Thank you for all your wonderfully creative descriptions of us!
Although “Sherlock Holmes”, the movie Aleksey wrote and arranged for and played violin on, was nominated for the Oscar for best film music (Hans Zimmer), it did not win, unlike some of the wonderful winners below!

The idea was to write a description of Igudesman & Joo, however short or long, but mainly original. If you are one of those people below, please come after the Geneve, Bologna or Hagen performance to the signing to claim your free signed DVD from us!

We have 4! first price winners:

1. first price:
Estelle Baur 11 February at 23:00
“I see you as the “Laurel & Hardy”-couple of the music (sorry Aleksey… ;D): a little nervous squirrel who’s playing with a levelheaded fluffy bear, but both with an incredible sexual radiation which makes the girls shout, frustrates the men but makes everyone laugh.”

Our comment: Well Estelle, who could refuse a description like that, especially the last sentence?

2. first price:
Valr Ortančk 12 February at 03:52
“Alex says: Igud?
Yes, man?
Is Richard hunky?

Our comment: Its short, its to the point and it means nothing. We like that.

3. first price:
Emanuel Hubmann 12 February at 03:03
Gute Obig
Here is my text (had a nice little help from my elder sister 😀 ):
“Two human beings, which were born. Any systematical classification has failed yet. Both together emit electro-magnetic waves in a high exothermic reaction, which are expeditiously absorbed by all colors of people at any age. No way of escaping known yet.
Not only parts of the visible spectrum are absorbed on account of a strong affinity to brilliant acting, but also hair cells in the cochlea are stimulated by waves from low to very high Korean frequencies of human or instrumental derivation, what causes an auditory perseption of music as it is not known this way before. As human organic reactions are already detected: increased brain activity, also in connection with the distribution of feel-super-great hormones and the contraction of laugh muscles (aching muscles not excluded).
Researches on YouTube show clearly, that a rapid dispersion is hardly ever stoppable. The high risk of infection is also observable in video responses, even children are not excluded from it.
Tu cut a long story short: Imagine two crazy guys, who are above all great actors, comedians and mainly awesome musicians, and it is only half the truth of a little nightmare music.
Note: The writer of this text takes no responsability for any dependancy. Neither the text resists a scientific inspection, nor it claims to be an adequate description of IGUDESMAN AND JOO.
For other risks or adverse effects, be afraid or go to the Concert Hall.”

Our comment: With so many compliments we can not stop blushing like two little girls! And say thank you to your sister for the help – a quarter of the DVD is rightfully hers.

4. first price:
Anastase Alexandre Anastenazontas 08 February at 17:01
“The sun has turned Red and the violets blue, even though that is the usual color for violets, and when mentioning them, you usually want too rime with “you”. However the sun had turned Red, the violets blue, and the world was terrorized by Hyung-ki Joo.
J.O.O. the Joyous Orchestral Obliterator was stomping around an afroasiatic town (trust me there is a reason for this), crushing buildings and -happily for he was joyous- singing. His moves, although seemingly random, resonated with well orchestrated planning and coordination. The town was aflame and scared.
Then the person that embodied the language the most I-gudes-man [see? i told you to trust me.], hearing the laments of the women and the cries of plight of the men, run into a phone booth, took out his balalaika and violin, and went to confront J.O.O.
A dried bush tumbled along the burning street. The crackling of fire, and the wind were the only sounds that filled the air, as J.O.O. and I-gudes-man stood at opposite ends of the street, staring at each other. Zoom to J.O.O. eyes. Zoom to I-gudes-man’s eyes. Zoom to J.O.O. eyes again, Zoom to I-gudes-man’s eyes: he is sweating. Zoom back to J.O.O. eyes he is squinting. I-gudes-man screams, a cacophonous rage burning inside him. J.O.O. answers his scream!
And like that a little nightmare music was born. From the screams of these two forces of nature, these superhuman enemies, united by the magical power of music, in a stand-off to the end of time, or of their mortal lives.
Since that combat they have become nemesis, never ending their fight. Whenever J.O.O tries to destroy a city, I-gides-man is there to fight him in a musical battle to save our houses, and lives. So please go to their concerts, to support I-gudes-man (if you can talk to him in gude, he would be quite happy), for God knows how much he needs support in this never-ending nightmare music.
(Whatever tale was written here might actually be fictional, but who knows?)”

Our comment: What are you on? And where can we get the stuff? Wild and imaginative. Thats the spirit!