Here is a very special, most eloquent fanmail we got on facebook the other day:

“hi guys I’ve looked at your progranma on the internet and seriously I love especially I liked the episode when etab learner to play the piano and started playing maestri the song that the student and the teacher could not play it very quick and is a student almost makes the pants of how good he was. Congratulations!”

Well, thank you Amado Rolando Dominguez Amaro.The picture you see here, by the way, is by the seriously talented Malini Wan from Malaysia. There are more pics where that came from and we hope to see a lot more of her great talent still. Stay creative all you wonderful people out there!

We ourselves have some more fabulous performances coming up – beautiful Florence on the 6th of April, followed by fantastic Istanbul and delicous Ankara on the 9. and 10. of April. Midem sırtıma yapıştı!