­der­stand. Igudes­man loves chicken HEADS. so he is the most chi­nese one of Igudes­man & Joo.

  1009. Hello!
    My name is Ai from Japan. I’m a stu­dent at uni­ver­sity.
    I knew your per­for­mance on video(youtube) that my aunt showed me, and I like your per­for­mance. It gives great laugh and smile to me.
    If you can, please come to Japan!

    Igudesman and Joo

    You must have a really cool Aunt!

  1010. When will you come to Bang-kok!?
    Hope to see you soon.

    Igudesman and Joo

    After going to Phuk-et!

  1011. it’s really an enjoy­ment watch­ing you guys perform!PLEASE come to Singapore!!I will def­i­nitely pur­chase the tick­ets just to watch you guys!=D

    Igudesman and Joo

    We will come in a sling!

  1012. Qi(Chi)Geng

    first I was very happy to know you.I from China and I speak Eng­lish not good .if you can under­stand my means , I am so happy.I hope you can come to Bei­Jing for acting.mabye you have been,but I am so sorry to missed it.I have a restaurant,if you like it you can find me,every food is free!haha!
    That’s all.wish you suc­cess in business!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Dear Qi,
    Your Eng­lish is way bet­ter than our Chi­nese! We have not been yet to Bei­jing. We love Bei­jing Duck and all Chi­nese Food! Many years ago we were in Hong Kong, and spent hours try­ing to find a restau­rant that would serve chicken HEAD! Yes– that’s right, Igudes­man likes to eat Chicken– Breast, Wing, Feet, Bum, Heart AND Head. In fact– he is a chicken! As we couldn’t speak Chi­nese, we had to use sign lan­guage and draw­ings to explain what we wanted! By the way, Joo, although Korean does not eat Chicken Head and unlike some of his coun­try­men, he also doesn’t like to eat pup­pies. Instead, he wears them as shoes. (Hush Pup­pies– small joke, no harm or cru­elty to ani­mals has ever occurred for the pro­duc­tion of an Igudes­man & Joo show– except chas­ing a gold­fish).
    Thank You for your wishes for our suc­cess and Thank You for invit­ing us to your restau­rant and offer­ing us free meals. We wish you much suc­cess too, but we hope you realise that if we come to your restau­rant and eat for free, you might no longer have a busi­ness!!! We LOVE to eat!!! :)

  1013. Oops, now I booked a flight to Istan­bul for Oct. 1st, and you tell me that you´re in Budapest. Oh dear oh dear, what now?
    Or are you play­ing in the turk­ish Budapest, just out­side of Istanbul ?

    Love you and your show,
    Ásta ;-)

    Igudesman and Joo

    its ok, istan­bul is right next to istan­bul any­way, so its fine:)

  1014. Please! Come to Ger­many! I want to see you in action!!!! :)

    Igudesman and Joo

    we have just been there, where were you?
    dont worry we will return many times next year!

  1015. Me encanta el tra­bajo q hacen ust­edes dos.…..soy de Colom­bia y me gus­taria poder­los ver algun dia.…felicitaciones.…..son muy espectaculares

    Igudesman and Joo

    gra­cias felipe, un dia quizas vamos a vis­i­tar tu pais, esperemos.

  1016. Hi. I’m a mas­sive fan! My brother, sis­ter and I are com­ing to Budapest for your Octo­ber 1 Con­cert!!!!!!! Woooohoooooo!! It just occurred to me — we’re com­ing from Aus­tralia — and obvi­ously in Hun­gary — their pre­ferred lan­guage is Hungarian.

    Will the con­cert be in Eng­lish?… or will it be Hungarian?

    Igudesman and Joo

    You are com­ing from Aus­tralia espe­cially for our con­cert?;)
    Dont worry, we will do it in Eng­lish ESPECIALLY for you!

  1017. Please, please, please, come to France !!!
    Paris, Mar­seilles, etc…S’il vous plaît !
    We love you, so come !

