Premiere in Madrid

Our minds are set to Span­ish! After shoot­ing a TV spot for the Uruguayan min­istry of tourism, we’re going to Spain to per­form in Madrid for the first time! Get your tick­ets here, be there and make sure the Span­ish cap­i­tal treats us well when we come there for our PREMIERE of “A Lit­tle Night­mare Music” at Teatro Fer­nán Gómez! And there are even more Spanish-esque shows com­ing up! We’re going to South Amer­ica once again in Jan­u­ary to per­form in ECUADOR at Teatro Nacional Casa de Cul­tura in Quito (30 Jan 2014) — stay tuned for more info.


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  1. Benjamin wang

    Acabo de veros en el Teatro Fer­nán Gómez. He cono­cido vues­tra visita casi “de mila­gro” anteayer en una entre­vista en Tv. Ha sido una visita prác­ti­ca­mente clan­des­tina. ¿No os da vergūenza?

    Un abrazo

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