Aleksey injury photo

Dear sweet people of the planet earth and other surrounding planets,

Recently I had an unfortunate fall and  hurt my arms.
Although I screamed in protest (besides the initial screams of pain), the doctors have instructed me to lay off performing till the end of March, by which time they said I would make a full recovery. As you can imagine, I cant wait to get back on the road, which will be beginning of April.

We will try and reschedule as many concerts as possible, so please keep on checking our website, our facebook page, your local concert hall, or simply look up to the sky, where it will be written in silver star dust at midnight on the 29th of February.

I am feeling better every day, and no, I did not get bionic replacement arms as you might suspect from the photo.
It is me having applied some healing mud and rapped my arms in aluminium foil  – looks cool doesn’t it?
I also apologize that I have not been able to shave, but I will by the time you see me on stage, very soon!

Lots of love to you all and please send me healing thoughts and vanilla ice cream,


Find below the dates for rescheduled concerts:

18 Feb 2013 2 May 2013 | Verona | A Little Nightmare Music

19 Feb 2013 5 May 2013 | Zagreb | AND NOW MOZART

23 Feb 2013 7 Jul 2013 | Waiblingen | A Little Nightmare Music

24 Feb 2013 21 Jul 2013 | Nuernberg | A Little Nightmare Music

25 Feb 2013 9 Jul 2013 | Munich | A Little Nightmare Music

26 Feb 2013 29 Apr 2013 | Hamburg | A Little Nightmare Music

28 Feb 2013  23 Apr 2013 | Saint-Claude | A Little Nightmare Music

2 Mar 2013  05 Jun 2013 | Berlin | A Little Nightmare Music

11 Mar 2013 23 Jun 2013 | Stuttgart | AND NOW MOZART

14 Mar 2013 t.b.a. | Pesaro | BIG Nightmare Music

15 Mar 2013 t.b.a. | Ancona | BIG Nightmare Music

16 Mar 2013 t.b.a. | Fermo | BIG Nightmare Music

17 Mar 2013 t.b.a. | Fabriano | BIG Nightmare Music


If you have any questions, please contact the concert promoter directly.

More information on the performances in Berlin, Peasro, Ancona, Fermo, and Fabriano will follow!