    Igudesman and Joo

    We love you too and we will come, as soon as they want to book us!

  1018. Leo & Wendy

    First of all: we love you and we can’t get enough of the youtube video’s. But we want to see you live!! Please come over to Switzer­land or to the Nether­lands, we will make sure that the Ton­halle in Zurich or the Con­cert­ge­bouw in Ams­ter­dam will be filled to the ceil­ing. But let’s get seri­ous, is you agenda for 2011 already avail­able? All the best! Leo & Wendy

    Igudesman and Joo

    OK Leo & Wendy,
    If we get a date in Con­cert­ge­bouw or Ton­halle, you’re our guys!
    What hap­pens if we’re per­form­ing in both halls at the same time, will you be able to fill up both?

  1019. Hi you two, here is the high-school-lady with 7 kids and grey hair. ;-)
    I can’t believe that you remem­ber the 2 min­utes we spoke some words. Schade, dass wir nicht noch zusam­men Mainz bei Nacht angeschaut haben, mit Euch kön­nte man Pferde stehlen ;-)
    In youtube I watched a won­der­ful con­cert: Joo and Billy Joel!!!! Cer­tainly you know, that Dia­belli op.149,6 is com­pat­i­ble with “piano man” by Billy Joel? Curi­ous? My fam­ily had to fill a minute by play­ing some tune in tele­vi­sion. To make this a lit­tle bit more attrac­tive, my fan­tas­tic vio­lin teacher showed me how to mix Dia­belli with Billy Joel. It’s funny. Do you want to watch or hear the lit­tle idea — just for fun?

    best wishes

    Igudesman and Joo

    How can we for­get you?
    We thought it was near to impos­si­ble that some­one who has 7 chil­dren can look so young and hot!
    Please send all ideas! Billy Joel has been a won­der­ful inspi­ra­tion– in par­tic­u­lar his “Ques­tions and Answers” Lec­tures. Dia­belli and Joel?- sounds very inter­est­ing indeed!
    He always said that he steals from the best!
    Another song of his directly quotes Beethoven– “This Night” (2nd mvmt. Pathe­tique)
    He wrote some won­der­ful clas­si­cal music which Joo helped in arrang­ing and record­ing on the album “Fan­tasies and Delu­sions”. And Igudes­man per­formed the vio­lin solo in “Downeaster Alexa” with Joel at the Vienna Stadthalle a few years ago.

  1020. An awe­some idea, the per­for­mance on the Eurostar! But please, with­out the heli­copter… I mean, what impres­sion would that make? :-P

  1021. Hello, I am Malak from Egypt, Just saw your videos on You Tube and I have to say beau­ti­ful beau­ti­ful beau­ti­ful and not to men­tion a true per­for­mance :) Any Chance of a per­for­mance in the Cairo Opera House Egypt Maybe?

  1022. xiaodidi

    hi,i am a chinese,i looked at your per­for­mence and love you very much

    have you played in china?
    will you play in china some­time?
    i believe that you will be loved very much in china

    Igudesman and Joo

    We are not Chi­nese, but we love Chi­nese Food, and we know that Chi­nese food is just called “food” in China.
    There is a won­der­ful song by Monty Python which goes
    “I like Chi­nese”.
    We’ll see you when we per­form all along the Great Wall. That con­cert will be tele­vised from space.

  1023. hello„„„,

    I’m haim from Saudi Ara­bia :P

    I love your shows and I looked at your pre­sen­ta­tion in the Alliot YouTube and I liked very much

    Igudesman and Joo


  1024. Hi,
    One of my friends posted a video of you on face­book yes­ter­day and I WORSHIP your music ! Come to Lon­don soon please. (France would be nice too as I’m french :) )Please con­tinue your “might die of laugh” show ! i’ll come see you !

