10.9.2010 at 21:00 in  Rectors Palace, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Schumann fancies himself a “composer” while Brahms is a gift-less bastard and Debussy is simply ugly. Igudesman has created a sardonic melange of the most evil original music critiques of the last centuries many of them written about some of the greatest works of chamber music. Malkovich slips into the role of the evil music critic, who believes the music of Beethoven, Chopin, Ravel and the like to be weary and dreary, while Julian Rachlin, Hyung-ki Joo, Aleksey Igudesman and other great musicians beg to differ.

Other guests at the festival “Julian Rachlin & Friends” will include Sir Roger Moore, Stefan Vladar, Giya Kanchelli, St Martin in the Fields and many others.