Igudesman and Joo’s unique workshop is designed for any musician who wishes to widen their horizons and approaches to creating, learning, rehearsing, and performing music. The workshop explores often-ignored and less practiced aspects of music making and encourages musicians to be more open to such aspects, which may include improvisation, choreography, theatricality, psychology of performance, stage manner and presentation, different styles of music, classical and non-classical rhythm, composition, dramaturgy, and humor.
Musicians are invited to bring their own instrument, and any other instrument they might play, and are encouraged to bring along any own compositions, sketches (musical, or theatrical), and to share any “hidden talents”.

Igudesman and Joo’s 8 To 88 workshop is available to all musicians.

The content and direction of the workshop can vary dramatically depending on the enrolled participants on any given day, which follows Igudesman and Joo’s organic and reactive coaching style that addresses each situation and individual.

Active Participants: Ideally, but not obligatory, 50% made up of violin/viola players. Pre-­‐formed ensembles and partnerships are encouraged to take part. Number of participants to be determined by I & J and organizer.

Auditors: As many as can comfortably fit in the hall, while still allowing plenty of space for the musicians
to move around.