    Igudesman and Joo

    How about we per­form a gig on the Eurostar and that way we could be in both Lon­don and France. Tom Cruise killed a heli­copter on the Eurostar…

  1025. Hallo Ihr Zwei!

    Seit zwei Tagen laufe ich lachend durch unser Haus, weil ich immer wieder an Eure geniale Show in Mainz denke. Die Kinder freuen sich natür­lich sehr über die amüsierte Mama und die Freude schwappt auf die Kinder über — auf die 7 Kinder. Könnt Ihr Euch vorstellen, wie amüsiert wir alle sind? ;-)
    Euer “What?” über die 7 schallt immer noch durch mein Ohr, das war echt!!!!!! Danke für das Bild mit den 7 small fin­gers ;-) , die Kinder haben sich riesig gefreut!!!!!!!

    Hof­fentlich kommt Ihr bald wieder in die Nähe, dann bringe ich ein paar von den 7 “Zwer­gen” mit.

    Igudesman and Joo

    ah, you are the 7 kid lady, who looks like she just came out of high school!
    es freut uns so sehr das es euch spass macht, jaaaa bring die kinder näch­stes mal, bring the kids along!!!! xxx

  1026. Hi you two!
    wow, what a great con­cert show in Mainz yes­ter­day! Thank you very much! That was absolutely faboulus.
    I love your DVD, but in real­ity you are even more wow! Thanks again!
    Defen­itely I will be com­ing to your next show in ger­many, no mat­ter where it is (even if it is in Aachen, although I do not live there ;-) )
    Thanks again and keep on going with your bril­liant show!
    see you soon,

    Igudesman and Joo

    yes, come, come, in fact why not travel even fur­ther? how about istan­bul on the 1st of octo­ber? ;)

    Igudesman and Joo

    Sorry, we meant Budapest on the 1st of Octo­ber!
    My name is Bud­dha.
    His name is Pest.
    (The Expendables)

  1027. Hi,
    I met you (joo) in the vienna film­fes­ti­val.
    So shock that I couldn’t able to talk to you. Actu­ally, I stood next to you in the bus stop(no.1) haha…^^
    I enjoyed your show so much.

    Come to Hong Kong, Please.
    I am wait­ing for your performance.

    Igudesman and Joo

    thanks, well we would love to return to hong kong — we loved it there — in fact we had a dim sum overdoze!

  1028. Oh, I just ‘found’ some money — so I’ll order your dvd on the inter­net. :-) Not as good, of course. Good luck for tonight’s concert!

    Igudesman and Joo

    well thank you and thank you again!

  1029. Dear I&J,
    your show in Mainz was really awe­some (and cozy, in that lit­tle tent), my best evening in months!
    What I admired most was your abil­ity to play and at the same time do those… things with your facial expres­sion. :-D
    Unfor­tu­nately, my friend and I were so broke, we couln’t afford a dvd. I’m curi­ous, though: When you promised to give every­one a kiss who bought one, did that include guys, too? ;-)
    “Für heavy metal, zer­schla­gen Sie das Klavier” — genial!

    Keep going!

    Igudesman and Joo

    of COURSE it includes guys! we have kissed many a guy at DVD sign­ings — its sim­ply part of our job ;)
    thanks for com­ing although are broke!

  1030. Hallo,

    ich hab mir gestern eure Vorstel­lung in Mainz ange­se­hen. Hat mir sehr gut gefallen! Aber mal ne Frage: Gibt es von euch in abse­hbarer Zeit neue DVDs zu kaufen? Z. B. mit dem Pro­gramm mit Gidon Kre­mer und Kre­merat Baltica? Die Auss­chnitte auf Youtube sind ja sehr vielver­sprechend, aber ich würde das gerne mal kom­plett sehen.

    Viele Grüße

    Igudesman and Joo

    yes we are work­ing on fur­ther dvds — we will keep you updated! freut uns das dir gestern gefallen hat!!

  1031. i love your music, i think music is just to take us fun.i wish you can come to China,i hope i can meet you one day.i will always sup­port you!!!

