Igudesman & Joo performed live in the final of the Malko Conducting Competition in Copenhagen. The last 3 numbers were also broadcast live on Danish national television. It was exciting for them to perform in Copenhagen, the birth place of Victor Borge, one of their big inspirations.

Here is the photo with all the finalists of the competition, including, on the very left, the highly talented winner, Joshua Weilerstin.

Igudesman & Joo are also greatly looking forward to perform and go on tour with the wonderful Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra with “A Big Nightmare Music” in January 2010.


Koncertsalen i Tivoli
9. januar 2010, kl. 19:30 (Billetter: 33151012)
Adresse: Vesterbrogade 3

11. januar 2010, kl. 19:30 (Billetter: 56285290)
Adresse: Industrivej 39

Sakskøbing Sportscenter
12. januar 2010, kl. 19:30 (Billetter: 54704202)
Adresse: P. Hansensvej 15
Hjemmeside: www.maribomusikforening.dk

NKK Hallen, Nivø
13. januar 2010, kl. 19:30 (Billetter: 72562400)
Adresse: Niverødvej 38

Ringsted Kongrescenter
14. januar 2010, kl. 19:30 (Billetter: 70156565)
Adresse: Nørretorv 55
Hjemmeside: www.billetten.dk