    Igudesman and Joo

    we would love to come to main­land china some time! we have been in hong kong and tai­wan and loved it!!! and thanks for your con­sis­tant support…

  1032. Eric Moya

    Hey, I found your DVD in Ama­zon… I just ordered it, but it will be here in two long weeks. I really hope the DVD will be signed by you guys, but not in the sil­ver color part, because it will not work that well in my player. (just kid­ding, I know you dont sign every disk in the factory)

    Igudesman and Joo

    oh we sign every dvd and even lick each enve­lope, we caress each cover and cry a lit­tle tear of joy every time its sent off…

  1033. Hey Igudesma and Joo. Big fans here in Ser­bia. It was great to see that you do tours, and even greater to see that you’re doind a live con­cert in Croa­tia, which is a neigh­bor coun­try. It’s sad that we’re in bad rela­tions mean­ing I’m unable to watch you guys live in September.

    If you ever feel ”going the extra mile” and mak­ing a show in Ser­bia, I’ll be there. Stay the best.


    ^ Nice way of say­ing please come. ASAP. Cheers.

    Igudesman and Joo

    oh we have been a few times in ser­bia and loved it — we will return i am sure!

  1034. Pat & Gert

    Dear Igudes­man and Joo,

    We are so thrilled, we live in South Africa and have just found out that we can actu­ally see your show, LIVE, on the 21st of Decem­ber 2010 in Bucharet, Roma­nia — where we will spend our Christ­mas Hol­i­day vis­it­ing fam­ily and friends!!
    We are really look­ing for­ward to it!! Will there be some of your DVD’s avail­able to buy?
    When will you plan a South African tour?? Please, you must do it in 2011 :)
    Look­ing for­ward to the 21st of Decem­ber!
    Pat & Gert

    Igudesman and Joo

    Oh we would soooo love to come to South Africa! One of our absolute dreams… lets hope we get there.
    well until then we will see you in Bucharest — but watch out, book tick­ets NOW since we are appar­ently nearly sold out there already.

  1035. Hello you two,
    thank you very,very much for this really cool and inter­est­ing idea!:)
    I have asked my music teacher today and she said it would be a good subject..so thanks a lot!
    Do(es) you (Alek­sey) “steal” things too when you(he) compose(s)/ what inspires you (him)?:)
    Tausend Dank nochmal für diese gute Idee und wün­sche euch viel Spaß in Mainz! :)
    (I wish the con­duc­tor of the orch­ester where i’m play­ing would use the therm “Bratsche”. When he’s talk­ing about sheet music for “viola” i always think he speaks to me :D )

    Igudesman and Joo

    its our pleasure!

    well, alek­sey has influ­ences, like prokofiev and bar­tok, but of course has an own “style” — but when it comes to film music: in sher­lock holmes, where alek­sey wrote and arranged and played some addi­tional music, he was “inspired” by gipsy music and goran bre­govic, for exam­ple.…
    alles gute und bis bald einmal!

  1036. Hallo!
    Ich habe mal eine etwas ungewöhn­liche Frage.
    Gibt es irgen­det­was, was ihr schon immer mal bzgl. von Musik/Filmmusik wis­sen woll­tet und noch nicht “erforscht ist”?
    Suche näm­lich im Moment ein Thema für eine Fachar­beit und habe mir gedacht, dass man ja auch mal die besten Musiker der Welt fra­gen kön­nte, ob die vielle­icht eine Idee haben!;)
    Sollte eigentlich in den Bere­ich Filmmusik/Musicalmusik gehen, vlt wie sie sich verän­dert hat/Wirkung auf den Men­schen / Ver­gle­ich von Film­musik und einem klas­sis­chen Stück, bin aber offen für alle Vorschläge (falls ihr welche habt) :D
    Kommt ihr dieses Jahr nochmal nach Deutsch­land (außer dieses Woch­enende)?
    Hoffe, ihr habt euch inzwis­chen wieder zurück­ver­wan­delt!
    Liebe Grüße!

    Igudesman and Joo

    Liebe Frau Bratsche

    A cool sub­ject would be some­thing you could jok­ingly call “music theft” in film music. basi­u­cally every film score or parts of it sound like a com­poser or even a piece in par­tic­u­lar. film com­posers actu­ally do that quite con­ciously — in fact they take inspi­ra­tion from oth­ers -
    even the great ones!
    Mor­ri­cone, music for the Mis­sion = Bach.
    John Williams often has things that remind one of Gus­tav Holst, the Plan­ets in his grand pieces (e.g. Star Wars).
    Hans Zim­mer, who Alek­sey often works with, is often inspired by var­i­ous com­posers. of course noone actu­ally wants to “steal” or lit­er­ally copy, but to use some­thing else which is great as inspi­ra­tion is the way all of clas­si­cal music has eve­olved in the first place.

    und ja, wir wer­den sicher bald wieder in deutsch­land spie­len — ob es noch dieses jahr ist, ist noch offen…

  1037. Hi I & J,
    Great work — con­grat­u­la­tions!
    Just a ques­tion — did you guys study Iyen­gar Yoga at the Yehudi Menuhin school? — you both show great vital­ity and cre­ative free­dom — did this/does this form a part of your lives today?

    Igudesman and Joo

    actu­ally we stud­ied Muay Thai and Taek­wondo between the age of 1 and 3, so maybe that did it. Ah yes and Eng­lish school food — its just so good! But we do enjoy Yoghurt too, although we have never tried the “Iyan­gar” brand…

  1038. Hi Igudes­man and Joo

    When are you com­ing to the UK???? You guys are amaz­ing and it would be great to see you here!!! Come over and do a show soon!!!

    Keep up the great work, your so tal­ented and a great inspi­ra­tion for music, that it can be melo­di­ous and fun!!!

    Your Num­ber 1 UK Fan — KRESH

    Igudesman and Joo

    oh we would so love to come if some­one would invite us.…

  1039. Salu Schtroumpfette

    Hello you two,
    I’m back from my hol­i­day and very sad not to find new tour dates men­tion­ing Aachen, Liège or Maas­tricht :(
    Now tell me: What do I need to say to con­vince you to come to this beau­ti­ful tri-border region?

    Igudesman and Joo

    lis­ten, Aachen 2 hours away from Mainz, where we are play­ing twice next week — get your lazy butt out of Aachen and come!
    if you are too young, drag your par­ents with you and say its a mat­ter of the gravast impor­tance to the future of human­ity, okay?

  1040. J. Kleist

    hey guys,

    my fam­ily and me would really love to see your show in budapest, hun­gary. Unfor­tu­nately, I can´t see any pos­si­bil­ity to book the tick­ets. There is always an data­base error
    (http://mupa.hu/en/program/?pid=4887), .… ?!?

    I know that´s not your prob­lem but I do hope that maybe some­one could help us :-)
    wish you all the best

    Judith, from Graz, Austria

    Igudesman and Joo

    wow, you would come all the way from Graz? cool.
    sorry the link is wrong, here is the right one for Budapest:


    If you can fig­ure out how to book in hun­gar­ian we will see each other soon!

  1041. Hey there,
    I’ll be see­ing your show in Mainz, too. And I’ll drag along my best friend who has noth­ing to do with clas­si­cal music, but a visit to your home­page absolutely con­vinced her to come! I can already barely sit still, I’m so much look­ing foward to it! Hope the week will pass quickly… :-)

    Igudesman and Joo

    just jump and down non stop untill you fall down into bed with exhaus­tion and fall asleep. repeat untill the 28th.
    no seri­ously, so cool you are com­ing and bring­ing your non-muso friend!
    kommts alle zum sig­nieren nach dem konz­ert zum plaudern!